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  1. Yes, we are actually. If a guy had nothing positive to say, I'd expect him to say something vague like "it's improving". You're taking those words literally, and I'm reading between the lines. Of course we've got some other quotes to add into the mix: Those words don't paint the picture of a guy that's coming back any second now. But again, just one outsider's take.
  2. So what's the latest with this guy? He's been off my radar but with byes upon us, the FBG experts think I should pick him up and start him over Valdez-Scantling. Any hope as a one-week play, or avoid?
  3. My take is, if there was something positive to say about his status/recovery/return to play, he would have said something other than "it's improving", which is essentially saying nothing.
  4. Well, again, two people can read the same ambiguous quote and reach opposite conclusions. If the best he can say is a nothing quote like "it's improving", I don't take that as a positive. I understand you do see that as a positive, and that's your prerogative. Regardless, it's not a timeline.
  5. My perspective is based upon what we've seen before when other players have had this injury, coupled with the absence of any positive quotes/information/timeline out of GB, coupled with the lack of activity 2+ weeks post-injury. I consider that a bit more information-based than just a "gut feel", but I suppose opinions may differ.
  6. There isn't anything I want to see. I've got no skin in the game at all. Just giving an outsider's take on it. On Adams specifically, it doesn't look good. On you and the other posters in this thread, @Ditkaless Wonders nailed it.
  7. That's possible of course. I doubt I'm the only one that thinks he'd be back on the field if he had a new deal, and/or the Bengals were leading the division. Feels like he's been slow-playing this thing from the outset.
  8. What @Ditkaless Wonders said above is exactly right -- people are seeing whatever they want to see. I don't own Adams anywhere, but I'd have the exact opposite reaction as the bolded. "Making progress", "it's improving" etc. is about as fuzzy and unclear as can be. About the only clear thing is that 2+ weeks out, he still can't get on the field, and nobody's offering anything in the way of a timeline for when he will. If I was an Adams owner, I'd be very pessimistic about his outlook ROS.
  9. Just had a barn-burner go down in a redraft: Delanie Walker for Rashaad Penny Might be the only trade this league completes all year. Bad mix of complacency, status quo bias and fear of losing a deal.
  10. Agree with what @JetMaxx and @Arodin just said. ROS outlook not good here. Giving up Evans and more sounds crazy to me.
  11. Be careful what you wish for. What the Patriots are desperate for is a strong run blocking TE.
  12. I'm mostly kidding, but I wonder if coaches consider that running on and off the field over and over might tire a guy out more than just standing in the huddle and participating in another play instead.
  13. The only thing Belichick and Brady are intentional about is winning.
  14. With what we know about Belichick and Brady, it seems highly unlikely a rookie that hasn't even been on the practice field makes an impact.