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  1. You're lucky. I've had a 10/2-10/13 date and it hasn't changed. Did you go through apple or your carrier? Went through Apple....
  2. Looks like next wave of 6+ shipments may be coming soon. Had an October 13-20th estimated delivery but now in a preparing for shipment status. Many others in this range also seeing progress.
  3. Anybody get the 6+ yet? Curious to hear thoughts on it from hands on experience.
  4. Best game of the year to roll him out there Maybe @ flex. Depends on the vibes I get about Roddy for Thurs night. If there is a week to give Ridley a shot, this is it. Couldn't ask for a better matchup - Raiders gave up 170 yards rushing to CJ/Ivory and 178 yards to Foster/Blue. RB's haven't been doing much in the passing game (7 total RB catches) against them either, which bodes well for Ridley. We all know that when it comes to Ridley, this means that he will end up with 6/29/0, right? I guess that I will go with him, but I am prepared for disappointment. Exactly, this has the makings of a classic let down. Easy matchup, very good pefromance week before, home game etc. Now watch Ridley fumble early, or Bolden get the touches or vereen get used exclusively again. It's so tough to start him and feel good about it. I own him in a few leagues and starting him in every one but I have very low expectations.
  5. Ordered 6+ for myself and 6 for the wife. The expected delivery on the 6 is 9/19 but the 6+ is October 13-20th!! Anybody else order the 6+ and have a mid October estimated delivery?
  6. Mainly, ST max includes redzone while ST alone doe not.
  7. What's wrong with his size? Since when is 5'10 and 224 lbs a negative to carry a big load? His measured size is fine but he plays much much smaller.
  8. I'm in the avoid Lamar Miller camp as well. Because of his size and lack of power, he will never be a bell cow back. He's the worst type of RB to own in fantasy because he's in RBBC, doesnt score, or catch many passes. You can only expect points from his rushing yardage which will kill you because he's not going to get more than 15 carries a game. Get used to a bunch of 12-60 or 14-70 type games with nothing else. If I'm drafting a RB in a committee situation, then he needs to provide at least one of these skills/roles 1) Goal line back 2) Catch alot of passes. If your RBBC doesnt do any of those well, its a fantasy nightmare.
  9. S1 E9 - Ned's execution S2 E9 - Battle at the Blackwater S3 E9 - The Red Wedding S4 E9 - I can't see them topping what we've seen so far this season, but I expect another great episode. I thought I read somewhere where one of the writers said that the finale is the equivalent of episode 9 in past seasons. So i expect a really good episode but I think the finale will be the big one.
  10. I dont think so but there are so few options that you can narrow it down to 5 likely candidates: any combination of Jamie, Bronn, Meryn Trant (annoying kings guard guy who testified at the trial) plus the assumed pairing of the Mountain and Oberyn as someone mentioned earlier. Jamie's involvement is better for the story and would make sense given the in-season build up with his training with Bronn. I would probably eliminate Bronn since he's already fought for Tyrion and would give it a been there done that feel. Meryn Trant is a darkhorse since he clearly hates Tyrion and is a member of the Kings Guard so he definitely has the credentials. Picking him would likely lessen the drama since hes a character that hasnt had much air time and would likely lose. Oberyn and the Mountain confrontation has been looming so that would be a way to tie that in neatly. Would Tywin nominate the Mountain knowing that Oberyn is an accomplished fighter with extreme vengeance on his mind and would likely fight for Tyrion? Unless the Mountain is considered truly unbeatable and doesnt really matter who you put up there.
  11. This is the one of the few dumb parts of the show, they love teasing the white wakers then don't show them again for 5 episodes. At the end of one of the seasons they showed the massive group of white walkers within site of the wall. That was a long time ago. They either are walking around in circles, are camping, or are piled up at the base of the wall marching in place like the marching band at the end of Animal House. I'm probably in the minority, but I really like how the white walkers are sort of a looming threat and havent been brought to the forefront. I prefer the politics and jockeying of position related to the throne. I think the walkers will attack at the end of the series since they are hyping them up so much, there is no way the nights watch and/Stannis army can do it alone. After all the bickering over the throne and that story plays out, it will be how the white walkers will be dealt with. I feel like it will end with the country uniting to fight the much bigger war and that will be how the series ends. Thats the end game, the war between the walkers and westeros. Dany and her dragons will probably play a big part in that. So i think thats why we get little snippets of them throughout the series so we dont forget about them. They will play their role, I just think it will be during the last season.
  12. You forgot the hound and arya which I would put at #2 or #3. I cant stand Stannis and that whole storyline so he's dead last but overall, you got it just about right.