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  1. Out of curiosity, why did McKennie already speak German before he got there? Does he have a German background or are our Academies now having kids learn German lol
  2. I'd love to see them play there. There's some interesting footage on the Boca Juniors netflix documentary of the crazies at Bombonera
  3. Thanks for posting that. I hadn't seen it. I also hadn't seen the 538 statistical article about CP that was linked within there which is also a great read.
  4. Assuming HHM settles... will they now have the 8m cash in their coffers to buy off Chuck?
  5. too much for me since there is already a 10 on the front and back. Nice design! I'd get one.
  6. I am by no means an expert. I've been to 4 total USMNT games. 3 of those 4 my kids (12&13) and I have sat with AO. We all liked the games better in the AO section. Lots of people getting excited and having a blast the entire game. Only game I really wondered about was the game in Columbus* last year. The entire stadium was jacked for that game, so maybe better views may have been worth it. *that effing game still upsets me.
  7. It certainly seemed to me that Mexico was attacking Yedlin's side way more than DMB. Especially after Mexico had that early sub (30th min or so)??? I thought he played pretty well - he did lose his man on the endline; but it seemed that he was 1:1 all damn night.
  8. Cool Pulisic article.
  9. Damn. that Michaela ponderosa video (the 2nd link above) is NOT what I was expecting. what the heck. She was all bubbly and excited on that video. If that was her real personality, none of that really came through in the normal episodes.
  10. Just finished this weeks episode. I used to really like this show, but I feel this season has really not been up to the level of previous years and I think there's only 2 episodes left this season (or I could have heard that wrong). By now, they are usually building to something pretty big. Unless, the something big is the reveal that they are thinking of heading back to Russia. Although, I can't imagine ol Phil will be too keen on that idea.
  11. I always found it so odd that the pitch size varies so much across different stadiums.. 6. Pitch The pitch will be bigger than the one the players were used to at White Hart Lane. It will be 105m by 68m, which is much larger than the Lane's 100.1m by 67m.
  12. I loved the part when Jimmy went to the vet to hire Huell... I might have a guy, does he need to fit into tight spaces? No, not really...
  13. I wonder what clued him in.. lol. she's a lunatic