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  1. Oh man I saw Kee's post on Facebook. No idea that was going on. Hug your loved ones close.
  2. A friend of mine shares a coach with Kuch and has nothing but wonderful things to say about him
  3. I'm excited for the chance to play them again. They are an exceptional team and he is a great plsyer... but preening at the refs? Come on...
  4. Steph Curry is such a baby. And for all his ample talent on the court his petulance makes him insufferable.
  5. I was weeping for your lost youth the other day as well. @cosjobs got your message will call you back this week.
  6. I would be the worst NBA owner/GM. For example, I recognize that when the Lakers make offers to the Pelicans they expect a reply and maybe even a counter-offer. And I suppose the professionalism in what is a small league dictates (or at least suggests) that a reply would be granted. But man, I bet Demps/Benson would love to say "He asked to be traded. They made an unsolicited offer for him. None of that has anything to do with us. The player is under contract with our team and despite his public wishes, he works for us and not the other way around."
  7. The Raptors and the Bucks are not messing around. If Gasol is rejuvenated by playing with a good team then that Toronto defense is going to be absurd. OG, Lowry, Leonard and could put Tommy out there and they'd probably still be a top-tier defense. It's bizarre that the Sixers have 4 of the top 40 players in the league (probably the only team outside of GS that can say that) and I imagine they're a distant 3rd for bettors when it comes to winning the East. And poor Boston...LOL
  8. Really? You're probably right but Beal is only 25 and much better than any player I've yet heard mentioned (Tatum, Lonzo/ingram)
  9. 7 minutes to go and the bucks are shooting 70% from deep. Wiz are a very respectable 16 of 33 from three and are down 20.
  10. How about... Davis and Wall to the Knicks Knicks 1 and Beal to NOLA Pelicans pick, Knox, and DSj to Washington. - who says no?
  11. They probably hate surrendering 85 in the first half too. Good grief the Bucks are efficient.