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  1. I'd rather they advertise meeting than candidate than their spouse. I don't really care to see anyone's spouse.
  2. Heading out to Red Rocks tomorrow. Any recommend trails on the easier side? Fitness less a concern than trails which are hard to follow
  3. These campaign emails about going to see Hamilton with Chasten have been cringe-worthy.
  4. He is doing great. How does an offense with so many weapons not do better?
  5. Titans have more talent than Miami ever cohesively put around him, but he can only get you so far. Even in this game, the Chargers should have won it.
  6. Good discussion in here. I would be surprised if Edmonds doesn't see a start or two this year...DJ seems likely to breakdown.
  7. Flipping back and forth between Pettis and Tate myself. Pretty low O/U on the SF/WAS game.
  8. Buttigieg has a lot of cash on hand. Stay within striking distance.
  9. Unfortunately, I agree with this take. He is too young and too good to risk serious damage. Matt Moore is a capable, veteran backup.