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  1. I have no idea why you seem to think menobrown or anyone else thinks a player should/would get paid even if they don't bother to show up to the stadium on gameday. Anyway, he was mainly trying to point out that Brown and Bell are completely different situations... although one thing they do have in common is that neither guy held out.
  2. Well at least one version of this AB story is that the whole drama was touched off by JJSS being named the team MVP, so the answer to the bolded seems to be yes.
  3. JuJu has to be near the top of the list, especially if AB is gone next year and all of his targets are up for grabs. I like the Kupp pick also as a guy you can get a little later in redrafts, but having a lot of mouths to feed has to be a concern with the Rams' WRs. Next great WR is a stretch but he could be great value and a borderline WR1 like Woods was.
  4. Why this thread has a full page of Miller vs Robinson is mind boggling. The Bears ranked 21st in the NFL in passing yardage per game, and their leading receiver was a RB. No Bear player is a candidate for next great WR.
  5. Did you draft Gordon @ WR23 the same week he got the starting position in New England? If you drafted him before the season like everyone else, then your endpoints are cherrypicked.
  6. Your cherrypicked endpoints notwithstanding, you paid for a low end WR2 with the hope that he might turn into a WR1... and what you got was a low end WR3 (right now he's WR36 in my main league).
  7. I won't say noone predicted it, because there have been 1000 different opinions in here, but Gordon being on the field all season and performing at a WR3 level wasn't what very many saw coming. Most saw elite, WR1 or high WR2 level production, or out of the league as the universe of outcomes.
  8. That's kinda awesome that you get Derrick Henry to set your fantasy lineup for you.
  9. Clinton Portis led the way to my first championship years ago. Something like 55 standard points. When I logged on to check my scores I was certain it was some sort of error.
  10. Not sure what the significance is of categorizing an NFL career as a game or a job, but I see you've got your bases covered. The size of the pie is simple Econ 101 supply and demand. Sure it'd be swell if they charged only $20 for tickets that they can sell out of @ $200, but that's not how it works. As for the entertainment stuff, I can tell you that seeing the rough shape some of these former players are in at 50 and 60 years old makes me feel pretty guilty knowing that they inflicted this longterm damage upon themselves for my entertainment. Impaired cognitive function, joints that are shot, chronic headaches, dementia -- the stories are awful. Not sure why "this is what they signed up for" and feeling sympathetic are mutually exclusive.
  11. What I'm about to say doesn't apply to the Hunt case specifically, and I get that. With that out of the way, IMHO the folks that adopt this moral high ground, one-strike-and-you're-out-forever position toward domestic violence really haven't thought through the unintended consequences. First, the stiffer you make the penalties around DV, the more you disincentivize the victim to report the abuse. If your pro athlete husband/BF loses all of the fame, fortune and lifestyle that comes with that career, then guess what, you lose all of those things too. Going from $1M/yr pro career to a $40K/yr construction job blows back on more people than just the player. Throw kids into the mix, and you can imagine how strong the victim's motive to keep things quiet would be. And we see it all the time -- the DV victim calls the cops in the heat of the moment when she feels in imminent physical danger, but once things calm down, she does not want to press charges or cooperate with investigators. It's easy to see why. Now let's look at the player. If you take away his career, he's going to feel like he's lost everything. Including his support network. On top of that, he's now bitter and resentful toward the victim, and at least in part blames her. What reason would he have at that point to improve his behavior and change his life? The exact opposite is what we would expect -- things to get worse in that abusive relationship. Take away the carrot (NFL fame and fortune) that might motivate him to straighten up and fly straight, along with the resources and support to effect that change, plus add further stress and animosity to the relationship, and of course the result will be bad. There are other ripples but those are a few of the big ones. It's not as cut and dried of a policy decision as some would make it. And maybe behind closed doors, the NFL doesn't really give a rip about the welfare of the players or their victim-partners, and is only looking out for its own bottom line. I'm not naive about that.
  12. I'd normally put weight on the notion that the Chargers are focused on winning every game they can, won't take any opponent lightly, etc. BUT, they just got burned by playing Gordon too quickly. Seems like they wouldn't risk making the same mistake again just a few weeks later.
  13. I think the implication is we should bump Samuels UP, since it might indicate Conner is more dinged than reported.
  14. Leonard Fournette just last year. Gurley Gordon Zeke and McCaffrey this year, potentially. Marshawn Lynch was an early pick, though not by Seattle. DWill and JStew were both first round picks, and Carolina has made several postseasons, including a SB. Mark Ingram if you squint hard enough, though obviously Brees is guy doing the leading. Peterson led the Vikes to multiple postseasons.