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  1. He's talented. With his head on straight he should get offers.
  2. Stop with mental health. He was on something.
  3. Generally selling over the phone and setting up the outside guys I would imagine.
  4. Gonna tackle this thing this weekend. Should be fun.
  5. $5 kitchen. 500k otherwise.
  6. Here's how old the problem is...
  7. I bought the Samsung from Lowe's. The piece that drains the water into the condensation tube is too small. This is a known problem and they sell a longer replacement. What happens in the French door model with the bottom drawer is the drain overflows and leaks under the bottom drawer. This freezes a sheet of ice a half inch thick and as big as the drawer ?. You either have to take the entire back wall panel of from the inside of the fridge (yes empty everything) and put this little part in or open the drawer daily and let the big chunks fall to the ground. Lowe's and Samsung are well aware of this but no one has went class action on them yet so you fix it. Great fridge other than that.
  8. No one is stopping this machine any time soon.
  9. Sure you do
  10. Cream cheese, cheese, bacon and a little heavy cream takes it up two notches.
  11. He's like glass. Great player but no way do I want any parts of him. I'd be floored if he makes it through camp unscathed.
  12. This should allow Hue to get himself fired at the end of the year. The new coach will have a whole new team to develop. Looking up for Cleveland next year. ?
  13. So when average WR's are very good it's just they're good but when average WR's remain average it's all them too? The play of the QB means nothing? McNabb upped no WR's game. Add in he was about a 57% passer and you have a very average QB. His best stat is his lack of int's. This was only because he held it forever, took off or got sacked. And I'm done with debating him. I'm gonna go enjoy my Superbowl offseason.
  14. He was inaccurate and was carried by the D. Weapons are so overrated. Great QB's make the weapons better. You see Brady, Rogers, Brees or even Keenum needing superstar weapons? McNabb had a great D, O-line and decent RB's and TE's. The WR's we're fine with all that. I wanted Champ Bailey in that draft but got over it. McNabb went south when the D got worse and played small in big games. It really had little to do with Cataldi or Ricky Williams. It was his game and his attitude.