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  1. Great for used tires for the college kids. I put Michelin on everything and eBay has them about half price for 90% of tread.
  2. One on each wrist is a deal breaker no matter which one you choose.
  3. 25 miles 30 minutes. Most days 100-110 for a few miles. Haven't seen a cop in the morning (14 mile bypass at 55mph) in 5 years. 80 is the people determined normal limit.
  4. Phillips hue bulbs are 5 cents off. No really.
  5. Right but most from that tree have been successful. Reid, McCarthy, Gruden, Pederson and so on. So chances are Nagy is going to be better than most.
  6. I know from seeing your posts that you just like to argue. If every first ballot guy was made to wait until his second year because of some personality issue with a few writers, we would probably see quite a bit more of this.
  7. WCO tree. Same one as Pederson. No one expects Walsh but he's from that line.
  8. Been doing this since 1998 and never heard of him. ?
  9. Yeah, it's writers that are on the selection committee. Pencil pushers How do you know he isn't happy and thrives on the disagreements? And yeah, making him wait a year was clearly just an abuse of power and pedestrian. It's what caused his reaction.
  10. Seems like a decent guy every time I've met him (3). Seems ok on Twitter too. That he goes against authority isn't very rare. If I put 110% into my job and some pencil pushers decided I was not worth anything I would probably not be associated with them either. Live your life TO just like they do. Neither of these took the high road. One went low and the other went lower. Nobody wins and their continued hatred of TO will only make their life more miserable too I guess. TO was first ballot worthy and they made their pedestrian point and made him wait. He responded how he knows. They all got what they deserved. Don't think for a minute a lot of these Hof people won't carry this to their grave. TO will move along to the next disagreement and forget about this one.
  11. Two years with a Nest and it's been bulletproof. I just prefer Google and their and their unlimited budget for upgrading things. Ecobee is highly rated.
  12. Sure it can. They give me free stuff nearly every time there's an issue.
  13. If you're near a Wawa, stop in. People will hold the door for you from the gas pump. Some even stand there and hold it for multiple families like it's their job. Place is legendary for door holding.
  14. No way no how. The last thing you need is to feel responsible for stuff that happens as a result of seeds planted years ago. Not your monkey, not your circus.