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  1. I would imagine a move to 4-3 for Cleveland would put Ogbah at least on the watch lists at DE.
  2. It's certainly possible that Hodges, Brown, and Bradham all play 3 downs.
  3. With Jelani Jenkins out a few weeks, Neville Hewitt might be in line for the start at WLB. Jelani isn't exactly the picture of health in his career either.
  4. Most expected. One unexpected: Mathieu to CB
  5. Scooby falling to almost UDFA is criminal for his talent, but does allow me easier access to get him in most leagues.
  6. Aaron Lynch is an OLB, not a DT. If they ever move to a 4-3, he could move to a DE. But DT won't ever happen, and DE won't happen in 2016.
  7. I completely agree. For the first half of the season it was looking like Alexander was performing better IDP wise than David. David picked it up quite a bit with Alexander suspended but for the first half I was wondering if there was a changing of the guard at LB in TB. We also need to keep in mind, as IDP fantasy players, that IDP success doesn't always come out of strong on-the-field play. For example: Paul Worrilow.
  9. He has been a full participant all week.
  10. He's a better player than Wilhoite. Whether he gets that chance is still unknown, as in-season trades/learning the system aren't not common.
  11. 51% snaps week 1 67% snaps week 2
  12. traded to Colts
  13. Can likely put a Mack reclassification to rest: jmb4028 ‏@jmb4028 8m8 minutes ago @MyFantasyLeague will MFL be doing any final player position updates prior to the season? noticed that rotoworld has Mack as a DL now. ‏@MyFantasyLeague 5m5 minutes ago @jmb4028 Still a LB on their depth chart: … jmb4028 ‏@jmb4028 3m3 minutes ago @MyFantasyLeague Had assume that his player page ( …) matched chart. If they update it, will MFL still do another run? ‏@MyFantasyLeague 53s54 seconds ago @jmb4028 Everything is based off depth charts. Unlikely to see another run before season starts. 6:39 PM - 4 Sep 2015 · Details
  14. So basically they are calling Oakland a 3-4. Yah, rotoworld shouldn't let the official depth chart on the teams own website get in the way.
  15. What is a disc?