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  1. Goddamont and #### all. Repeat. I am literally moving to Canada. Don't go. We are h re for each other and drink.
  2. I am literally moving to Canada.
  3. SO let's assume you are correct, which I don't think you are but will play along. And let's assume that each of those votes in multiple states is cast for the same candidate. And let's assume that by "tens of thousands" you mean "99,999" and by "multiple states" you mean 4. So in your scenario we have just shy of 400,000 fraudulent voters and 300,000 fraudulent votes (1 of the 4 votes is legal and intended) so 300,000 votes. In a pool of 120 million votes. Or .25 percent. That's worth getting alarmed about?
  4. I'm fine with them caring to the extent it affects their electability. That's kind of the point.
  5. Caring about people and being ambitious are not mutually exclusive.
  6. Their check in and boarding process sucks
  7. Ficking united airlines. Returned to the gate for "maintenance"...deferrable maintenance. Hour ####### delay for deferrable maintenance.
  8. Thanks for proving my point. He has a ring and recruits I-45 east through Louisiana better than anyone. Not sure why 9-2 seems so bad to longhorns fans after the last half decade.
  9. I don't disagree. THey have a nice group of players and the bench is deep.
  10. Strangely, if I died tomorrow I would trust @cosjobs to make the important decisions. You
  11. So I told the joke Wednesday to a group of six people. I made it last long enough for two rounds of scotch. The three guys started in a rainforest, cold and wet and hungry. All told it took about 25 minutes. Absolutely slated the room. Three guys and one girl were dying laughing. Two girls hated it. Best joke ever.
  12. Are you serious, Clark? Your tax dollars go to SA already. The least we can do is have our POTUS candidate repatriate some of it.
  13. Is that a fish getting pegged?