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  1. Steelers best.....tie between Bradshaw and big Ben. I think Ben is the better QB but Bradshaw was the better big game QB, as evidenced by 4 Superbowls. Worst.......mark Malone and kordell Stewart give headaches thinking of them ......goota go with Stewart as the steelers wasted some good teams with Stewart
  2. Conley missed all of last this is basically his rookie season. I wouldn't mind taking a chance on him for a 5th rd pick....4th at most
  3. Thanks for sharing netnalp. You mentioned in an earlier post that the Bennett's were disappointed that they didn't get to see Drew stand trial. Have you or any of your family members had any correspondence with the Bennett family?
  4. The safety was playing deep and had a great angle. CJ wasn't caught from behind.