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  1. She wants it to be Jordan as she has all along. But she's hedging because she can't figure out why Aaron Rodger's brother isn't "Aaron Rodgers brother". Add in that he lives in Nashville, not California, and she is right to wonder where he will be in 6 months. Does the Internet have any idea what he does for a living? Is he a football coach or have a radio show or something? Robbie is creepy. And he brings up his ex girlfriend too much. Even if it's just crafty editing, the fact that he talks about it so much should be a red flag. "I'm not with her anymore...if that answer isn't enough for you then too bad. Let's move on..." Chase's reaction was awesome and I can't believe he came back to act like an adult. When a girl does that to you and then runs after you so that SHE can feel better about it, screw that. He had the right Idea to grab a beer and go. Next bachelor odds by Herd: luke - 1:2 james - 6:1 chase - 8:1 (although I thought I saw him in a Bachelor in paradise ad)
  2. Yes, he should try a few and see what he is able to comfortably hold and play. I prefer Les Paul's and ES for Gibson's, and Strats over Teles although I can play both. Gibson SG? I've NEVER been able to play one. The neck is too square for me. Chords and stuff, sure. But the last time I tried to play a solo on an SG it sounded like Nick Jonas at the AMAs.
  3. I've won 11 of 13 I think. Team coming together.
  4. Love it. Pac for life http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/17120954/golden-state-warriors-forward-kevin-durant-shows-new-tupac-leg-tattoo
  5. So you don't feel a little bad about Fawn?
  6. I disagree with everything you wrote. And as a Texan I think I will vote for Cruz in 18 for the sheer joy he brought me tonight.
  7. Well, it was before he poured it down the drain, AMIRITE?
  8. I loved it. I think Ted was giving a wink and a nod to the people watching who are wondering what happened to their party. No, it's not the majority anymore (as evidenced by Trump getting the nomination) but there are still plenty of people who would like to be actual Repbulicans.
  9. awesome. And now I will vote for Ted. I think its a fair trade for tonight.
  10. There is trouble in the forest, Tim. Trouble with the trees.
  11. I learned that if she hurts my feelings its because I misunderstood what she said or I interpreted it wrong because of my own internal biases. But if I hurt her feelings its because I am a ####.
  12. This. I'm not voting for Trump, but ice only ever voted for a democrat in the general once (Obama last time). This rhetoric and circus pushes me further and further away from the flock.
  13. Cuomo '84 set the gold standard for non-candidate convention speeches to me. But with bill and BO next week...it will be fun for those of us that are fans of political artistry.
  14. Great speaking at the conventions is about inspiration and getting people to squint just right that they can see an amazing future. The whole GOP messaging for months has been about fear. Turning that on a dime to something positive would be impossible.