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  1. Good post. I saw a thread on twitter about a girl who was involved in train/school bus incident. After one of these incidents, 29 new regulations were introduced to ensure this avoidable situation didn't occur. She felt that adults were actually trying to help the issue. Adults are not doing anything to stop the scourge of guns in our schools. maddening.
  2. So Sorry this hits so close to home for Todem. It hit close to home for me as my kids played Parkland in soccer this past weekend and I make my way over to that part of the state nearly every weekend during their season. This sucks. I can't believe those in congress are unwilling to do anything about it and are okay with that.
  3. This is something that I've been meaning to ask... In the press conference after Cordeiro won, Flynn was there and I could have swore they said something to the effect of... The TM for Men and Women and the GM for both has already been approved by the Board for a few months and that Flynn would be leading the efforts to fill those positions. Would it have mattered who won the election if those positions were already in the works for being filled? Who ultimately decides who gets the positions? Flynn or Cordeiro? Is Flynn more of a "soccer guy"? I kept getting the impression from different articles/podcasts that Cordeiro would be more likely to put soccer people in charge of the soccer side of the house and he'll lead the business side.
  4. Lalas posted on Twitter a video of Sunil Gulati's speech to US Youth Association.
  5. Yup. Those were particularly harsh. I just feel that US Soccer when trying to defend their actions always seem to use a straw man... Oh we can't call EVERY player. Well, no kidding. No one is saying you have to call every bozo with a pulse... Sunil said the same thing in a recent interview where he was disgusted by a lot of the rhetoric -- We can't get rid of Pay-to-Play tomorrow - that's non-sensical. No kidding, we're not saying to do it tomorrow, work toward it. Same thing with Pro/Rel.. we can't immediately switch to a Pro/Rel system tomorrow, those are just arguments of people who are misinformed. Again, it doesn't have to be tomorrow and you don't have to call every player... This consistent defensive "we're doing okay" stance is maddening.
  6. I'm actually surprised it was just verbal stuff... I've seen them tossing bottles and beer cans and there was a game where visiting fans were pelted by snowballs by a few thousand "fans"
  7. Tears in Heaven - Clapton
  8. I'm pretty sure it's the only way that I could ever purchase a Liga MX jersey.
  9. That is such a good article NR. I saw Hugo tweeted about how good it was because of all the "truth" in it.
  10. With the USMNT out of it, I think I'm most looking forward to the Women of the World Cup threads across the innerwebs. Oh, and I'll probably watch every game and become angrier at the Hex.
  11. Can't believe US Soccer didn't call him to let him know he was loved... Really our own fault for giving Pulisic all the accolades and completely forgetting about Don O Van.
  12. Gonzalez comment...
  13. Yup... That had to have been a kick in the teeth... followed by the lack of communication over the stupid Portugal friendly. I can't believe how much this is bothering me. ugh.
  14. Timeline of the Gonzalez decision.. From this, it sounds like Bruce was contacting him on a regular basis when he was around.