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  1. Love Barkley and looks like he’s coming back this week but Chubb is now like a Barkley 1B. Ty good addition to my Wr’s. This is a one “Franchise” player keeper league. Whacha think??
  2. Is he good to go this week?? All systems go?! Not hearing much. The last 2 weeks there was a lot of news on him. Not so much this week, in the week in which he may be playing again...... Hmmm.... I’m starting to worry........
  3. Is Brandon Cooks out there? Although he’s been invisible most of the season so he may be tough to see.
  4. Great. Finally his 1st target of the game too. Looks like a 0 for the day. I hate fantasy football.
  5. Wtf!?! I have Drake as my flex. Was this information out there!! I got nothing on it! Caught by surprise.
  6. Not sure but the last 2 weeks have been rough.
  7. Julio Jones just 3 receptions?? Is he hurt??
  8. As a Barkley owner this is another kick in the nuts. This is what sucks the most in fantasy football when you have a guy go down in the 1st series there is nothing you can do about it. Got a point. Too bad there in nothing in place to address this type of thing.
  9. What happens when Kareem Hunt comes back? Does anything change or all Chubb still?
  10. Aaron Jones out the last few plays. Hope he didn’t get hurt.
  11. I have Barkley and in 1st place of a redraft. And I have an offer right now of : Me: Green Bay Packers Wayne Gallman Saquon Barkley for O.J. Howard TE TAM Nick Chubb RB CLE Mecole Hardman WR KAN I am leaning towards doing it.
  12. Reports are an ankle injury for Saquon. Phew! I think.....
  13. Hunter Henry??? 1 target and 0 catches in the 1st half. Anyone watching the game? Is he playing? Tought he was going to be a top 10 TE and go to receiver this year.