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  1. Wow, that could be a (long) meme about some of our FBG colleagues. "I'm just asking questions JOE. Everyone wants to know the answers JOE. I'm just thinking what others are thinking Joseph" etc.
  2. I will. Problem is, I don’t always understand the lingo.
  3. Shop and ttd coming back to earth. They are on my list to nibble my way in.
  4. Experiencing some fomo right now with some cash on the sidelines. Is this train going to keep going and push through like nothing has happened. Just a small bump in the road.
  5. I wouldn't feel comfortable using a pill for the dog either. Water the yard post-wizz. Could be annoying though since male dogs seem to like to get each and every blade of grass.
  6. NVDIA revenue up 39% over last year (and in the midst of a pandemic). Down 1% after hours*. Yep! *to be fair, it's up pretty good YTD, but, still that seems like an amazing number that should have popped.
  7. In right at 27 for a bit. I'm hoping this turns out better for me than the DBX ipo. I think I still have some of that dog laying around.
  8. Its driven by the vaccine-du'jour.
  9. Nice call here. One of these days I'll follow one of y'all on these.
  10. The Todem-slogan is born. (for this basket of stocks anyway)
  11. Lol. So weird (to me). I just sold some of these yesterday. Now looking at rebuying. Is everyone doing the same thing what drives all this?
  12. Dang. Really expected it to pop a little. I mean, its always got tons of shoppers from what I see.
  13. That's my question as well. Seems like we'd have to see some spike in numbers and a radical governor (Michigan?) slaps the restrictions back on or something. Panic resumes.
  14. Feels like a day to take some profits. Markets be crazy.