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  1. Nobody got paid at that point. Everyone probably withdrew.
  2. I have two firsts and two seconds. One each is mine so that'll be late but others are early to mid. It better be great.
  3. I'm in PA and have done pretty well. We'll probably keep a place here and get a place in Panama or Costa Rica. Never see freezing temps again. Panama just because you can live close to the beach with solid hospitals and 85° pretty much guaranteed 350 days.
  4. Sanders is going to be a star in this O. I see little work for a Sproles type. They were trotting out some average guys when Sproles was real effective.
  5. Just for fun let's look at this 7 months from now.
  6. Ballage was irrelevant because he's not as good as Drake. I think Drake is 75/25.
  7. I run my teams by my gut. You obviously let someone else run yours. I don't give a rats behind what some ranking system says. If I like Kirk and want to move Kupp away he goes. I mean I sure wouldn't take the first offer but if that's all I get, he goes. I guess we'll see in 3 years but I doubt either win you a league or anything.
  8. His role took a drop when Shanahan left. I wouldn't plan on that two/three years ago production coming back any time soon.
  9. So if you want to move Kupp and you like Kirk you hold because you can't get more? I make the trade and hope I'm right on Kirk being undervalued. Wait... You think you can get a mid first and Kirk for Kupp? Are you related to Kupp?
  10. I'll be the minority that takes Kirk. Less comp for targets and equally talented.
  11. Take them off if they're dirty. Otherwise leave them on.