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  1. You'll look desperate, just hold.
  2. Thanks! I comment on lots of players. Keep me updated on your team though.
  3. So who's the front runner for MVP now? Hmm Carson, you're up.
  4. I just traded Morris and Bryant for AJ Green. Super stoked.
  5. The Bengals clearly need a new coaching staff. Then we'll see Mixon and his talent.
  6. Getting Lane back and hopefully the linebacker's and this winning will get contagious. Everyone will lift their game and we'll be there at the end. This team looks way better in the trenches (front 7 on D) than those past teams.
  7. The D looks like it came to play too.
  8. I use light manager and keep the sound off. Blue blink is text.
  9. It would be great if he cleaned himself up, played 7 good years and retired. Nice story if it happens.
  10. I'd have to know the mother before I make that determination.
  11. True story but they also don't have $20 million potential and every resource in the world available to them.
  12. Probably not his fault up until about 18-20. After that it's on him. At 22 and succeeding there was every resource in existence available to him. He just made bad choices and paid for them. If he doesn't see it by now he deserves all he gets.
  13. Looks like all he needs is a coach with a better masking agent. Or I guess to get off codeine, coke, Xanax, pot and whatever else. ???
  14. V will be fine plus he needs some work in case Peters (or Lane) gets hurt for an extended time. Having a QB that reads a D, scrambles and keeps looking down field should help a lot.
  15. That the Dallas run D is trash?