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  1. I wish he would get a catch instead of a hold. Not many today.....
  2. Is Cooper getting any looks?? Good coverage?
  3. Is Njoku still playing? Fells getting the TE looks since the 1st quarter.
  4. He scored early but all the other Wr’s are racking up the td’s and yardage now. Damn!
  5. Anybody at the game? Pre game done?
  6. Have we got definitive word yet that he IS playing yet???
  7. €}£#*,’&@! Henry gets to the 2 and ... and.... a pass for the TD.
  8. The Skins killing the clock in their long drives. Can't get points sitting on the bench. Need a long run here.
  9. Great start but they have only had 3 possessions in the half! And now Lewis is getting the touches in the 2 minute offense.
  10. Henry unbelievable week last week does he do it again (doubtful) but even half or a quarter of that would be great. Vs Giants in NY. Do they get behind and it’s all Lewis?? Martin, great rushing matchup vs Cincy. Been productive the last couple of weeks. Hmmm...
  11. The big question is what will he do this week?? Predictions????
  12. Yikes! Bad half. 11 yards rushing. I know the Bears D was good but come on Rams. I need Gurley and Trubisky to get 15 points in the 2nd half!