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  1. Nice podcast interview by Ajax with Alex Mendez.. 40min long .
  2. Does McBride have to move to Chicago too or is that just coaches?
  3. So.. you think it'll be his responsibility to update the kids and let them know their value and what the US plan for them is???
  4. Exactly. But, this middle east situation hasn't been going on for that long right... should be done by then. lol
  5. well, looks like I'll have an MLS team to support. A good friend of ours was just taken by FIRE at #26 in the draft .
  6. Yeah, I did call them. I'm not able to drop the PMI.
  7. Was looking to refi. I have Mortgage Insurance from when I bought our house 3.5 years ago. My interest rate is 3.375. There is now enough equity in the house that if I refi, I could get rid of the Mortgage Insurance. (233k on the note and home value is probably just above 300k). Currently, I'm paying 1110 in Principle/Interest and then Taxes/Ins of 407 and then Mortgage Ins of 162. Seems like a no brainer to refi and have that 162 go toward Principle right? I assume it's worth it to have a higher rate if overall I'm spending less per month? and as chadstroma suggested I think I may look into a broker in the S. Florida area. If anyone has any recommendations on a broker, I'd appreciate it - otherwise, I'll just use the google machine.
  8. Someone asked Uly Llanez's dad if we had reached out to Uly re: the Olympic team and his response was that he has only heard from Mexico. Which, I understand why he may not be on the Olympic roster, but the lack of communication continues to be amazing to me.
  9. I can't believe that Roldan is wearing #10. Uh, that's not your number nor should it ever be.
  10. We know it wouldn't be Trapp - pretty sure ggg is contractually obligated to include him in all windows. Yueill would have been more likely because we don't know for sure what we have in him, so we'll pass on this opportunity to get another look.
  11. Key word being "some" continuity. And the continuity should probably be of whomever your key personnel are. I can't imagine anyone considers Zardes, Roldan, Lovitz, and Trapp as key personnel. I think after a year of bringing in roughly the same rosters (not looking it up, but I don't think there's been a lot of turnover except for injuries) and showing them the "process" they should be able to remove the Fearsome Foursome from the USMNT and not miss a beat. Let the others demonstrate it.
  12. I think using the word "pleased" is so troubling. I just don't see it. I don't know what is pleasing about what has happened thus far. I'm most upset about player selections, but there are definite reasons to be upset about on-field tactics and desire too. Just maddening and to say you're pleased. c'mon. that's ridiculous. I'm more excited to watch the u23s than the Sr. Team.
  13. I really think that we could have had a buzz around this team if some of the non "core" guys had been rotated out. I think there would have been huge buzz if a pretty large contingent of the u23s were called up to the 1st team. I think it's such a wasted opportunity to call in the core guys who blow chunks just b/c they are your guys. If the roster had some of the younger players I really think the fan-base would be much more excited and on-board with "development" toward WCQ. As it stands now, I'm probably not even going to watch the game live and am going to the Peru/Colombia game instead and that never would have happened in the past. Apathy sucks.
  14. I wonder why Uly Llanez wasn't called in. I'm "hoping" it's b/c they want him to stay and try to get first team training in Germany.. but who knows with the US soccer dolts.
  15. It'll be nice to finally see what that Guzan guy can do for us.