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  1. I guess I have the wrong QB. Brees looks washed up and Hebert is looking like a stud!
  2. Yeah so the 1ST time I put him in my starting lineup and ........16 yards.....
  3. It worked! My reverse psychology trick. Never doubted him!
  4. I’m so done with DJ Moore. 11 throws by Bridgewater so far today and 1 to him. He’s always ranked so high every week and he does close to nothing never mind getting into the end zone.
  5. Is Highbee in playing?? Last week a stud, this week 0 catches and 0 targets.
  7. Adams the ONLY guy you have to cover! 11 targets, 9 catches. Should be pressed at the line of scrimmage and help over the top EVERY play.
  8. Up 9 points. I have have Jones and my opponent has Adams. Not feeling good about it!
  9. Well one, Rivers is awful this year. In that last series in the red zone he didn’t even look once at Henry his biggest target. Don’t get it.
  10. Going against Kelce. Caught 6 passes on that drive. Can you not double him?! Best weapon on the team. Also if the Bears did not run into the kicker that wouldn’t have happened! The ups and downs of fantasy football.....
  11. Just read that Moore in concussion protocol. Probably done for the day. Ok 2nd place isn’t so bad is it??
  12. Is that why stud wr D. Moore has 1 catch for 1 yard!!??? WTF!?