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  1. Tdoss (imo): siff cares about trends and momentum. Don't be surprised if the market corrects soon, as it's overvalued by enough that you could see a significant short-term event that reduces the value of your stocks (painfully). Even if that happens (and siff thinks it's likely enough), that doesn't mean we go into long-term market sell off mode. It will take months of downward pressure to turn the upward market (bull) trend into a downward trending market (bear). This has been Bob Sacamano with a dubmLABS exclusive report.
  2. Chet hasn't sold any shares. In fact, he's buying more tomorrow
  3. Is that what the hedge is for? I'm long $WINE for that.
  4. This part wasn't directed at sand. Just an additional, misplaced question that came to mind as I was reading.
  5. There are a significant number of people here who love reading your thoughts and greatly appreciate the time you take to post them. I started to say don't worry so much about what ipeople think, but that would pretty much render the purpose of my first sentence useless.
  6. Would love to hear whatever conclusion you draw here. Is 15% enough of a hedge for comfort?
  7. It's not the worst result, but I already have more aapl than I'd like.
  8. Because of the KFC worker with coronavirus?
  9. For those of you using Fidelity, be careful if you ever change the way your dividends are invested. I attempted to change one position to reinvest in the security, and I apparently changed them all on accident. So, more AAPL for me today. Yay!
  10. Ah, the flooding. Yes, I recall that. Didn't realize the buyout program part, I think. Nice place.
  11. Yeah, accidentally letting an, "I'm shuked" fly doesn't turn out much differently.