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  1. I wonder what clued him in.. lol. she's a lunatic
  2. Out of curiosity, why wouldn't they have camp in the same city they were going to play in???
  3. I don't know. Seems he's gassed anytime he has to play in an environment with lots of humidity.
  4. ha... reminds me of the old SNL skits for 'Da Bears'.... If it was Ditka vs. a Hurricane who would win
  5. I'm ridiculously nervous about this game.
  6. If this began back in December... Is that when you gave the DNA sample? Are you expecting the results soon?
  7. Absolutely. But, then again, when I was in college about 25 years ago, I was an exchange student there for just under a year and enjoyed my time immensely. If finances weren't a factor, I'd definitely try to go.
  8. I thought that scene was definitely too long, but am so looking forward to this season. I missed watching it. I binged up to about halfway through s4 before I caught up and had to wait a week to see the latest episode.
  9. I hope Sandra is the next to go. She drives me nuts.
  10. This. I'd hate to get to a zip lining excursion and they say my youngest isn't tall enough or something. yeah, we'll be in San Jose for the first 5-6 days playing some youth teams from pro leagues there and will get to the National Team training grounds for a match or two as well. I just found out he made the team, so just starting to look at excursions etc... We'll be staying at a hotel in San Jose until Thursday and then I'm trying to figure out where we go after that. I extended our stay until the following Monday; so we have 4 days to see what we can. Thanks for the reply
  11. Curious if anyone has traveled to Costa Rica with kids? My 13 yo made a soccer team that is going to play in Costa Rica over Spring Break and a lot of the team will be extending our trip. We'll be staying mostly in San Jose, but I'm thinking of taking off with my kids for the final 3-4 days of the trip. I'd like to do some of the more adventurous (canyoning/zip line etc...) things, but not sure if it's cool with a 12 and 13 yo. Any additional recommendations on where to go?
  12. Why isn't it a good idea? Serious question. Everything I read showed it was widely supported by business. Why stop first time home buyers from saving about $500/yr if they don't have 20% down? Is it simply to make people wait to purchase until they have the requisite 20%
  13. Probably just waiting for the Pence LGBT conversion therapy document to upload.
  14. and he looks to have a lot of tackle opportunity at Seattle this week...
  15. btw.. if no one got votes besides Adam how do they decide 2nd vs. 3rd place?