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  1. I have Josh Allen and Diggs on my money league and I don't think they'll play. If you wait and hope they'll play what happens if a player or two test positive Tuesday morning? You'll be screwed. I can't afford to gamble so I'll put in lesser players to get some points.
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    RB Help

    Mixon might not play.
  3. 10 team non ppr league. My RBs are; Zeke/Kamara/M Gordon/ Mostert(also have Pollard and l Murray in case my top 2 go down) My WRs are: Golladay/Diggs/R Woods/Shephard/ and Preston Williams. I have been offered Amari Cooper for M Gordon. Should I take it or leave it? Thanks
  4. Full Point PPR League I lost Gordon and Conner's. Please pick 2: Justin Jackson vs CIN Jalen Richard vs PIT Theo Riddick @ ARI Tevin Coleman @ GB Thanks!
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    Is this an 8 team league?
  6. Looks like I won't have Mixon on any of my teams this year because I would not take him in the first 4 rounds. He really didn't show much last year, Bernard looked better and so far this year he hasn't done anything preseason except for that trick WR pass play which they should have saved for the regular season. Teams will be looking for him to go out wide now. Actually if he didn't wear the number on his jersey he looks like a JAG.
  7. An. brown being brought to the hospital.
  8. Doesn't matter who the players werethat are involved in this trade it never should have been put thru prior to league review. You can't make up new rules in the 9th inning!