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  1. It's not like anyone is risking much on him. If you have Julio, Smith-Shuster, TY and Woods and you pick him up it's not stupid at all. If he's on New England and something clicks he could do well. Who are you to give up on anyone? Sure it's about a 98% chance he fails. There's also that 2%.
  2. No. I live in suburbia. Like mosquito, they come out when the weather breaks. Every two lane road with no bike lane and no shoulder. It's ridiculous and they follow no rules.
  3. I can't believe people are bothered by this but overwhelmingly backed the government's fraud of sharing roads with bikes.
  4. Pretty sure Hunt was cut because he lied to them about his situation.
  5. We made 32k more and paid 18k more in taxes. Our $8500 refund the last 8~ years became $750. No work deductions absolutely crushed us. Ridiculous.
  6. One woman that I never got the hysteria. Nothing special on or off screen.
  7. You can take the train from Parksburg which is way out towards Lancaster and there's a bunch of stops all the way to Philly. Any will get you to the game.
  8. 10% if you're suck to average. 15% if you're average to above. Lots if you're great. Or whatever I feel like.
  9. Actually, the one in Lancaster PA is awesome. This wasn't it
  10. We went to a Texas Roadhouse. We got a seat and it started downhill from there. Nobody brought us rolls. Then we ordered a water with lemon and two iced teas. They brought us a Coke and two Sprite's. I said when you bring the right drinks bring some rolls. Here comes the steaks. We didn't get rolls or our salads. She said cut into them and see if they're right. They were backwards. Mine and my son's were medium and the wife's was medium rare. I said I really wanted the rolls and salads first. She said let me get new steaks and I'll bring salads and rolls. She brought salads with blue cheese dressing but we ordered ranch. She said let me get new salads. Here comes the new steaks. We got up and walked out. Went to Red Robin and it was great.
  11. Nowhere in Europe or Asia that I've been has anyone expected a tip. It's either not an option or reserved for outstanding service. It's totally ridiculous in America. Nobody expects a tip for doing their job. That people allow the restaurant industry to shift their cost to the customer is beyond ridiculous. Sure boss, I'll work for $2 an hour and make up the rest in tips. Try that at your job.
  12. Said the American. Ten used to be standard, then 15. Now 20 is normal. By the time I go, 50% will be normal. I give what they deserve.
  13. Then in 20 years kids will look at it and wonder how people got fired for smoking weed.
  14. Just spread 90 bags of mulch, put in 80' of edging, trenched in a new line for the lamppost and put in 200' of low voltage lights. Took 3 days. 🤷‍♂️