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  1. I understand your point, but the kingdom Jesus is advancing has no place for a govt MANDATING people give money to the poor. No one has a choice in that situation and, by necessity people would only be giving money because they HAD to and not out of love for God.
  2. Jesus wants us to help others out of love for Him and NOT as something the govt dictates you's all a matter of the heart.
  3. In truth, neither party has a legit claim to be any better than the other as it regards to righteousness....both parties are man-made and thus, by necesicity, fall far short of the glory of God as outlined in The Bible.
  4. You seem to be avoiding my question of why do you think the mass media is anything but liberal.
  5. Let me ask you......when do the NBC, ABC, cbs, CNN, msnbc, etc. ever give you the impression they are anything but liberal? ..... Their bias has been around much longer than not a died in the wool supporter of Trump.....but the one thing he's exposed is the dishonesty of the media.....IMO, it's the biggest factor in how he got elected.
  6. As far as the whole border families and kids in cages go.....that was started under wasn't reported because the liberals own the mass media
  7. Walls may not be perfect......but they are better than surveillance and many drones are required to be a an effective deterrent......quite a few I'd imagine, though I'd be fine with a wall and drones.......regardless, the dem party aren't even trying to come up with alternatives precisely because they do want open borders which is what bladerunner was pointing out
  8. Really.....what other technology is more consistently effective in the long run and more more efficient cost wise than a wall......your D leaders haven't come up with any meaningful alternatives for a reason
  9. My impression of that scene is that Leia projected han's image as a memory to Ben and not from han himself. Just my interpretation.
  10. I am in agreement into what you wrote.....but am curious as to why trump was a Democrat before Republican. I agree he was just haven't heard the why.
  11. Tomlin said it was a called play after the game but.......was supposedly audibled out of by the punt team.....unfortunatly berry was the only person that missed the communication.
  12. Steelers best.....tie between Bradshaw and big Ben. I think Ben is the better QB but Bradshaw was the better big game QB, as evidenced by 4 Superbowls. Worst.......mark Malone and kordell Stewart give headaches thinking of them ......goota go with Stewart as the steelers wasted some good teams with Stewart
  13. Conley missed all of last this is basically his rookie season. I wouldn't mind taking a chance on him for a 5th rd pick....4th at most