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  1. "But how, in the name of Zeus's BUTTHOLE!... did you get out of your cell?"
  2. This has to be a "fbgs are too rich to eat any fast food" thing. If not chick-fil-a and in-n-out....what are the good ones fbgs eat at? (Separate poll?)
  3. Pretty sure the stuff that bothers our parents will bother us when we get to that age. Doesn't matter how much we say "I'll never be like my parent". Natural part of aging. Good luck to us all.
  4. Can you splain this again? Are you saying ppl that own bitcoin that don't get a paper wallet (for example) will be "stuck" if this segwit2x happens?
  5. Georgetown Lucille.
  6. That. Was. Gross.
  7. The most hammered crowd of all time!
  8. I just can't see wanting to retire to a place with that brutal of a winter climate. Explain further please? Also, aren't mosquitos a prob in Minnesota in general? (I hate it, but skeeters love me)
  9. Cathy "Budde" is cited in this story as a source? Is this a joke?
  10. #KennyRogers
  11. https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/noaa-interactive-map-hurricane-irma-florida-keys-damage
  12. Hard to restore power when the poles keep disappearing.
  13. Wow. This is a volatile market. I've not paid attention and of course missed out on the 4000% increase already but thought about starting to dabble. China is such a major player (mining, crypto "marketshare") that it can cause this flash crash or is ANY bad news enough to set this type of tumble?