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  1. Open year round in my leagues now. Makes perfect sense.
  2. Lol a tool and a master arguer with no point ever arguing over how many people trade the #1 pick for the 6 and 10 pick. Ok so it happens all the time in your Yahoo leagues. ?
  3. 17 years in dynasty and I don't think anyone has ever traded pick 1 or 2 for multiple picks.
  4. I find tanking to be a non issue. Does pick 1 to pick 5 really make a great difference? So many years pick 6 is as good as pick 1. I think it all shakes out in the end.
  5. You gotta go with who got you there. Don't overthink it.
  6. No, I was simply making a prediction. It's still not over but you're claiming victory. Of my 5 leagues only one has Gronk and he's a two seed. Kelce is better in all of them by a little but that will probably change this week. ?
  7. Lol your man crush on him has no bounds.
  8. I'm guessing him out this week is killing a lot of teams hopes but hey think what you want.
  9. You're not in your championship game yet so relax. Also research some of sliders other FF talk and bow. ????
  10. I didn't draft him and also won the division and have a first round bye. Thanks for the update.
  11. Haven't seen an update in a long time.
  12. That was lame to run it there.
  13. Eagles by 17