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  1. Surprised this wasn't already here. First paragraph: WASHINGTON (AP) — A former federal judge appointed to review the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss criminal charges against President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn said there was evidence of a “gross abuse” of prosecutorial power and that the request should be denied.
  2. I have no idea of how the numbers in PA are compiled or listed, but vents are in use all the time for other conditions. Are these extra above normal that are available, or just total?
  3. Problem with that is it would be a lot more time intensive for the staff. Just to respond to the wildly offensive ones that are reported takes enough time already according to the mods, I couldn't imagine the amount of time to actively police every thread. It all comes down to some people taking joy out of "triggering" the other side and wanting to play gotcha. I am a long time lurker and don't contribute near as much as I would like because of all the gotcha games played on both sides. Take 1 word or phrase out of a paragraph answer that isn't even central to the response and use that to beat people over the head.
  4. That commute would suck on a regular basis. Driving an hour 1 way to work is why I don't live in the Dallas metro anymore, hated the commute.
  5. I was responding to the notion that Arkansas hadn't shut down, we basically did but it wasn't official for the most part. I live in Bryant and work in LR so I know exactly what you are talking about. And yes, the big box stores do have full parking lots and I don't really get why they waited so long to regulate. But all of those stores have someone counting people and only so many are allowed in at a time. Does that really solve the problem, no, but it is less busy in those stores than normal (I grocery shop at Walmart and had to have a few things from Lowes for the house). I would agree with you that I believe that our population density has a lot to do with our low numbers.
  6. Arkansas didn't have a mandatory quarantine, but that is not the real story. Most small businesses shut down. Restaurants were only allowed to do take out or delivery. Most of the larger companies had any employee that could work remotely. Movie theaters and venues like that closed. Churches are basically only doing remote/online services. So you are correct in saying we didn't have a quarantine as strict as other places, but we did much of the same things voluntarily. The first 2 weeks of March the traffic was nothing compared to normal. After that I started working from home, but there is still not much traffic anywhere whenever I have ventured out. State parks closed because we didn't want people from out of state to come vacation. ETA: Should have kept was all covered.
  7. I said the same pages ago in response to being called a liar...for some reason my comment was deleted??? But I am right there with you.
  8. As I said in a different thread, I am a registered independent who has only voted 3rd party or R for national office. In 2020 I will be voting for any tomato can put up by the D's, knowing that I will disagree with a lot of the policy but we just can't allow the complete abdication of the rule of law represented by Trump. So at least in my case, it was politically wise of the D's to pursue it.
  9. The mercy rule in Arkansas is 35 points up and the clock doesn't stop other than penalty or change of possession. My hometown team has mercy ruled everyone this year by halftime other than last Friday...they only won by 2 TDs...which is the only reason I know this rule. ETA: The starters haven't played in the second half other than the last game.
  10. I voted disapprove. I have never voted Democrat for national office since I started voting in 1984 (Reagan), but have voted 3rd party a few times. I have already sent my congresspeople emails letting them know if they don't vote to impeach and remove just based on what we already know publicly, I will be voting a straight Dem ticket for all national races...all the while holding my nose.
  11. These people that spoof numbers should be put in prison for many, many years!!! I work for a Children's Hospital and we are the only ones with the 3 digit prefix in our area code. I will get calls spoofing these numbers at my desk, it is easy for me to know they are spoofed since a true internal number just shows the last 5 digits. But for people that have family or kids here or recently here they will always answer those calls and I am sure some expect bad news depending on timing.
  12. If I go on a long trip I will check a large bag and then carry on a duffel bag that will be about half full so can compress to fit under the seat in front of me fairly easily. I have never put it there on any trip and have more than once stopped someone from thinking they can move it because it doesn't take up as much room as their roller bag. I am 6'4" and my leg room on a long flight (> 2 hours) is much more important to me than what a stranger thinks they are entitled to. Overheads are first come first served in whatever class of service you bought.