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  1. I didn't read the book. I found the movie to be entertaining and fun. Then humor was awesome and the kids did great.
  2. Played 18 yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks yesterday. I've been practicing a ton and picked up a new set of irons for my te xas bag. The bad: I have no distance off the tee. None. Maybe 160 and always a slice so no roll. 4 wood, 7 wood doesn't matter (I don't have a driver) makes it really hard to GIR . I may hust start hitting 5 iron since i know that goes 170 straight and rolls. The mediocre: Chipping is getting better - I had really bad yips but improving. Managed to get all but one shot from inside 20 yards onto the green. The good: irons were hit well so all my practice is paying off. And my putter is really good. 31 total putts including 3 makes between 10 and 15 feet. Holed out for birdie on 18 from 50 with a 56 degree. I've never done anything like that. Parred all 4 par 3s Shot an honest 95 which sounds terrible but i was really proud. If I can just find a reliable 220 off the tee I'll be in the 80s reliably.
  3. Hi. Divorce was final two weeks ago.
  4. I had 7 years of mac including 11 air, 13 air, 13 retina pro, and 12 MacBook. Also had a sirfazce pro 3. Switched to fully loaded xps 13 in April and love it.
  5. Offered $100, he countered with $125. I'm STOKED to SHAVE some STROKES. I got the Green/Soft after trying all three versions repeatedly at the golf store.
  6. Sentio on eBay for under 200. Woot.
  7. I thought it was Country Joe McDonald and the Fish? Not just Country Joe.
  8. Also, I was going to get a Newport 2.5 today and picked up the Sentio Sierra at the store to try out. For $200 less it really has me thinking.
  9. Burners didn't work out. I think they are 1/2 inch short and definitely need new grips. Put them in the closet until later. HOWEVER... Researched getting a set of clubs that were good, all purpose, well regarded sticks. Used to play Cleveland TA-2's and Cobras. Didn't need the newest gear, just something reliable. As I said above I figure I need a lot more practice then I do new gear. So I waited on Craigslist until I found what I was after: A well kept set of Eye 2 irons, 3-9. With a bag. $80. Picked them up about 3 weeks ago. Reviews said the loft was a bit better for getting the ball up. I've never owned any Pings. Since then I've hit 854 shots with the 7 iron at the range. Picked up a Cleveland 60 degree last week and have hit 202 with it. The rust is coming off. I may play a full round Wednesday although I haven't hit any other clubs from the set just yet and don't have any woods. I've been pleased with how quick it all comes back though - 60 degree is 65 yards on the screws 80% of the time. 7 iron is 130 80% of the time too. Short I know, but Im old and inflexible and need to stretch more. Draw is coming back. Fade is coming back. I also played the best course I've ever played 3 weeks ago in Chicago (Old Elm). Makes all the muni's I normally frequent look like landfills. Love of the game never left, just took a detour.
  10. ...and this is how you get Carmelo to Cleveland. Failing that, how about Aldridge and Danny green for Kyrie and whatever? Who says no?
  11. Arya is awesome. We know Ceircy's trip to the fortune teller wasn't about Marjorie. Many think it's about Danarius. But what if it's about Arya? That would be awesome.
  12. Already reached my win total from the great season of '14.
  13. He's also selling 3 houses for about 70 mil combined. The whole thing smells "getting his affairs in order" which I hope is not the case. Put me in the camp hoping for queen bee and not Tillman fertita as the buyer.