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  1. That #10 taking lessons from Messi's weekend goal.
  2. He is a dark horse, but I have liked everything I seen from Buttigieg so far
  3. Pretty good lineup. Day 2 is with Greta Van Fleet, Portugal. The Man, and Black Keys should be a blast. Hopefully Robert Plant joins Greta Van Fleet on stage
  4. He is all that and a lot of things we can't say here. What an embarrassing and disgusting human.
  5. The Enigmatic Russian Paying Maria Butina's Legal Bills
  6. Well, players that take a knee are black and that makes a huge difference to his base.
  7. I think this is very dependent on the school. The big boys have a ridiculous amount of money to throw around. The university I went to doesn't even have a billion.
  8. I would like to see government funding for universities and colleges increase. Unfortunately, that is done at the state level and the support there has been decreasing for over a decade.
  9. This is what innocent people do. They are just trying to protect us from this witch hunt/conspiracy theory that was totally Hillary colluding with Russia