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  1. cash on the barrelhead if you have woz disappeared

  2. 2011 was a little shaky. let's make it a better, 2012.

  3. merry christmas! sorry i'm a little late this year

  4. seems like you should have less friends

  5. furley, quit stalking the man.

  6. I can understand if it scares you. But don't act like it scares you AND raises your interest. Not everything on Slate is meant to elicit the same feelings as cocaine.

  7. Igloos are most certainly NOT for cold storage, fella

  8. Word on the street you need some encouragement. Be thankful you aren't furley. You are welcome GB :thumbup:

  9. i see these events unfolding weeks ahead

  10. great work moderating lately. gold star.

  11. Elmo suit looked great on you

  12. SuperJohn> STEP OFF