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  1. Since The Untouchables is my most rewatched film of his, that comes to my mind. “Enthusiasms” But, signature role has to be Taxi Driver.
  2. Never turn your back. Each time he started to is when it did that flailing thing. I won’t forget the clips in this “big cat rescue” video. All of them stalk the guy as soon as his back turns. Stooping down to pick up a rock also makes you smaller and triggers their response. Cute in house cats. Not so much when it can tear ya to pieces.
  3. Last person remember to shut off the lights on their way out.
  4. “Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee###t” -Clay Davis
  5. Im more concerned about a 70-yo that has never handled a gun than the doorbell. Don't install the doorbell if it freaks him out. Don’t load the shotgun until he goes to the range and gets some basic training. Just what we need: “Get off my lawn” :shuck-shuck: guy with no clue.
  6. “It’s the best shot. A wonderful shot. Tremendous results.”
  7. Good lord. I see you wasted no time getting back to your life-of-the-party self on this board! Sheesh!
  8. “On Sunday, Pinard said he visited a local bar but left after people there were participating in a "sneeze contest." “ Fun times.
  9. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!?!!
  10. Using it as a therapeutic is less risky tgan actually OWNING it as an investment.