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  1. I just pray they don't have anything "presented by Best Buy" in the audition script. Could get ugly. Just have a good, strong voice, clear diction (:snicker:), and a good time. ETA: ...oh...and make sure you get the phrase "I'm shuked" worked into it at least once.
  2. Apologies if this was posted already...made me chuckle Kimmel - Game of Phones
  3. From your lips to God's ears... ...or fingers to eyes since you typed it, know what I mean.
  4. It's times like these that I'm glad all the really important artifacts are buried on Oak Island.
  5. Great, now I have a craving for ham and eggs.
  6. Pretty sure yoga pants are kind of high on that list.
  7. '78 AL East playoff tie-break game, Yanks vs Sox. Remember coming home from school and watching. Back when kids could watch the end of games without staying up past midnight, thanks to the almighty ad dollar. As an 8-year old huge fan of Bucky quote Chris Farley.."that was awesome".
  8. They better hope she got fired, or they need to be diligent about checking that upcoming comp meal before they eat it
  9. While they haven't played well, I don't think they've played so bad that the NHL would rescind the 2004 Cup from the franchise.
  10. Seems like a high price to pay for sod to me, but we're not here to judge anyone.
  11. I totally heard Garrett Morris' voice in my head as I read this.
  12. I noticed Into the Badlands was listed as 1:27 in length. They had Walking Dead as 1:00. Somehow the lengths got flip-flopped. Agree most likely an AMC issue, as it was across multiple providers.