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  1. I got half way through the third episode. It was just too depressing to watch any more. I enjoyed it, but it needs a little levity once in a while.
  2. Remember, Ghost was the runt of the litter. Was tiny compared to other baby wolves.
  3. Kylie + Love + Tristan plus other pieces is still a 45 win team. Especially in the East.
  4. Um, couldn't they just tell Kylie that Lebrun is leaving after this year, let's take one more run at the title. Then next year you are the focal point. How difficult is that?
  5. About 80% of this house would fall for it.
  6. I actually don't think they want Cody to come back in. He will target Paul, which I don't think production wants.
  7. Or they will see who can brush their teeth the most.
  8. I thought you didn't hate anyone?
  9. Gendry has it on the rowboat.
  10. I think he knew he wasn't making All-NBA. To do that you have to play at your highest level all the time. To do that you have to care. He wasn't ever going to care enough in Indy.
  11. This is what I'm talking about. If he takes $25 mil next year, he can get a 20% rayed the next year and make a goal of $55 mil. If he signs for $30 mil he can sign &37 the next year for a total of $66 mil. Thars an $11 mil difference. Not sure if it would affect any years after that.
  12. If a player takes less money when he signs a free agent contract, doesn't it have a ripple effect in future years? Like say George takes $25 mil next year. How would that affect his next few years? Because his raises are percentage based doesnt he automatically take a $5 mil loss the next year too? That $5 mil is gone the first year, and the second year it would be $5 mil less than he would have gotten if he had taken a bigger contract to start, right?
  13. The sane way we shouldn't introduce it to this thread!!!
  14. No, some people are dropping knowledge that isn't in the show. I think there is a different thread for that!!