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  1. Watching this amazing collection of near fatal accidents reminds my how random life can be. Most of these people who barely escape are not to blame but some are. And I have done similar things like the guy at the 57 second mark. The guy at the end though must have froze in the headlights or was on his phone. Close Calls
  2. I played golf with a Wire cast member once before I watched the show. Cyrus Farmer, who played the partner of Michael's mom, who was later offed by Chris. He was a real nice guy and only revealed he was actor while walking up the 18th fairway. Earlier in the round, I thought I had recognized him from NYPD Blue, but wasn't sure. This was right before the writers strike and he had mentioned I might like the Wire. I kept waiting for him to show up while watching the series and he didn't disappoint. Couldn't hit the driver though.
  3. That would be great! Count me in. The great thing about Keerock's mix was it introduced some alternative versions of the classics, but I would appreciate a tradtional take on the music as well.
  4. 3rd person. Have you guys downloaded the latest trailer on the marketplace? The one with the song playing in the background? It was done all in-game, and it looks AMAZING. I seriously wonder why people are getting the PS3 for games when the 360 blows it away in every aspect.This thread is doomed if you don't delete that last part. Seriously.Here they come!:williamwallacevoice: "hold....Hold....HOLD...HOLD!...NOW!!!"
  5. I pre-ordered it for about $46 total thanks to the FFA. Is this a FPS or 3rd person/over the shoulder view?