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  1. Don't be so negative. Maybe he's coming to the realization of what he's done to our government.
  2. I'll be voting for a Democrat I probably don't support much in 2020 because the Republicans have a crappy candidate.
  3. People keep covering your face before they'll talk to you in person?
  4. A quick trip to Mexico and you could have gotten Orkley Tencups for 1/50th the price.
  5. Ftr: we spend a decent amount of time in CA. We always thought we'd retire there... somewhere. It just seems pretty infeasible anymore between real estate costs and state taxes.
  6. 2 people. 2 checked "bags" each. Packed in carry ons. Flew at night, so less concern about the heat. Wa-la!
  7. I don't think DIS hurts them too much on its own. People are willing to pay for multiple services if they're good. The trend of others following suit and migrating content back to their sources for use on their own platforms is potentially much more problematic for them imo.
  8. Value reds... Those of you in CA: Rancho Sisquoc sold all its 2018 River Red blend to Trader Joe's, who is selling it only in their CA stores. RS used to sell it around $20 at the winery. You could occasionally find it online around $16 iirc. TJ is selling it for $10. It's a red table wine. It's not going to blow your mind, but it's a pretty damn good wine at $10 imo.
  9. A little from column A A little from column B. No sense in discriminating.