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  1. Two and a half years later and Cali Chrome is still going strong. Actually, stronger than ever. He got better with age. Richest horse in racing history and looking to shovel some more into that war chest of his tomorrow in the $6 million Breeder's Cup Classic. He's undefeated this year and looking to lock up a second Horse of the Year award. Love it that they still haven't retired him -- everybody wins. Spoilers include Baffert's Arrogate; a serious threat who freaked in the Travers. And Frosted, if he can rebound. Can't wait! Funny sidenote about that obnoxious part-owner you may remember. The one who whined after losing the Belmont / Triple Crown? He sold his interest in CC awhile back. Man what a mistake that was. Karma baby. As for the good guys, 79 year old trainer Art Sherman is a class act and deserves every bit of this ride he's on. Great story. California Chrome
  2. Guy is ROUND. The gastric bypass isn't taking. It's crazy how big these guys get after their playing days are over.
  3. Guy is ROUND. The gastric bypass isn't taking. It's crazy how big these guys get after their playing days are over.
  4. BTW, what the F was Governor Doug Christie -- from another state no less -- doing in Jerry Joneses box??? Traitor.
  5. Schwartz will get all conservative and find a way to lose this, you watch.
  6. If you're the Dallas Cowboys, you flip the field. It's what you do.
  7. Your Mom is getting all the calls tonight.
  8. Okay, they did it now though, finally. Let's see how it works for them. This could be difference, Terry.
  9. You can't get into 3rd and long situations like that and expect to sustain drives to keep your defense off the field. I hear you, Jim, but if he keeps taking sacks like this, it's going to be a LONG day for Dallas and their fans.
  10. Romo just can't keep doing that if wants to win this game.
  11. If Dallas doesn't flip the field there, you wouldn't see a drive like that...the longest in playoff history.
  12. Yeah, but the reason for the TD is because they flipped the f'n field.
  13. Trust me, the key to this game will be the Bengals ability -- OR LACK THEREOF -- to flip the field. You watch.