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  1. I'm not saying she can't act. I just don't see her as Ms. Marvel. Ms.Marvel is a badass, and Brie Larson doesnt give off that vibe. Morgan Freeman is a great actor, too, but I dont want them to cast him as Hugh Jackman's replacement as Wolverine.
  2. Brie Larson as Ms. Marvel? Really? Meh.
  3. You can cut the tree down. If that's too extreme, I'm sure an orbital sander will work.
  4. Is this thing over? I moved up to 2nd, wondering if I have any hope of running down 1st..
  5. Lebrom is amazing. Anyone who doesn't think he is top 2 all-time is crazy. No one should ever say anything bad about him.
  6. Is there a link to all the teams with players salaries? Yahoo just has the teams.
  7. I thought we only drafted 45 rounds?
  8. Casey Kelly, my 45th round pick, got called up today. I am solidly in the running for latest player drafted to make a contribution. Sure, he might throw three innings and need Tommy John surgery again. But his accomplishment honors our team and we are proud of him.
  9. I should have like 12 decent to good relievers. Will be trading excess for help at catcher, possible starting pitcher upgrades and depth behind starting players.
  10. I guess he chose the Die option.
  11. He's no Trevor Story...
  12. I should have Chris Owings on my team.