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  1. .5 ppr. Need one (1) flex - David Montgomery DK Metcalf James White FYI - Starting Carson & Lockett...will Seattle vs Baltimore be a shootout?
  2. Transfer Portal is the New World of College Football. I guess we have to get used to it. Hard to believe another University would take a chance on Stevens with lack of resume and injury history.
  3. 3rd year in a row, the Patriots do not have to go on the road the last 2 weeks. Nice schedule. Chiefs, Cowboys and Steelers at home as well. Thanks NFL.
  4. We went through this trying process with our daughter last year, who applied to many schools with a 1470 SAT (780 math) & 3.99 GPA. Got into Lehigh, BC, Rochester and others but very little merit money was offered. Ended up going to The University of Miami, studying BioMedical Engineering, where they gave her a Presidential Scholarship and is doing great in her first semester. I can tell you there are no absolute rules or reasons, no guidelines or books to lead you on this quick journey. Other acquaintances got into prestiges schools with less qualifications due to reasons that seem not to take the most qualified applicants. Merit money is tough to come. Good luck.
  5. Playoffs - .5 ppr QB - Wilson or Prescott? Need 3 out of 5 Chubb Michel Samuels Carson Adams Thank you! The Gunners
  6. .5 ppr need three of these RB's Chubb Sony Carson Adams thank you!
  7. I also like Breida as safest, but Moore could be big upside
  8. .5 ppr - need 1 RB and then 1 Flex Sony Carson Josh Adams Sutton Thank you!
  9. I am so tired of watching Brock. He is so bad.
  10. Great post. PSU fans should reflect to where the program was 5-6 years ago and even back to 2000-2004 when they won 26 games over five seasons. For those who want Franklin gone, who are you replacing him with? Let's see how it goes over the next few years with the highly ranked recruiting classes.