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  1. That's why I blew my loadwad on the nbas most underrated scorer. Don't feel like keeping up with bids and whatnot n
  2. Boom! Got my guy hell yeah you guys are going down to Chinatown butler and melo fcub the world.
  3. Where are the results? This leaguebsuchs.
  4. My klay Thompson bid was huge.
  5. Whatever happened to tommyboy and the hooker?
  6. I work all the time and like it.
  7. La Barbecue of Lamberts downtown.
  8. I trade jimmy butler for 58$
  9. The butler spend only works out if I get Otto porter on Friday.
  10. That's why your mom wife something something hahaha
  11. So I have to cheer for the bulls now? Great
  12. I grew up reading Thrasher magazine and skating around Huntsville Texas wishing I could move to California and skate on the beach. So Thursday I cleared my schedule and I'm going to the skate park at Venice Beach. I'm 39.5 years old. I may break my arms, ankles and/or neck but I'm going to skate the bowl at Venice beach. Because #### all. That's why.
  13. It is going to be worth it. I promise.