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  1. OSU defense needs a lot of work if they expect to be in the playoffs.
  2. In an OSU Homer, but I have to admit the Whiteout thing is very impressive. Hard for the visitors to play in that environment. I love seeing that.
  3. I haven't counted the states that I've been to versus those I haven't but it's probably a good ratio. When I was a kid my dad had a camper on the back of his pickup truck and we drove cross country every year. One summer we would drive from Ohio to Nebraska to visit his parents. The next summer we would drive to California to visit my mom's family. Sometimes we would go east just to see what was out there. I've been to Mount Rushmore, the Corn Palace, the Big Texan, Grand Canyon, Wall Drug, Plymouth Rock, Death Valley, Independence Hall, and many more. All in the back of a camper perched on a Ford F150. Thanks, dad, those are good memories.
  4. First time I've posted in a long time, and there's a reason for that. I got laid off from my job at JPMorgan Chase after working there for 25 years. I've been out of work for months. I sank into a depression unlike any I've ever known in my life. This entire year has sucked, plain and simple. I'm working again, things seem to be OK for now. But I realize that those of you who have been following this thread may want to know how things are. Not bad, all things considered. After her suicide attempt things have really improved. We've gotten more counseling from Buckeye Ranch, a non-profit here in Columbus. We have a counselor come to our house 5 hours a week to talk with Padme and with the rest of the family. It has made a big difference. We also have Padme on Zoloft now. The medication has made a huge difference. Things still aren't great. My wife just caught Padme smoking pot in her bedroom 2 nights ago. So now she's grounded again. But honestly? I've smoked more pot than most people, so I can't get too upset about that. Yes, I yelled at her, I told her it's not allowed in my house. She's in trouble, grounded again. My biggest problem is that she thought she could smoke pot IN MY HOUSE and no one would notice. She's really not smart when it comes to being sneaky. ***** Her mom has now been sober from heroin for SIX WHOLE WEEKS! Good job, mom! </sarcasm> That has caused a lot of tension because both Padme and her mom think that they should be able to spend more and more time together. We don't prevent them from seeing each other, but overnight visits are NOT OK. The last time her mom was off heroin for 11 months, then she OD'ed in the bathroom and Padme had to call 911. So, forgive me if I'm not hopeful for her long term success. Her mom actually said something about arranging joint custody but not doing it through the court. Just informal ya know? Yeah, not gonna happen. No judge in the country would restore your parental rights, which you gave up in return for no jail time. 10 years ago. Padme is on the school's volleyball team. She really enjoys it and she's pretty much the best player on her team. That's not saying much, though, because the entire team is pretty bad. No strategy, no teamwork, just "hit the ball back over the net!" Honestly though, I don't care. She's playing a team sport which is more than my boys can say. So, that's my update. I apologize for taking so long, but honestly my life has sucked and I'm surprised I didn't commit suicide this year. Updating the FFA was not a priority. I hope things are better now. Thank you to everyone who has offered their support.
  5. Man, I hope so. I was not impressed tonight. Run defense is pitiful, been shredded the last two games. There's lots of room for improvement. But, you can't argue with 3-0 with a win against a top 15 team. Good start to the year.
  6. Yeah, that wasn't targeting and I'm a Buckeye Homer through and through. I'm glad it got reversed.
  7. What's wrong with "Attractive and successful African-American?" fellow Farkers
  8. Don't be surprised to see that as a main plot point in a Boba Fett movie.
  9. I saw it a couple days ago and really enjoyed it. I had no problems with the actor playing Han - he was parsecs better than Hayden Christensen as Anakin. It was a fun movie to watch. I don't think it added anything to the Star Wars mythos, but it also didn't detract anything. All in all, it was a fun movie that fans shouldn't find too many faults with and non-fans could watch and enjoy as a good action movie.
  10. @Wingnut, I apologize for missing the cutoff and forcing you into a job you were not prepared for, and never asked for. I was supposed to be the Black Sheep but real life got in the way and I didn't see this thread until it was much too late. @hagmania, to you I also apologize. I told you I would be the Black Sheep and I let you down. I'm sorry. To all the players: I'm sorry that I agreed to be the Black Sheep and then didn't follow through. I let you all down. I'm sorry. I just hope I won't be blackballed from further Friday game threads, as I thoroughly enjoy them. Yesterday just didn't work out for me and my family. I apologize to you all. Instead of playing the game, I took my family to see the Star Wars:Solo movie. That took about 3 hours that I should have been spending with my FFA brethren. BTW: my Black Sheep answers were totally different than Wingnut's, so the outcome would probably have been completely different. Love you all!
  11. Sorry I didn't make it on time, we just got back from seeing Solo.
  12. Yes," Intensive Family-Based Services" is what they're signing us up for. Basically, a therapist will come to our house to talk not only with Padme, but with the rest of the family as well. 3-5 hours of counseling a week, as opposed to the 1 hour she's getting now. It sounds great and I think she's in desperate need of it. Problem is, there's a 6-9 week waiting list. Until they can hook us up, we will continue seeing the counselor we've been going to.
  13. Padme is fundamentally against taking meds because her mom and dad both are drug addicts. She hears "drug" and is immediately turned off of it. It's difficult to even get her to take Sudafed if she's stuffy, or Tylenol if she has a fever. When we met with the pediatrician, the doc was fantastic about talking to her and getting her to agree to take Prozac. Three days later, she was in the hospital and the hospital psychiatrist decided Prozac wasn't right for her. I don't know how Padme will react if another doc recommends medication.
  14. Honestly no, I've never mentioned it to my doc. It started while I was still taking Effexor and I researched it. In the documentation it's listed as a possible side effect, and that it may become permanent even after you've gone off the medication. I figure it's just something I'll have to live with. It usually happens while I'm trying to fall asleep, so it's not a big hindrance to my quality of life just really freaking annoying when it happens.