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  1. Can Zlatan help Soccer development in the US? ... lol... "I have my wife, I got my two kids. If I was single I would spread my investment here in the US and you would have future legends in the soccer. But sorry I’m already occupied by my wife and two kids." - @Ibra_official when asked if he could help development of soccer in US.
  2. I like the way Michael plays. Quite remarkable that he's only 18. Hopefully, he's not the next to go.
  3. I think it's idiotic to be spending that much money on it. I think it's just as foolish they want to group players on biological age, but not school year. Calendar year works for the 1% of people who might make it pro, but not for the tons of kids who want to just play with their friends. I heard an estimate that FYSA (florida) numbers were down 7-9% since the inception of it. At our club, I know there are tons of kids who just say screw it, i'll go play baseball with my friends.
  4. I wish there was some kind of penalty for digging through peoples stuff... I know there's no real way to enforce it, but I wish it immediately put a target on your back like getting an idol does or how winning the car challenge early on did.
  5. I'm surprised every team doesn't have it. I was curious how much they cost and came across a NYT article from '13...
  6. Don't they mean SUM has selected.
  7. Serious question.. if he hadn't left for Schalke... would he be getting minutes in MLS or ????
  8. Can't believe Khalil Mack wasn't moved back to DE.
  9. Has anyone mentioned Sharks with fricken laser beams attached to their heads?
  10. I thought of that too. Although, I often wonder how everyone remembers all the names. I mean, I meet someone and forget their name 45 seconds later. He told her that he sent it to Morgan - who is on the other tribe, who she probably isn't able to put a face to the name? I don't know, I could picture myself wondering 6-10 days later.. now who was it that he sent that advantage to again?
  11. Good post. I saw a thread on twitter about a girl who was involved in train/school bus incident. After one of these incidents, 29 new regulations were introduced to ensure this avoidable situation didn't occur. She felt that adults were actually trying to help the issue. Adults are not doing anything to stop the scourge of guns in our schools. maddening.
  12. So Sorry this hits so close to home for Todem. It hit close to home for me as my kids played Parkland in soccer this past weekend and I make my way over to that part of the state nearly every weekend during their season. This sucks. I can't believe those in congress are unwilling to do anything about it and are okay with that.
  13. This is something that I've been meaning to ask... In the press conference after Cordeiro won, Flynn was there and I could have swore they said something to the effect of... The TM for Men and Women and the GM for both has already been approved by the Board for a few months and that Flynn would be leading the efforts to fill those positions. Would it have mattered who won the election if those positions were already in the works for being filled? Who ultimately decides who gets the positions? Flynn or Cordeiro? Is Flynn more of a "soccer guy"? I kept getting the impression from different articles/podcasts that Cordeiro would be more likely to put soccer people in charge of the soccer side of the house and he'll lead the business side.