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  1. When you wake up from bed and multiple parts of your body ache. You also notice creases in your skin that you never had. Grey hair down there. You get insulted by millenials who you consider rude.
  2. Tough call. There are a lot of variables: Does your spouse work (will she be able to find comparable work/salary in the new location)?; Age of kids (when they are very young it is easier to move than if the kids are established with their friends); Own or rent?; Do you live near other family members (siblings/parents) and are you a material part of their support group)?; Not to mention type of job and your ability to acclimate to new area/people.
  3. My friends are almost as funny - and a hell of a lot cheaper to spend time with.
  4. He is having a concert in New York City. My bro-in-law knows l like Chapelle's comedy so asked me if l wanted to go. I was interested until l heard the tix were like $250. per.
  5. No, it is nega nega nega. 😉 When my sister-in-law got married the minister said a few words from scripture and then said, "... and then it goes on yada yada yada". Jaw dropped on that one.
  6. I am leaving my current position for another job and my current employer asked me if I can recommend someone. My job is in banking and has to do with Project Finance ("PF") deals in the United States. I have a good friend who can do the work, but he has more of an Asset-backed Security ("ABS") background. They told me they were looking for someone with a strong PF history. My wife had interviewed someone at her job and was impressed with him. She forwarded me his resume and asked me to send it over to my current boss. I look at the resume and this guy is has almost sole ABS experience. So l told my wife that they are looking for PF. She keeps pushing and pushing but l said I won't forward as they already killed the ABS background with my friend. Her comeback on this is but this guy is Argentinian. I mean. WTF does his being Argentinian have to do with PF or anything related to this job? Even she had to laugh when l called her out on it.
  7. Funny. I was going to say almost the same exact thing. They didn't give him much screen time but RV did a very good job with what he had available to him.
  8. Thirty years ago. My ex-fiancee suggested l comb my hair back. Prior to that I had Greg Brady hair.
  9. Trainspotting was very disturbing to watch for me. I can't imagine watching it a second time.