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  1. Here we go Stillers Here we go :towelwave:
  2. SOB...I had to be in class today from 9AM-2PM and my buddy was supposed to try to get me tix for both nights of Alpine. I text him an hour and a half ago and he said it just kept saying error. I try now and its sold out. I hope Live Nation gets raped by Patrick Ewing
  3. In all seriousness here, where aer you getting 6 packs of Jockey undershirts for $10?Kohl's with a 40% discount
  4. Need to watch the new episodes on my DVR still
  5. And face the ire of thousands of hippies who would think they are "selling out."They just hold a press conference and explain the money will be returned to the fans through cheap merchandise and a free 2-3 day festival at tour's end. Where would the fans rather have the money go?I agree with you to an extent, and perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea. I just think there would be backlash. Something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdmtbifsbr0I think my first phish concert was 12 or 15 bucks or something... insane. And the Deadheads still rip on Phans even when their band is charging twice as much for tix
  6. Say hi to Bill and Boomhauer for me.will do
  7. That shirt is terrible. If someone bought it for me, Id try to sell it to some hipster for $20 and then use that money to buy two 6 packs of undershirts. Jockey brand ironically.
  8. 3 hours in and tix still available for Pittsburgh and Deer creek...Making me feel good about my chances for Alpine tomorrow Live Nation is even worst than ticketmaster though, it ridiculous. Im sure not too many people are even trying at this point, and im getting error messages, redirect messages, page cant be displayed messages. Terrible
  9. I like Entourage myself, but guy...did you just compare Entourage and The Wire?!
  10. It's an exceptional ending in my opinion. Some think it wraps up things a little too neatly, but I thought it was note perfect.In fact, it's the most satisfying show ender I've ever seen. this is my firm belief but it wasn't a disaster by any means. when you set the bar that high, it's a hard standard to meet.Considering how most series finales end up, its hard to knock this one
  11. Got shut out because somehow my debit card didnt exist on the account I had used it on for the last 2+ years My buddy got Pittsburgh, Alpine, and St Louis though so I know I at least have a tix for the Burgh right now I dont think hes using those 2 STL tix though Pecorino, and right now Im trying to go to the Creek and Alpine, so maybe we could trade. Im talking to him more tomorrow
  12. If by weakness you mean 1 of the greatest parts of the entire show and idea in general, then yes, Hamsterdam was a weakness
  13. this thread is gold Jerry, gold!!
  14. I'd find it hard to rank above The Sopranos, but the series finale of The Wire is hands down better.The newspaper stuff in the final season of The Wire left me a little cold, and seemed a little "fillerish" in retrospect. For me... what it comes down to is The Wire never had a bad season. Heck...I have a hard time remembering a bad episode (in all seriousness). The Sopranos went out with not one, but TWO clunker seasons. They coughed up their chance to claim the title of "best show ever" when the dragged out the Meadow/Finn and Gay Vito storylines. So much useless screen time spent on absolutely nothing. Not to mention they never tied up the loose ends from the Pine Barrens episode. Very disappointing. Best episode of the show...Im pretty sure Buscemi directed it too