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  1. We chose to go with an all inclusive resort. We went to Valentin Imperial Maya in Playa Del Carmen. It was about a 30 minute ride from the airport in Cancun. We had a wonderful time. The price was right as well. There are several other nice resorts in the area. This one was adults only and seemed to fit our needs. I would definately not hesitate to return.
  2. It's been several years back when we funded part of his entry. $500.00 from my camp.
  3. I have a son who is a senior in HS and is ADHD. He has been on meds since 1st grade. Tried several different meds over the years but Adderall worked best for him. He has seen his regular Md and Phsychiatrist. One thing that they disagree with each other on is if he can eventually stop taking the meds. MD says yes and Phsychiatrist says no. I do know for right now the answer is no. If he don't take his meds in the morning he is a little hyper and can control that part since he has matured. But the ADD part is uncontrollable. He can't focus on even small tasks.
  4. Is this game working correctly for PS3 now. I need to pick a copy up for my oldest son for Christmas. He has PS3 in his room and younger son has the Xbox. Don't want to get it for Xbox as older son will take over both consoles.
  5. Was there in June with my wife for 7 days. No issues at all.
  6. Looking to be very lazy and relax. A drink at a swim up pool bar is much more what i am looking for over an adventure. All inclusives look interesting. But if the are is reasonable its not necessary.
  7. Looking to get away for my aniversary in June and wanna do something in the Caribbean. Not a cruise as we usually take one a year as a family.
  8. pity bump for day crowd Sounds as if you trip is already planned so too late to stay on site and use your room key as a fast pass so I would suggest you purchase one if you can swing the money. Nothing like going right by the 1.5 hour line and getting on the ride right away. You would be amazed at how quick you can go through the whole park. The last time we were their in March we did each park in under 4 hours. This left the rest of the day to go back to favorites and soak in the environment. Much better than standing in line all day.
  9. Anyone ever put a bestop bikini top on. I bought a 02' for my son and the guy had a bikini that he got with it. He had never installed it. I gave it a go yesterday but for the life of me I could not figure how to get the thing to attatch to the front rail. I looked at some instructions on the innerwebs but still could not get it to work.
  10. You're gonna have to be way more specific than this, as I play too many tourneys per day to know what you're talking about. Tournament #87632828, $1000+$50 Hold'em No Limit From Last night. Board was KK?88. You called his all in with A high.
  11. Intereested in your thought process calling the all in bet last night that you went out in the big tournament on.
  12. Did you go to the Wynn after your online cash in last night?
  13. When you call your current mortgage holder to refi how much would it be score driven. Would Debt to income and usage % on credit cards be a factor of approval? Would it be as stringent as when you originally got your loan?