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  1. Obvious to me day one. Do you randomly record from your cellphone? No emotions after witnessing a murder? Also, the guy recording just happens to miss the initial contact. 9 pages on this. smh.
  2. What's your address again?
  3. Doing all this but McMichael not trained for years. Yall spent pages going into the victim's background. It's about to get quiet in here for a certain demographic.
  4. Fidelity has probably made about 5 million off of you and Cos because of this. They are making money off of the trade.
  5. That's because they are not really tough. The baddest mf I know is quiet and unassuming.
  6. I'm in Atlanta and in our weekly team meeting my boss said don't expect to come into the office until August. I don't think we're going back into the office this year.
  7. I'm starting to feel this way as well after watching the recent videos of Colorado and Maryland. I'm not putting any new money into stocks in my roth and taxable accounts. Really don't know what to do because we've never gone through this before.
  8. I added GOLD about a month ago off of your recommendation. Up 40%. DFS and MGM have also had nice returns. Thanks guys!
  9. I don't think there is going to be a full season. You cannot have players getting tested every few days and the average american can not get tested. PR nightmare.
  10. Dowdle could be a solid backup rb if he can stay healthy. He missed games every season because of injuries. Nice size and an ok pass catcher. He doesn't shy away from contact and has solid speed. 4.5 forty.
  11. I liked him before he was drafted by Washington. I don't see them maximizing his talent.
  12. Yeah. Nothing has been as bad as Cleveland's coach and gm's setup.
  13. Yall think you're helping by keep bringing it up?