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  1. The 10 Year is at 1.27 right now. Fed Funds is at 1.58. Yeah, the Fed needs to signal they are cutting soon.
  2. I remember when you could get 4-5% on a lousy savings account. Supply and demand
  3. It isn't that large/medium banks are going to have capital or liquidity problems, but the yield curve and asset sensitivity in the industry will be a big drag on earnings.
  4. Realistically, the curve inverted last spring/summer so 2020 still looks good with or without coronavirus. 3M-10Y inverted again a couple weeks ago and is quite negative right now.
  5. The Fed could have done things to create a stronger economy today (it isn't a frail child), but they are the opposite of what you are proposing. It isn't solely a matter of opinion, the BOJ and ECB made similar missteps in their recovery (tightening too soon) and their economies remain weaker than the US today as a result.
  6. No. If the Fed had raised rates and reversed QE in 2012 instead of starting QE3 that year it would have caused a recession, markets would be lower, and rates would probably be lower today. The Fed can't just ignore what the bond market/economic indicators is telling it about the natural rate just because a lot of people are not comfortable with low rates.
  7. Thinking the Fed should have caused a recession 6 years ago in order to have more "ammo" to fight a recession today is a pretty bad take
  8. I think the Fed knew what it was doing and armchair economists in here were/are still off.
  9. Had the same realization the other day watching him still bomb forward.
  10. A new senior leader at the White House personnel office: A college senior
  11. These moderators are not very good at all
  12. Yep (although my quote comes from Bloomberg, can't find a public source with the same data)