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  1. Although Shot of the ship, no Falcon feed goes out for a few seconds, it comes back and there is a perfectly placed Falcon 9.
  2. That's insane they can land the Falcon 9 like that.
  3. Manfred is doing everything he can to let the owners completely destroy minor league baseball. What a complete tool.
  4. Hopefully this was done without a shirt on. ETA: late again.
  5. Hang on. If that's the case I need to change my vote to "apathetic if there is a a season or not". TIA.
  6. A New Generation of Spaceflight, brought to you by Del Boca Vista, and the Stuckey's Early Bird Special.
  7. Launch windows are dependent on that pesky ISS orbital plane, since you know...they want to dock there and all.
  8. This just in, the Maple Leafs sign David Ayers to a 5 year, $45M dollar contract to keep him away from the Blue Jackets.
  9. Your faith in me is incredibly uplifting. You're right. I can do this. Thank you!
  10. I still curse my parents daily for naming me Cher.
  11. He may get the wrong impression with this one.
  12. And I always pictured Warren as a hotmail kind of guy, not gmail.