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  1. I'm pretty sure it was "this" soccer thread where folks were asking about GotSoccer points in youth soccer. Here's a pretty good article that was posted on the Miami Youth League Facebook page that talks about how crappy GotSoccer points are... Of course, it was posted b/c the Miami league doesn't use GotSoccer
  2. Well, he has a bye this week. I doubt there'll be much info on his role vs. Farley's until middle of next week.
  3. How would you feel about a friendly in less than 3 hours?
  4. Wynalda was interviewed on the Total Soccer show podcast (pretty in-depth too... about an hour interview)... He stated that one of the reasons it wasn't a paid position was job security for Sunil. He felt that Gulati knew it would thin the candidate pool.
  5. Really enjoyed the Dr sarcastically throwing "deuces" back at joe during tribal.
  6. what could go wrong. The Ford Family has consistently brought Detroit a winner with the Lions... oh wait.
  7. and Probst said in an interview that the girl did give it away. He could also tell based on her facial expressions which way they were voting.
  8. That whole article is great. Also, the article below it on payment solidarity to Youth Clubs was excellent as well.
  9. lol Yeah, there are still state cups. Florida has 3 levels ... State Cup then Presidents Cup and I think they added Commissioners cup. Basically, Div 1, 2, 3. The GotSoccer points are not for actual rankings. Those points/rankings are pointless. Wait, the only time it has ever served us was getting into certain tournaments. Some tournaments use the GotSoccer points as a threshold for allowing a particular team into the tournament.
  10. GotSoccer "points" are used in ranking youth teams. It's crazy how teams/club chase those points to say their team is ranked in the Top Whatever for their state. In Florida, people chase after it, but one of the best leagues - the Miami League - has steadfastly refused to integrate with GotSoccer. Teams that play in the Miami Leagues get great competition but not the "points" to improve their ranking. In general, if you beat a team in your ranking vicninity, I think you get 30 points. If you draw, you get 10. If you're in a tournament, those same things apply, but if you're a champion or finalist you get 200+ points. Our teams usually are pretty low in GotSoccer, but then we beat a Top 10 team and we get the 30 points + 300 additional points for beating a team that has X points more than you. It really is a crazy system. I really thought it was funny the last tournament our team was in. Parents from the other team said... oh this team is ranked only 92nd, blah blah blah. Then we beat them 6-0 and they are all surprised; one asked me how that could be and I said, we play in a Top Miami Division and no GotSoccer points are granted for our games.
  11. I'm surprised at the lack of coverage that Sunil's press conference got - even from soccer writers. I was expecting more articles to be out. I'm surprised that he's taking a hard stance to stay in the role.