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  1. This. I'd hate to get to a zip lining excursion and they say my youngest isn't tall enough or something. yeah, we'll be in San Jose for the first 5-6 days playing some youth teams from pro leagues there and will get to the National Team training grounds for a match or two as well. I just found out he made the team, so just starting to look at excursions etc... We'll be staying at a hotel in San Jose until Thursday and then I'm trying to figure out where we go after that. I extended our stay until the following Monday; so we have 4 days to see what we can. Thanks for the reply
  2. Curious if anyone has traveled to Costa Rica with kids? My 13 yo made a soccer team that is going to play in Costa Rica over Spring Break and a lot of the team will be extending our trip. We'll be staying mostly in San Jose, but I'm thinking of taking off with my kids for the final 3-4 days of the trip. I'd like to do some of the more adventurous (canyoning/zip line etc...) things, but not sure if it's cool with a 12 and 13 yo. Any additional recommendations on where to go?
  3. Why isn't it a good idea? Serious question. Everything I read showed it was widely supported by business. Why stop first time home buyers from saving about $500/yr if they don't have 20% down? Is it simply to make people wait to purchase until they have the requisite 20%
  4. Probably just waiting for the Pence LGBT conversion therapy document to upload.
  5. and he looks to have a lot of tackle opportunity at Seattle this week...
  6. btw.. if no one got votes besides Adam how do they decide 2nd vs. 3rd place?
  7. Anyone putting him in their lineup this week? I know Sorensen would drop in as a LB in dime coverage, but I would imagine that against a run-first team like the Titans that he won't be lined up there too much???
  8. Was at my son's tournament games today and you have to arrive about an hour before the game..On the field next to us was the USMNT u16 team. Super fun to watch them play. They won 6-0 over a team from NJ. Couple of really big and fast kids - always play out of the back, lots of nice 1 touch and link up passing. Looked really good. Was sort of bummed that we left the complex (my kids were starving and wanted to head home) - so I missed seeing the #1 ranked team in the nation play the #3 ranked team. They are on the opposite side of the bracket from my kids team, so won't get to see that or the big game tonight is u18 MNT against a Tottenham Youth team (not sure of the age though) eta: Tottenham won 3-1. Now, I'm excited to see some of the other games tomorrow. Very cool seeing some of these really good youth teams lineup. And since I know everyone is dying to know (lol).. My son's team beat the IMG academy's DA u14 team today.
  9. I forget.. is she the one who wore that weird dead animal scarf thing last night?
  10. hmmm... Looks like I'll have to talk with corporate headquarters about a team building event in SJC in late March.
  11. What a great season. Probably one of my favorite seasons for sure. I thought Adam deserved it. I found it odd that when he continually brought up David winning the prize if Ken/Hannah took him that David (or Ken/Hannah) never thought well, if we bring you, you have a better chance than us. Like someone else said, I was surprised that Hannah didn't pipe up when Adam was getting credit for persuading Ken to vote out David - the editing made it look like that was all Hannah. For next season... think they showed all the "former" players who are playing this year? or do you think it's all former players?
  12. He's active. Haven't heard anything from the beat writers that indicated he'd be limited this week even with Levy back.
  13. Why not just have the auction without the advantage to mess with people. Or at the very end have an envelope that inside congratulates them on making it this far in the game. lol. you just paid $500 for a worthless certificate of achievement.
  14. I thought the future was Ramik Wilson? I know Wilson was cut and resigned earlier this year, but seems that Wilson has taken back the next in line title? Wilson played 40 snaps on D to Alexander's 0 this past week against Atl. Alexander was available since played 20 ST snaps.
  15. Just to close this off.. snap counts against the Bills: Riley 69 Snaps on Defense 0 ST Snaps James 5 snaps on Defense 11 ST Snaps