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  1. These people that spoof numbers should be put in prison for many, many years!!! I work for a Children's Hospital and we are the only ones with the 3 digit prefix in our area code. I will get calls spoofing these numbers at my desk, it is easy for me to know they are spoofed since a true internal number just shows the last 5 digits. But for people that have family or kids here or recently here they will always answer those calls and I am sure some expect bad news depending on timing.
  2. If I go on a long trip I will check a large bag and then carry on a duffel bag that will be about half full so can compress to fit under the seat in front of me fairly easily. I have never put it there on any trip and have more than once stopped someone from thinking they can move it because it doesn't take up as much room as their roller bag. I am 6'4" and my leg room on a long flight (> 2 hours) is much more important to me than what a stranger thinks they are entitled to. Overheads are first come first served in whatever class of service you bought.
  3. Did you mean to reply to me? I never said it changed the constitution, just added a requirement or limit for their own state congresspeople...and I was thinking that was the Supreme Court's reasoning for striking it down, not my own. I know you are an attorney so would know much better than I more than likely, that is why I formed it as a question as I was not sure. ETA: I can see where you might took what I said as saying it was changing the constitution...was not what I meant at all.
  4. Thanks for that. I don't normally click on links when I am at work since I never know what will be blocked.
  5. Didn't the Supreme Court strike down a state law in the 90's that imposed congressional term limits because states could not add to the requirements or limits in the Constitution? Was many years ago and IANAL so may not be remembering it correctly, but wouldn't this fall under that same reasoning? Of course, if this is just the primary that may make the difference.
  6. Yes, this is just making it seem a partisan issue with things like this and people thinking that it is just the same old same old if they aren't paying attention to this....and this in no way should be partisan.
  7. This. I didn't like holding just the kindle, but I bought one of the leather covers for mine and now I prefer it to holding a book.
  8. Had a VP in our office suite that used to have meetings on her phone and wouldn't close her door. She was the worst about complaining about my boss and I (only 2 guys in the suite) just raising our voices to talk since our offices are the last 2 in the suite. She finally had enough I guess so came and closed my door one day while we talked so I had to get up to go in his office. Next time she had a teleconference on speaker, I got up and closed her office door. All she ever said about it was touche'. 😂
  9. Senators and Representatives are both congressmen....sorry, pet peeve that I really don't understand at all. Carry on
  10. The article said most of the participants in the study were 4-17 but some were as old as 55.
  11. This is moving forward for fast track approval from the FDA CNN story
  12. Not really a Blackout fan, keep getting bored waiting around so move too much and invariably die shortly thereafter. Haven't tried any of the vehicles, just seem they would be magnets for everyone to shoot at but might try that just to have some fun.
  13. Invited you a couple of times last weekend. Enjoying the map remakes, but wish they would have done some of the larger maps instead of the same old they remade for BO3. The biggest hiccup I have run into (besides the spawns really needing reworked..but that is in every new COD) is that if you are in a party, coming out of a match will sometimes throw you back to the main menu and completely break the party up. Happens about 1 in 10 matches it seems.