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  1. To late for LK... so AYX. Data analytics tool, best in breed. Probably not speculative enough to win but my highest-conviction holding going into 2020. S&P: 2850
  2. Average FBG return as of today, assuming equal weights in all picks and not counting the TST blooper, shows 18.67%. Not bad, but S&P hit 19.94% YTD today. Crowdsourcing the average, or another pitch for index funds and passive investing...
  3. ROKU was a bloodbath this week. Hope nobody was late to the party and chased that one.
  4. TTD - The Trade Desk - Data-driven digital advertising platform. 1952
  5. Bump. I'm guessing nobody's using this, but I've also been looking at it.
  6. Nope, just be honest. I went through something similar six weeks ago. Former employer (large public company) contacted me offering me a 25% raise to come back. Plus bonus, stock options, a very nice offer. Stable company, a job I could run for 10+ years. Different role than I had with them three years ago, different role than my current job (small company, recently delisted). I was completely open with my current management/company owner -- I prefer working here, but money makes the world go 'round. My current employer couldn't match, but they did their best. Salary within 5%, no bonus. They also offered some stock options (likely useless) and more vacation. Money's nice, more money is nicer, but there's more to life than that. Do you like the work you do today? The culture and the future of your current employer? Where do you have the most opportunity to do work you enjoy? To embrace the ephemeral work-life balance? It was an agonizing choice for me, I'm a greedy bastard at my core. I stayed with my current employer. The raise is nice, if less than offered with the new role, and the extra vacation is already being planned Good luck with your negotiation and decision.
  7. How does Vic react when he finds out he threw Ronnie under the bus to save Corinne, but Corrine had already thrown him under the bus and didn't need saving?
  8. I'm on board with this line of thinking. Just can't see him doing that to Ronnie w/out a plan in place.I think when Vic turned the deal down, his plan was to make the Feds sweat so they'd include Ronnie in the deal, not so he could get Ronnie out of town. But when Corrine got arrested, Vic had to choose between saving her or saving Ronnie. He chose Corrine. I think he'll try to tip off Ronnie without jeopardizing his deal, but if it comes down to it he'll hang Ronnie out to dry to save himself and Corrine.Good possibiltiy here. I can see Ronnie going off to get Shane one on one. And with Mara who is about to be strung out on pain killers...who knows what she will do.And Shane getting strung out on coke...
  9. Informal book club -- we're going through the classics: Just finished The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. Can't recommend this book enough. Great treatise on human loneliness and relationships. Just starting "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. Read something the other day suggesting conditions are similar today in the Chinese textiles and manufacturing industries. For fun on the side: Re-read Allen Steele's "Coyote" trilogy, including the Amazon short story available through electronic download. A new story is being serialized in the current run of Asimov's magazine so I went back through the already published stuff.
  10. Just finished The Runes of Earth, Donaldson. It's the first book in the last series on Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever. Read the others when they first came out years ago. Finished this one, looked online to see when the second in this set would come out, learned his schedule for publication is 2007/2010/2013. Yikes! Picked up Inside Out, Nick Mason's story of Pink Floyd. Early chapters have been good story on how they got started. Lots of detail and photos.
  11. Dewars, lots of it. Now I'm gonna lay down my NFL bets for Sunday. Chasing a couple losses today. Boo-yah!
  12. Three unsuccessful IVF cycles later we're looking at donor eggs. Wife's 39 so we've waited a bit long.