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  1. End of the first, maybe. I think there are too many wrs for him to go for a mid 1st. Nice talent will be had in the 2nd. Solid draft for tes and wrs.
  2. Garrett will be gone either way.
  3. I'm trying to get him in the second.
  4. metoo

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    He's already admitted he's made his decision he just hasn't announced it yet.
  5. metoo

    Sober February

  6. Yes. That's my bike, punk.
  7. Trump doesn't have the balls to do this.
  8. I can only wish.
  9. Garrett to call plays for the 2019 season. He can barely manage the game and now he's calling plays.
  10. I was hoping to steal him in the 2nd.
  11. 1.1 Harry 1.2 Jacob 1.3 Brown
  12. If I had listened to these guys I would have drafted Fournette or Davis over CMC in my rookie dynasty draft because Cam doesn't throw to his rbs.