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  1. PDD is the one that had been going nuts
  2. *ADBE, too, but I'd love a better entry point.
  3. I'm in at much lower levels, but I don't even know if it's the "doc" I like best out of all of this. Think DOCU* sees additional wins from more remote work, and I was already a fan before this. Anytime a noun becomes a verb...
  4. Maybe they needed warrants exercised to raise funds.
  5. Fortunately I'm surrounded by old people
  6. The first thing I started doing when I got a decent wine fridge. Anytime you're in town, gb.
  7. I capitulated in my underpants
  8. If I don't find a job soon, I'm going to be one of those people on the news whose neighbors say, "I never would have guessed it. He was always so quiet."
  9. They were better when they were Paradise Bakery