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  1. Sunday 9/24 - Hannover over Koln
  2. I'll go with Fiorentina over Bologna Sat Sept 16
  3. I'm from Ft. Myers as well. We evacuated to Blue Ridge, GA. 3 families got a cabin. 2 of the other families started back this morning. We're leaving early tomorrow morning. I've heard from friends in the area that i75 hasn't been bad getting back home. I'm worried that it's going to be brutal. Basically, from Tifton down to FM looks like getting gas can be quite the adventure. My house didn't sustain any damage. When they thought Irma was going right up 41 to FM from Naples, I thought for sure my house was done. Don't have power back in my subdivision, but the two other families that left this morning do have it; so hopefully, it'll be sooner than FPL's forecasts of Sept 22
  4. Owe two... I'll go with Barca over espanol and Villareal over Betis.
  5. I've been following Mike's Weather Page on Facebook and then he runs the spaghetti models URL too He's based on Florida's Gulf Coast too, so I find it more helpful than some of the others.
  6. Is the thought that the CR fans bought tickets direct or from the secondary market? Seeing them all over the place sucks. Anytime we travel anyplace we're in the corner nosebleeds. Damn, I wish we could round up opposing fans before the games and move their asses. lol. Let's start printing that on the tickets they purchase... Your seat is subject to change based on your rooting interest. lol
  7. Owe two this week: Sunday: Milan over Cagliari Sunday: Spurs over Burnley
  8. Went to the U15 Concacaf Final against Mexico today at IMG. 0-2 for the good guys, but it was fun to watch. My kids coach and one of the assistants for the U15s is good friends so a bunch of our players got to talk with him etc... It was fun to watch for our kids too since my oldest is a 2003 (U15). Man, was Mexico physical and big. Someone told us that Mex captain is related to Chicharito somehow. Initially we thought he said son... but I don't think he has any kids and I dont' speak much spanish - lol. One of our parents took some photos if anyone is interested:
  9. I'll go boring as well.... Lazio.
  10. Oh yeah, I'm in... Sorry.. I'll paypal something over shortly. THanks for the tag... I always just go to this page for the topics I've replied to ETA: Paypal sent
  11. Awesome! Just got a couple shirts and a couple brews (looking forward to trying the white IPA) from Lt. @Frank Drebin. Very well done sir! I really like both shirts - especially the Perch one! Hopefully, this link allows everyone to see the photos through Google Photos. I'll update the spreadsheet.
  12. Cool article on Ms. Wagner and her rift with the Coach...
  13. Yes. I believe that's where all the AO are. From the email to get tix:
  14. Got my Tix for the October 6th game in Orlando. Anyone else planning on going? Weird thing was that I couldn't book the AO hotel through the group rate, but was able to get the same rate using for the Courtyard. I figured AO would have blocked all the rooms with their rate.
  15. I just used the largest USPS box for weight doesn't matter and stuffed that. I wasn't asked last year or this year. Although, strangely enough for other things, they have asked. I think b/c the boxes have been so stuffed it seemed I was sending a concrete block that they didn't even think to ask.