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  1. Kitchens is awful. The sooner Callaway can get out of there the better. He's also stripped OBJ of his talent
  2. Cooks and Fuller are two guys I would run from as they're simply not reliable. Gallup by a lot for me.
  3. I've watched them both. I'll stick with it.
  4. He reminds me of TO. I'd start him with confidence no matter who the CB is.
  5. It's the O-line. Mixon is gonna be fine in a dynasty.
  6. I fully expect the Eagles to win this. We generally lose the ones we shouldn't. The Packers D is better than their O and I think they both get worse. Eagles 31 Packers 21
  7. You could micro manage every game but I'll just go with the end result.
  8. He's 2-0 and has scored 30 and 27 points against quality teams. I don't think anything has been figured out but defenses generally take a few weeks to get going anyway so I wouldn't be surprised if every team had a drop-off.
  9. He's going to trot out there next week.
  10. Yep currently have Breida playing. It's working out well. Have no other 49er RB.
  11. I just try to get the best handcuffs to anyone's 1. Their guy has just as much of a chance of getting hurt as mine. If my guy gets hurt I'm probably screwed a little anyway. If their guy gets hurt and I have the handcuff, I'm kinda loaded.