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  1. "Hamilton has been the busiest athlete this Olympics." "Schuster was told he may not be able to compete in sports ever again." Wow... this curling culture really believes in itself.
  2. IMMR had a nice jump during earnings call today.
  3. It's no crypto....but.... that's pretty good!
  4. Hope you didn't!
  5. Why the long face?
  6. Nuke the site from orbit... it's the only way to be sure.
  7. Or... High cholesterol. "We have never such high readings for an Olympic athlete."
  8. Unreal to cheat at this "sport". I know there is technique but good grief.
  9. based on.... ? Disclaimer: You also said you have "insider info" on bitcoin in the other thread, so, lets hear it.
  10. Belt and, when possible, match the color of my shoes. I don't have any white sneakers, so, I don't have to worry about that. Black leather, brown leather and a black web belt (mostly for hiking).
  11. Ah. So, how many millions did he lose up to this point. The rest of the story.
  12. SLB, was this you! You did it! the-mysterious-trader-nicknamed-50-cent-made-200-million-last-week-as-the-market-blew-up '"The persistent buyer of VIX call options that we have been tracking finally made money – and how! As of the Feb 9th close, we calculate that '50 Cent' is up nearly $200 million ever since we started tracking their purchases in January of last year," Pravit Chintawongvanich writes.'
  13. Spills on top were ok. The overflow from a backed up drain got in along the side and therefore underneath. It's a floating install, so the sides are vulberable. Maybe some sort of sealant along the side wad needed?
  14. Any athletes kneeling for their anthem?