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  1. I just put a 2 TB hard drive in my PS4 a few months ago. Got it for about $100 from Amazon.
  2. But if the educators, counselors, and whoever else are at these wonderful schools don't feel safe or don't have parental support money will not fix anything. I think something that will help is businesses getting involved in the community. My workplace is 2 blocks from an inner city elementary school and we are encouraged and given time off to go tutor in reading every week. Granted, it would probably need to be a larger business in order to do something like this but working with these kids every year is rewarding and hopefully helps them along at least a little.
  3. I wouldn't advocate running people over...but how is an angry crowd going to swamp a car? Just going to pile bodies in front as it is running people over to form a wall?
  4. So sorry to hear this outcome. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours Shady
  5. It is called 1515 Cafe and is basically the cafeteria for a state office building. Open for breakfast and lunch M-F only. Basic good tasting comfort food with nothing that is good for you in sight. I eat a can of tuna, some crackers and carrots for lunch most days...but Fridays are catfish day for me. 3 decent pieces, hush puppies and fries for $6.
  6. They can rage all they want if they start at 6 PM, but if they mess up my catfish lunch on Friday (great little restaurant that only does it on Fridays and is across from the state capital) or screw with me getting out of the area (I work across the interstate from the state capital)...I will be on here with fake itoughguy pronouncements about running the protesters over!
  7. PS4 or Xbox? If PS4, add me (Bogeys66). I have a group of 10 people that play regularly. Can usually get at least a group of 4 a couple times a week, and when the full group is going it is a lot more fun than randoms.
  8. I actually used it for quite a while. I tend to stick with gravity spikes because I like the ability to take out opposing sentries and cerberus bots.
  9. Pretty much all I play. I tend to stick with kill confirmed, but domination isn't that bad. Hate deathmatch in HC...nothing but camping.
  10. The way you would use combat focus would be to have UAV and CounterUAV as streaks...activate those 2 when you have the focus and you will get to a Cerberus or other higher streak fairly quickly.
  11. Donated a small amount...hopefully it helps ease your mind so you can concentrate all your energy to Riley. T&P to you and your family.
  12. When my mother was alive, it was hard to find doctors to take Medicare also. They all seem to have a limit of how many patients they will accept because the reimbursements are so low.
  13. Is this the same premise of a movie from a few years ago that was called Priest? I recall it was post apocalyptic and had vampires in it.