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  1. The cheap/discounted tickets are the ones that aren't know, the people who get IDB/beat. Someone mentioned above, missed connections, same day flight changes, etc. 99% of the time it isn't a problem.
  2. They ask this on the kiosk check in, so it is before you even go through TSA.
  3. I know it is rare for them to go over that amount, I just wanted to point out they could if the wanted. It comes down to cost management, would it cost more to go up and sometimes have to pay a lot for VDB; or the even rarer case of something like this happening and costing them all the bad PR.
  4. That is for IDB (involuntary) they are required to pay you cash/check, they were offering the $800 travel voucher for VDB (voluntary).
  5. Haven't gotten far enough to see if this was already answered..but this is wrong. The mandatory IDB compensation for domestic is capped at $1350....the airline can voluntarily offer more if they choose to.
  6. I have read on a airline/flying themed message board that these were Chicago aviation police and not Federal Air Marshals. Doesn't matter in the grand scheme I guess, just want to point out it wasn't feds that did this.
  7. Wasn't she fired because she wouldn't defend the EO and pretty much everyone agreed she had to be after she publicly announced it? I get people piling on Trump about a lot of things, but lets not confuse what happened or why.
  8. Pandora bracelet the first Valentines we were married and just a new charm every year.
  9. FYP Not all pediatric RNs work with cancer patients. ETA: Not meaning this to make fun of the patients... I lost a bet with one of the nursing units (pediatric hospital) so had to buy the unit lunch today so feeling snarky towards RNs at the moment.
  10. It made the national news because of the video, that is the uncommon part of this one. People are horrible to people all the time (this is obviously on the flat end of the bell curve for this one) and it may be a local story in the news but if there is video it becomes national much quicker...the OU RB situation comes to mind.
  11. And he was pissed when he said the second part of that ETA: If you can find the clip of it, he came across as how dare people question what I said IMO.
  12. Great, now I need to go check in on my daughter is a dancer thread.
  13. So I shouldn't have dropped the 1000 gold on my former street urchin? Am I spoiling her? I have enough gold at level 30 that I don't even pick something up anymore that I know I will just sell if it isn't a minimum of 500-1 weight to value.
  14. This is what I am doing...sneaky archer with no enchanting or smithing. I am level 20 and the best I have is a mundane glass bow. My wood elf disdains physical labor is how I started the character. Seems to be working out since I do pretty good damage with a bow, but not 1 shot killing anything but the cannon fodder.