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  1. I couldn't vote. My original user name was deemed inappropriate and I had to change it.
  2. I asked this in the Cubs thread but no one answered. If the Cubs win the World Series cam Steve Bartman come out in public again?
  3. If the Cubs win the World Series this year, can Steve Bartman finally come out of hiding? I actually feel bad for that guy. It's not like he was the only guy reaching for the foul ball...
  4. I have about 900 IP, but that includes Jered Weaver who is horrible and I am going to throw him out with a garbage team every 5th day.
  5. My horrible piece of crap team is in.
  6. I will take him, thanks. I will have my team in today.
  7. So, no one has a backup catcher they can trade me?
  8. I just need a backup catcher and I can enter my team. Anyone have an extra one they arent usng? I dont care how bad they are. I need about 150-200 PA's
  9. Trade: I give: Darren O'Day Super Nintendo Chalmers gives: Jarrett Parker
  10. 150-200
  11. I still need a backup catcher. I dont care how bad he might be.
  12. Trade: I give: Jon Jay, Vance Worley, AJ Ramos, Sammy Solis, Kevin Quackenbush Moops gives: Angel Pagan, Danny Espinosa, James Loney, David Wright
  13. Is anyone still looking to trade? I can't actually field a complete team yet. I need a backup catcher, some middle infield at bats and outfield at bats.
  14. Last I checked, regular season performance has a huge bearing on post-season performance. if you don't win enough in the regular season you don't get into the playoffs.