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  1. same old story. there's a bye week approaching. rg3 will be back after the bye.
  2. He looks like the love child of Andy Roddick and Terry Bradshaw.
  3. so you're saying brady will turn it around and have a huge year?
  4. Not saying he's in Peart's world, but Tommy Lee is a great drummer. His image has just overshadowed his talent.
  5. Gronk has played in 2 full games and received for over 100 yds in 1. Then overlay the fact that didn't happen until Week 7, where you had to draft him, who else was available, what production you got from the position in the interim etc etc... Smallest sample size possible but the Gronk owner in my redraft league is 3-5, good for 10th of 12. Gronk missing games was a known risk when drafting him. You are complaining about him at this moment in time because of the stinker Brady just put up, period. Not because of where he was drafted, who else was available, etc. You wouldn't have made this same comment a week ago when Gronk was coming off a 100 yd game in his first week back.
  6. Gronk has played in 2 full games and received for over 100 yds in 1.
  7. think there's still any chance that he's a surprise inactive?
  8. You guys think there's any risk of him being inactive tomorrow? I'd have to drop a decent player to clear open a spot for insurance, is why I ask. Would prefer to risk it and not drop anybody.
  9. I did a couple of days ago. I shipped off Mathews/Stacy/Harvin for him. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me. that's the definition of selling high and buying low right there. well done.
  10. Any chance he turns it around after the bye? Contemplating trading this bust for Jake Locker (and I won't even be starting Locker but for a bye week).
  11. yup, jackson is what would give me pause to trade for foster as well.
  12. you might be right. on the flip side, the fact that he tweaked it at all, and had a bye coming up might have made the decision easy to shut him down for the game.
  13. I'd risk it with that trade. Stacy's value is officially at its peak. Bell looks promising and should be solid to good the rest of the way. That's your only clear loss. Harvin...who the hell knows? I have harvin, and am way less optimistic than most. I'd deal the uncertainty, personally. None of them have Foster's upside.