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  1. It's a little known fact that many Mandalorians are prone to stuttering.
  2. This is going to be the year, guys...I can feel it.
  3. Fair point. I truly believe it won't change until he can't physically do it anymore, or until the dollar-value on the franchise starts to fall and it affects him monetarily. Otherwise he sees no reason to change, even though status quo clearly isnt working.
  4. I think we all already know the answer to that question. Quick math shows that the Cowboys are about 17 games over .500 for the 25 years since the last Super Bowl appearance (204-187, starting in 1996. Dont shoot me if I'm off by a couple games either way, added them up quick in between zoom meetings; point still stands), with only 10 playoff appearances in that time, and not a single NFC title game appearance. Name me one owner who would keep a GM on the payroll for 25 years with that type of mediocrity, let alone for what used to be a premiere NFL franchise. This has been going on for 25 years. Jerry's ego won't allow him to do what he should obviously do for the franchise and for the fan base, and hire a real GM (who isn't just a yes-man). It's a shame.
  5. This is what we are doing. Filled and tied off our bags of candy yesterday while watching football. Will put them on a table out front for the kids to take, if we get any.
  6. I'm going to have to go with 33rd out of 32. They are an organizational mess, have been for 25 years, and will remain so until Jerry decides to change his modus operandi.
  7. Well, seems maybe the lad was right. 25 years of mediocrity or worse. I'd like to say that maybe this will encourage Jerry to hire a real, qualified GM, but...I know better. Didn't do it after 5 years with no success, 10 years, 15 years, or even 20. No reason to think that now. And that's just sad.
  8. You are going to need ball bearings, 3-in-one oil, and some gauze pads.
  9. Agree on the DLR songs. I would have loved to see what a Steve Perry/EVH collaboration on new music would have sounded like though.
  10. Out by a hair over 2 pts. If ANY of Zeke, Jonathan Taylor, Lamb, or Hopkins had just hit their average pts for the season up till this week it might have kept me alive. Turk gonna turk. Good luck to all those left standing!
  11. Is there some sort of force field keeping Dalton from throwing past the line of scrimmage?