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  1. Can CYDY rally yet again or is this more like "CYalater"?
  2. My guy took about 35 mins. Pictures, questions, walk through. $800 out here in WA. I have no idea how this gauges value other than making sure we aren't hoarding, letting things rot, etc. Expense line item on the closing costs.
  3. Ya. You just get to fight the jagweeds at the luggage terminal. FBGs fly first class or premium cabin, there is always overhead bin space. I love being able to grab my checked bag and walk directly to the car/uber/etc. It's worth the trouble to me. Now, that said... on a big trip or like we did for the holidays, on the return flight we will sometimes need to buy a cheap bag for souvenirs and it gets checked. Wanted to be transparent there.
  4. I’m thinking the smartest folks aren’t adding to this thread. Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Errr...dang.
  5. Wife and I went to Ireland for 12 days and had carry-on only. We knew we would pay for the hotel to do laundry once. keys were: 1. Sucks to pay for laundry, but its a one time expense and the trip was long enough it made sense. 2. The underwear and shirts I take can be rinsed in the sink and dry overnight or are material that resist odor (duluth, merino, etc). Fewer pairs needed. 3. Socks are always merino and can realistically get 2 days without odor. Fewer pairs needed. 4. I screwed up on shoes the first time. Pack the running shoes and wear the chukka boots or whichever shoes are biggest. 5. Packing cubes and travel bottles for shampoos, soaps, etc really do help save space. 6. Roll clothes. You may need to iron a bit but for the most part things come out wearable if rolled correctly. 7. (Controversial) I went exclusively with travel style pants (prana). I’m still working on getting a pair of jeans into the mix consistently because they are bulky to pack. When we went to Sydney i managed to do it. 8. Wear jacket, midlayer and I even had a thin vest onto the plane. Those are useful for padding while u sleep or usually fit in the overhead and save space in your bag. I will edit if I think of more. But we each fit into our own osprey farpoint backpack (it has the main bag and a zipoff small pack). I am an over packer, but when I forced myself to try minimalist once, its kinda fun to take the challenge. Nerd alert: Before we left I took a pic of everything I was putting in my packs. When we got home I took a pic of all the crap I didn't use and that helps improve the next trip.
  6. Ya that whole “battle with the bird” thing really tore into your ranking a bit.
  7. It feels like things got personal in here.
  8. Had them as kids. Funny squeal. I cant recall if they are nocturnal like gerbils but I remember it make a lot of noise when it went running around the cage sometimes. They do smell unless the cage is cleaned daily. Good luck getting your kid to always do that.
  9. Lol. Love the avatar change Culdy. Perfect!