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  1. Even if you say "we will always take vacations just the two of us" and "I promise not to let myself go", having a child will impact everything - including the parts you swore would never change. There are a number of amazing things that come too. I don't know anyone with children who regrets it completely. But it changes a lot of things. I love my children but my life is very different now that they are here.
  2. Still my favorite movie.
  3. It's their job. Being "awesome rock band people love" is a job. Parts of my job are boring to me but thrill other people. Same for most people. That's what I really appreciated with the shows I saw - no attitudes and bull#### like they used to do. They were committed to performing the music really really well. I believe San Diego is the last stop on this leg then they go to South America.
  4. I went last night at Dodgers Stadium in LA. My notes... - I enjoyed Houston more, but probably because I had better seats (floor, straight away about 40 rows back) compared to last night (right side, Loge, couldn't see the screen behind the drummer. - The weather in LA last night could not have been better for an outdoor show. But they went on at 8:30 which shocked the heck out of me. The first song started before we made it to our seats. In houston they didn't go on until 9:45. - Setlist was mostly the same as Houston except they brought Steven ADler out and he banged the drums for Out ta Get Me and My Michelle (they didn't play the latter in Houston). - Duff did a Stooges cover instead of Attitude - Wish you were here solo was shorter in LA. That was my favorite part of the Houston show. - Played Sorry instead of Catcher in the Rye to start the encore. - Don't Cry last night. I looked and they did Patience instead on Thursday. - The place went bat#### crazy for Jungle and Sweet Child. Like, I thought the stadium level we were on was going to collapse down on to the field it was shaking so much. After two shows I'm still startled at how great Slash (and Richard Fortis, to be fair) are on guitar. So much of that is missing from rock music these days. I can't think of anyone currently doing rock n roll that can hang with those guys on guitar.
  5. There is a rumor that a huge band with a new record coming out is opening for guns tonight in LA. The show starts at 6:30 but GNR doesn't go on until 10. The cult is confirmed as the first opener. Just saying.
  6. SMackdown is in Austin tonight and it says it starts at 6pm. I'm supposed to be on a call from 6-7:30. When does it actually start? If we show up at 7 will we have missed the first hour or is that the "dark" part of the evening and it gets going later in the evening?
  7. I said "I am at a dr who themed wedding." Well I was last night.
  8. I'm at a Dr Who themed wedding in Montreal tonight. I don't know anything about dr who but the best man apparently knows a guy who knows a guy and was able to get the current Dr Who to recorder a video message - in character - for the happy couple. It was awesome if only because it made everyone immediately forget the annoying 15 minute this-is-me-talking-about-myself-not-a-toast the maid of honor had just given.
  9. Let me help... 1.2 trillion over ten years, not "a trillion next year." 840 million for the site, not 1 billion. That said, it was still too much by an order of magnitude and is being rectified by the hiring of some of the best web developers on earth directly into government (including some friends of mine).
  10. I find it impossible to believe you are this dumb.
  11. I always let people go on Mondays. So....
  12. The section on North Korea is fascinating.
  13. Did anyone else know that the CIA website has tons of interesting demographic information available about other countries, and it's better organized than Wikipedia? I love geography. I learned a ton about Liberia just now. Thanks CIA! https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/li.html