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  1. MPR News @MPRnews The Labor Department admitted that government household survey-takers mistakenly counted about 4.9 million temporarily laid-off people as employed. The government doesn't correct its survey results for fear of the appearance of political manipulation. Had the mistake been corrected, the unemployment rate would have risen to 16.1 percent in May. But the corrected April figure would have been more than than 19 percent, rather than 14.7 percent.
  2. This was terrible. Surprised it took so long to be posted here.
  3. The best arguement for experience is sitting in the West Wing (probably watching Fox News) right now.
  4. Watching "The Dealership". Seinfield goes on a rant against high-fives. Suddenly prescient.
  5. Think of how important this would be in our inner-city communities. How many people that could benefit from having police that are leaders and allies instead of adversaries.
  6. I posted several days ago something about how we have turned our police more into military, when we need them more like social workers. I think we could save money on police by: not arming them with weapons/vehicles that the military industrial complex wants to sell to make more money ending this riduclous war on drugs where we lock people up for nothing more than choosing what they want to put into their own body. Where police are given broad cover to escelate situations because of what they "smell" re-socialize prison systems to get rid of the profit incentives in creating a permanent criminal class I'm not sure if these are the same things the protestors are requesting. I am way too concerned about COVID-19 to go to these protests. It's a start though.
  7. We've never had a curfew or looting here in Charlotte either. Some smashed windows. A combination of leadership that listens and respects protestors, but cracks down on any danger to police quickly.
  8. Big win for the Blues. I thought he was certainly going to Liverpool.