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  1. I just can't see wanting to retire to a place with that brutal of a winter climate. Explain further please? Also, aren't mosquitos a prob in Minnesota in general? (I hate it, but skeeters love me)
  2. Cathy "Budde" is cited in this story as a source? Is this a joke?
  3. #KennyRogers
  4. https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/noaa-interactive-map-hurricane-irma-florida-keys-damage
  5. Hard to restore power when the poles keep disappearing.
  6. Wow. This is a volatile market. I've not paid attention and of course missed out on the 4000% increase already but thought about starting to dabble. China is such a major player (mining, crypto "marketshare") that it can cause this flash crash or is ANY bad news enough to set this type of tumble?
  7. Reed Timmers twitter has some aftermath pics/stories from the Keys. This guy's story sounds terrifying:. https://twitter.com/ReedTimmerAccu/status/907305668213923841?s=09
  8. “I have friends that need help. I have supplies for them,” said Key Largo resident Tony Gibus. “We’re capable people in the Keys, we don’t need our hands held. ...We’re not tourists.” "No one should be able to keep you out of your home,” he said. That was a sentiment echoed by many waiting at the gas station. And many, like Gibus, said that after Irma, they wouldn’t evacuate again." http://www.miamiherald.com/news/weather/hurricane/article172537476.html A glimpse of why some people refuse to evacuate. It's a long article, but interesting read.
  9. https://www.local10.com/weather/hurricane-irma/looters-caught-by-local-10-cameras-arrested-by-fort-lauderdale-police Busted!
  10. Mobile homes should just be outlawed. Hopefully they all heeded evacuations.
  11. He's probably sleeping on some street with a headache... hmmmm