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  1. Wasn't she fired because she wouldn't defend the EO and pretty much everyone agreed she had to be after she publicly announced it? I get people piling on Trump about a lot of things, but lets not confuse what happened or why.
  2. Pandora bracelet the first Valentines we were married and just a new charm every year.
  3. FYP Not all pediatric RNs work with cancer patients. ETA: Not meaning this to make fun of the patients... I lost a bet with one of the nursing units (pediatric hospital) so had to buy the unit lunch today so feeling snarky towards RNs at the moment.
  4. It made the national news because of the video, that is the uncommon part of this one. People are horrible to people all the time (this is obviously on the flat end of the bell curve for this one) and it may be a local story in the news but if there is video it becomes national much quicker...the OU RB situation comes to mind.
  5. And he was pissed when he said the second part of that ETA: If you can find the clip of it, he came across as how dare people question what I said IMO.
  6. Great, now I need to go check in on my daughter is a dancer thread.
  7. So I shouldn't have dropped the 1000 gold on my former street urchin? Am I spoiling her? I have enough gold at level 30 that I don't even pick something up anymore that I know I will just sell if it isn't a minimum of 500-1 weight to value.
  8. This is what I am doing...sneaky archer with no enchanting or smithing. I am level 20 and the best I have is a mundane glass bow. My wood elf disdains physical labor is how I started the character. Seems to be working out since I do pretty good damage with a bow, but not 1 shot killing anything but the cannon fodder.
  9. Gym bag and trash way am I moving the trash can to see what's behind it, that is housekeeping's job.
  10. I don't know if it is really representative or her work as a whole since I don't generally watch the talking heads of any stripe. That being said the last few nights (Election night and the 2 after) I have flipped back and forth between various channels and I have to say Maddow is crazy. And I don't mean in a good way crazy. She was actually advocating last night that the military and the intelligence agencies not give full briefings to Trump...that they pick and choose what to let the President elect (and I have to assume also when he is the actual President) know about what is going on in our government because he couldn't be trusted. Think about that, she wants the military and CIA/NSA to control our government instead of elected officials. She is nuts (if this isn't just some emotional fall out from the election and out of the norm for her) and anyone that takes her seriously needs to re-evaluate IMO.
  11. I know I am in the minority on this, but he has always come across and arrogant and condescending most times I have heard him speak. Never came across as a great communicator to me, but part of that is probably that I disagreed with much of what he said...although I also didn't agree on much with Bill C, but did think he gave a great speech.
  12. Just as a review: COD Infinite Warfare. Actually have played probably 4 hours single player and 10 hours multiplayer since it came out. The single player campaign is actually pretty good so far and kind of reminds me of ME3 for some reason. Not near as expansive but just reminds me of it. Multiplayer absolutely sucks! I have played online for every COD since MW2 and the only one I really disliked was Ghosts (didn't download the last 2 map packs even though I had the season pass)...which was made by infinity ward also. Mechanics are not near as smooth as the last 2 CODs (AW and BO3), and the cheesy play factor seems to be encouraged. Showing just a tiny part of your player while sniping is back, not sure about quick scoping. Hit detection is horrible, the other players can literally just jump up and down behind cover and 1 shot you from halfway across the map. I will grind through a little more leveling up, but doubt I will play this one very much longer...if this is the best they can do after 3 years of development the whole team should be looking for jobs. Unless you are buying for campaign I would not recommend at all...unless you liked Ghosts, which most didn't. ETA: Another thing that is bad is the leveling system in this game...just doesn't make sense what is unlocked and when. Also a UAV (for those that have played the game) is horribly overpowered and pretty much makes ghost a must since there are many maps that you don't really have a view of the sky so they are really hard to shoot down. The whole game is very gimmicky and does not flow.
  13. I just put a 2 TB hard drive in my PS4 a few months ago. Got it for about $100 from Amazon.
  14. But if the educators, counselors, and whoever else are at these wonderful schools don't feel safe or don't have parental support money will not fix anything. I think something that will help is businesses getting involved in the community. My workplace is 2 blocks from an inner city elementary school and we are encouraged and given time off to go tutor in reading every week. Granted, it would probably need to be a larger business in order to do something like this but working with these kids every year is rewarding and hopefully helps them along at least a little.