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  1. Arrieta will get back on track. That is two solid starts in a row. I hope it continues.
  2. I think this is a common misconception about the Lakers. Lakers fans spout off about how players come here for the Lakers culture and history. I think there was one common denominator about players coming to the Lakers when they were good: Jerry Wesr. They were drawn by his vision and Dr. Buss. Now that they are gone there really isn't anything luring free agents here.
  3. I don't about the giving up the soul thing. If you remember, he was in Mack's body for a small time there without taking his soul. At least they didn't indicate anything of the sort.
  4. Ok, let's see if we, as a group, can figure this out. First off, it's not that he is choosing not to speak. He physically cannot speak. It said that in the first paragraph. I wonder if he might have been hypnotized somehow? The post contains specific numbers about how long they were married and how long he hasn't been able to speak. Maybe not important, but why include them? You don't need to know these time periods unless they are relevant, maybe?
  5. I know it's never going to happen, but imagine the Clippers re-sign Chris Paul so he can get his max deal and the Celtucs sign Hayward. Then in December, when he can be traded, they move IT, the 2019 Brooklyn pick, another of their firsts and whatever salary (if possible to even match) to the Clips for Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan. No, I'm not Bill Simmons or Abe.
  6. Just acquired Zack Wheeler. Looking at his game log his numbers are a little deceiving. After a bad first two starts he has been really solid. Any idea of what his innings limit is going to be this year? I know he hasnt been healthy the last two years.
  7. I really liked it, and thought it was hilarious. In comparison the first movie, which I would rate as a 10, I would rate this one as an 8.5. The first movie had so much heart. All of the characters were flawed and it came through on the screen. In this one it seemed forced. The whole a Rocket as an #####, pushing people away wasn't that organic, as well as the dynamic between Gamora and Nebula and sisterhood. Just seemed wedged in do all the characters could have "emotional" moments. But Drax stole the show. His scenes with Mantis were some of the funniest stuff I have seen.
  8. I might be able to trade you some pitching fir some hitting! We will talk at the end of the season.
  9. I have seven starters and shockingly none of them have gotten hurt. :knocks on wood: I didn't realize how thin my hitting was until I looked at my roster on Fantrax. I am going to need to make trades or I am in trouble.
  10. I normally dont spend much time in these political threads and guys like Higgs are why. That guy is a d0uche.
  11. Read somewhere that he has become much more selective at the plate and that the analytics bear this out. He is swinging at fewer pitches out of the strike zone and his walk and K rates have improved. Last I checked, there wasnt a PED that gave you better plate discipline.
  12. Right now, the Blue Jays, Rangers, Giants and Cardinals have the four worst records in baseball. Hard to believe.,
  13. Crunch Berries are round...
  14. Nothing beats Cap'n Crunch. But you gotta let it sit in the milk a minute or risk damage to the roof of your mouth. Them sharp corners can hurt unless a little soggy!
  15. Doubled in both of his at-bats so far tonight. This guy is fun to own. He might score 150 runs.