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  1. This is my biggest criticism, 3 timeouts and almost 2 minutes on the clock you have to be aggressive. Reid won because he was aggressive by going for it twice on 4th down. You're playing the Chiefs, you need points.
  2. Williams. I don't understand the love for Njoku, he drops too many balls and too many mouths to feed in Cleveland.
  3. I never liked him signing with Cleveland because he's from that area.
  4. I'm happy with CMC, Hunt and Jacobs. I passed on Kamara for Ross. Best player available, period.
  5. I think he's a WR2 being treated like a WR1.
  6. Cooper: 79 rec, 1189 yds, 119 targets WR2?: 66 rec, 1107 yds, 112 targets, missed two games
  7. I buy and sell on Stockx. I go after the limited stuff and if I get lucky I hold it for about a year and sell. I've sold a supreme hoodie for $950, Air Jordan 1s UNC off white $1800, Air Jordan 1 Chicago $1000, Air Jordan 1s lows $350, plenty of Yeezys. Air Jordan 1s are my favorite but everyone likes them now and prices are crazy. I have a pair of Air Jordan lows listed for $800 ( and I paid $80 a few years ago. The quality is horrible on those lows. You wouldn't be able to make it out of the house without the toe box creasing. These kids are crazy. Size 9 and below of Air Jordan 1s go for a premium because they are being bought by the Chinese. Plenty of folks buy the smaller sizes to sell and then buy their size. Profit.
  8. She has alopecia. and you find it entertaining. So dismissive.
  9. I do have empathy for him but he should have gotten help and he had the resources. Aaron could have had advanced CTE because of the beating he was probably taking from his father. If the father was beating the mother, I'm sure he believed in violently punishing his sons. Aaron's brother believes Aaron was molested by an older boy when he was 7 if I remember correctly. His mother is a piece of work. After his father died from complications from hernia surgery, she moved another man in the house a month later. The man was Aaron's cousin's boyfriend. The cousin seemed to be the only one that cared about him but she had her issues as well. She was more of a mother figure than his mother. His mother didn't seem like she loved her son. She was mad at him because he wouldn't give her a million dollars but wouldn't go to court consistently. Aaron acted like a scared little boy when Kraft came into the courtroom. He looked like when you were a kid and your parents found out you did something wrong. There is no way the people around him did not know he was a nutcase.
  10. I have one. I was in the 4th grade and I asked my teacher to go to the restroom and she said no. I went back to my desk and vomited all over it. I never had another restroom issue.
  11. I remember a lot of 49er fans counting them out.
  12. When the Hill comparisons heats up, I can see him moving up.
  13. I hated when Renfrow started as I have Waller. Don't see Carr supporting two receivers.
  14. He's the dude no one wants to trade for but consistently gets you 12-20 points a game.