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  1. This is the ultimate big balls start. Anyone have them?
  2. That's great but I'm not talking about going forward as in games from now, I'm talking about now. I have no doubt he will take over eventually, but if you end up with 3 points in one of the next couple of games, don't be outraged.
  3. Why in the world would you do that? One reason would be that there are still plenty of older leagues with scoring systems that award those to the d/st unit rather than the individual position player... That, and special teams touchdowns are kind of rare. If you want to bank on that from game to game, go right ahead.
  4. The problem is the guy barely had any snaps, remove his special team touchdowns and it's a very limited opportunity
  5. This is a real mystery. Never thought I'd say it but Russ may look better than him ROS.
  6. So if he doesn't play this week, is 1 or even 5 weeks rest going to make any kind of difference after all those surgeries. I always wondered in the back on my mind, how so many surgeries can not be looked upon as a big redflag, but the fantasy community seemed to gloss over it. Is it basically now or never with Gronk for this season,?
  7. I wonder how much of a bid Edelman is worth in standard size $100 cap leagues. I imagine Gronk/Vereen owners might bid slightly more.
  8. Surprised at the reactions to be honest, I thought their offensive line was so abysmal that this would be a sell as soon as he had a big game kind of situation. I guess Pryor + so many RB around the same tier flopping changes that.
  9. Wasn't he typically drafted before Wilson & Miller? I drafted him before both (pre Brown injury), but felt awful about drafting him before Wilson. I think typically though Wilson was probably drafted before him especially after the Brown injury. The part that concerns me is Indy is awful against the run and his YPC still wasn't that great. On the flip side, Pryor's success is definitely a positive.
  10. It just seems it's very high risk to hold him, then again I wouldn't trade him for Miller. Ridley maybe, and Wilson bombed so badly that it's hard to make that move too. Very strange position to be in, but I'm fearful that selling 1 week too early is better than trying to sell 1 week late.
  11. Ok fellow McFadden owners, after he put up a semi-decent game, this maybe the opportunity some of us were waiting for.. do you offer him for Wilson/Ridley/Miller?
  12. I think Payton is simply conserving him for the 2nd half, to prevent him from hitting the rookie wall. He could be a playoff beast.
  13. Blasphemy I know but anyone selling in redraft... few things I'm considering - if the perfect record goes will they limit his touches down the stretch to rest for the playoffs, Lendale's vulturing, tough week 16 vs Pitt, rookie wall etc.