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  1. I mean you kind of were, but also against the other 12 out of 14 face coverings that the article claims reduce transmission. vindication! so great. sorry, but we still do not believe you are the smartest guy in the room.
  2. lol at claiming vindication over this as if you were crusading against neck gaiters. that's awesome.
  3. Puffing your chest out because you won't allow a soft piece of cloth to touch your face for half an hour. lol.
  4. good on the LA gov't and Orgeron for that. seems silly and S-E-C, S-E-C at face value, but i'm sure there is no small number of folks that don't want the government to tell them what to do, don't want the press to tell them what to do, but they'll listen if coach O's talking.
  5. we can start with claiming he has possibly spent thousands of hours reading about this (over the past month?) when we have yet to hit 2000 hours in the year 2020. i know who he is, was going to give it a chance, but didn't read any farther. I'd get my number crunching elsewhere.
  6. reminds me of when i was dating a girl from memphis in college. we were watching jeopardy and final jeopardy was something like "this city's airport is the largest volume cargo airport in the world, handling X million lbs (or parcels) per day" gf: "memphis!" ignorant 19 yo me: "ooh...i'm from memphis, so i'll guess my hometown" alex: "memphis, tennessee"
  7. I have moved my colloidal silver out of my safe deposit box into my home safe as it looks too early to tell. Unless I’m misinterpreting those posted numbers it looks like ~5700 outcomes are undetermined and of the ~240 outcomes that are determined over half are dead. But the recovered cases are gaining on dead which seems good. Setting aside any lack of faith in the reported numbers themselves, am I reading that right? 240 “completed cases” seems low.
  8. yeah, I know. we're agreeing...if you expect your insurance company to do something it typically starts with a claim. There is no scenario (as far as I know) where Nipsey's insurance company would demand that the other guy's insurance fix Nipsey's car. Nipsey's insurance would fix the car and demand reimbursement. That would start with a collision claim which he isn't covered for.
  9. I'm not an insurance guy, but deal with insurance claims periodically. An insurance guy could say for sure but it makes sense to me that it matters that he doesn't have collision insurance. He's filing a claim with his company that isn't part of his policy. Nipsey got hit. Nipsey needs to file a claim. if Nipsey has third party's insurance info he can file the claim directly with third party's insurance or file the claim with his insurance company who will work the claim and file a subrogation claim with the third party's insurance. Nipsey's insurance isn't typically going to play middle man to get the third party insurance to work the claim start to finish on his behalf. If that's how you want it done, you file the claim on the third party's insurance and they direct everything. Nipsey's insurance will work the claim, cut the checks, and seek reimbursement - but not if his policy (collision) doesn't cover it. If this isn't a collision claim what kind of claim would it be?
  10. this is hilarious. CNBC: "picture of the outlook preview pane with a penny next to the monitor or gtfo."
  11. No idea where that number came from. They’ve played like 90 times. Back when they first went to divisions AU’s two permanent cross division opponents were UGA and Florida because of the history.
  12. The bunker rules are mostly the same. Dude in my group was explaining it (poorly) a couple of weeks ago, and it didn’t make much sense. I think it amounts to just being able to move loose impediments. No practice swings or testing the surface.
  13. Rules question: they didn’t mention it or show a good angle but the ND guy that recovered that reversed fumble ran and jumped from OB to get the ball. whats it take for him to establish himself back in bounds? One foot, two feet, or does it matter? Looked like he probably got one down before touching the ball. Not sure about two. i may also be totally off. Testing out watching on Hulu and the dvr stuff kinda sucks so I didn’t run it back and watch again.
  14. Short memories re: whether or not Augusta would tap dance around the rules to avoid DQ’ing a star. At least the USGA’s can be interpreted as a passive apology for the setup. Augusta went spineless for the money, I guess.