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  1. was seriously considering collins over either hunt or gordan. stuck with them both. cashed in with 77+ points..
  2. appreciate your response.. ppr with yardage bonus at 100+ rushing and 300+ passing need 2 here: hunt, gordan, or collins and: goff or a. smith
  3. My parents are psl holders, and they just recently got a thing in the mail for them to buy playoff tickets. If the Panthers make the playoffs, but don't have any home game playoffs, the money they spent for playoff tickets just goes towards the cost of their season tickets for next season. If you don't get tickets via PSL or an online ticket venue, you more than likely can find some for sell outside the stadium or on craigslist. It feels weird even mentioning the word playoffs associated with the cats. It seems so long since they have been in the hunt. I bought psl's off seat and suites about 7 years ago. Not sure if still around, but transaction went smoothly. As to the playoff tickets bill, you can opt for pay for play option. You do have to submit your billing card and they will process if/when they secure a home game. You do not have to pay for tickets ahead of time. The last thing I would want to do is submit an advance on playoff tickets that may not materialize and let the panthers draw interest on their account for the next 6 months on my '14 deposit. Also, what's up with the 2x and 3x regular season upcharge on playoff tickets, yet preseason costs the same as regular season?
  4. I don't know if has been directly mentioned, but a main concern would be purchasing power in the pizza business. A small franchise or independent does not have the same purchase price from a distributor as the bigger pizza joints. When I owner operated several schlotzsky's deli's in charlotte a few years back--yes schlotzsky's made 8" personal pies--our cheese and pepperoni cost were fairly reasonable, but compared to the domino's, we paid a premium. an example, a schlotzky's 8" cost 1.49 to make and sold for ~4.29, that was with 500+store buying power. Another 1200+ company I franchised repped for sold grab and go 5" pizzas in convnencience stores for 2.99 that cost .90 to make. everyone enjoys a very good pizza and are willing to pay $12 on up from time to time, but i believe the truth that pizza is a quick kid fix at the end of a very busy day.