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  1. Yay. Nothing like watching an amazing athletic play for a TD and then watch that same amazing athlete look like a spaz trying to dance. I always thought the crossbar dunk was cool as well as shooting the ball like a basketball over the crossbar. Liked the mile high salute and the bow and arrow. Funny and original. Just no dancing please. Most players cannot dance for shiot and I feel embarrassed for them.
  2. It's going to have to be a monster contract, otherwise, no incentive for Cousins to sign. He can play out 2017 at 24 million and wait the Redskins out. He has had the stones to gamble on himself this long, so unless the Redskins pony up big time, which they have not given an indication that they are willing to do, I don't see him signing.
  3. Allen now saying he is willing to franchise him a 3rd time. This just keeps getting better and better for Cousins as long as he stays healthy and productive this year. 34.5 million for 2018 and then FA at age 30 or the transition tag which is a huge guaranteed pay day. Well played Kirk.................
  4. I looked at the articles. About an hour into the draft, Lynch says (paraphrase) "I would love to jump up to grab Lattimore". So they would have taken Foster at 3 but Lynch was talking about moving up to grab Lattimore too? The article also says "possible/probable" for Foster if Thomas had been off the board. Leads me to believe there was nothing definite about Foster going if Thomas was taken by Chicago. I agree, it seems kind of flaky to not have a definite plan in place there, but at the same time, not exactly rocket science at 3 to where you would have to have the two guys you wanted written down. If they were willing to move from 3, all the way to 12, they obviously didn't value one player greatly over another. Same with Williams. If Shanahan coveted him that much, not having his name written on a board doesn't take him out of play, Maybe they thought King might tweet something out that Williams was in play. LOL
  5. Just don't see Hyde losing reps much less a roster spot to a 31 year old journeyman and an Undrafted rookie. I know he has had injury issues but hard to deny his talent.
  6. Didn't say King was lying. I think it's more of Lynch and Shanahan embellishing. Saying Foster would have been a comfortable pick at 3 isn't something that can be contradicted by anyone other than the immediate circle but doesn't mean it is the truth. Foster fell and maybe this was a way to prop him up and get the fan base excited that they got 2 of their top 3 guys. Really hard for me to believe they would have passed on Adams, Lattimore, Trubisky or 10-12 other guys to take Foster at 3. If so, kind of scary. The Williams spin made for a nice story but was it true? Did Lynch really have him off the board until right before they took him? It made for a good storyline though.
  7. I have stated several times that if they had truly planned on taking Foster at 3 if Thomas was gone, there was a huge disconnect. That said, I don't truly believe the "we were comfortable taking Foster at 3" talk. Whether it was to build Foster up after his big drop (most probable) or just trying to get fans excited about the draft (secondary), I think it was PR. Foster at 3 made no sense even though I love the guy assuming he is healthy. Just wouldn't have been a smart move regardless if healthy. If the Bears had taken Thomas, I think they would have been able to make another trade with Trubisky still on the board. Same thing with Williams story. Not sure how true that is. Agree that if true, seems really chaotic to be doing those things on draft day, but again, seems like talk to get across to the fan base that they are working together and no one person has total autonomy like in the past regime. Even Lynch's build up of Marthe's role in the Bears trade seemed like an effort to create some positive buzz on him. Conspicuous by his absence in all of this was Adam Peters, who I suspect had the biggest role in the actual selections. Draft day is a big hustle. Hard to separate fact from fiction. Hopefully, the end result matches the paper grade.
  8. He won't get cut. Playing under his rookie contract still. A trade is certainly a possibility
  9. I agree if the surgery didn't take and he is not ready to go. Hopefully, that isn't the case and he can play right away. Needs to be on the field now to get better. Will be interesting to see the Hyde/Williams split this year. Maybe Hyde can stay healthy with 12-14 carries a game.
  10. Yeah, the little guy has been kind of grumpy since Lynch worked his boy Pace on draft day. I can only imagine the kind of deal they could have gotten if they weren't so "pathetic". Lol I get it though. When you're on a football website 24/7, it's probably difficult to stay in your own teams thread. Got to venture out a bit.
  11. Think it would take a Hoyer injury for Barkley to get any starts this year. Or Hoyer to just totally suck, which is a possibility too. I still think Cousins is the plan for 2018
  12. I'm sure their were others beside Boone who were under motivated or just got sick of the coach. That's pretty normal when you have 53 guys on a team. Harbaugh was very rah rah, which was refreshing at first but wore on some people after 4 years. That's why guys like Boone never reach their full potential. Good enough is good enough for them. I just don't equate that to Harbaugh being undermined by ownership, which is what was being discussed. Not many coaches, even great ones who can keep everyone happy. Some people just can't work together no matter how much success they have on the field. Jerry Jones ####ed up something truly special in Dallas (thank god) because he was jealous of the credit Jimmy Johnson got. Wanted to prove he could win without him. They did win another title, but the end result was bad. Christ, Bill Walsh retired because of his relationship with Eddie D. His one big regret he said. Rumor was Montana was glad he retired. Felt Walsh demanded too much. Don Shula got traded from the Colts to the Dolphins for a 1st rounder. Joe Robbie called it his greatest trade ever. I don't know the specifics of why they would let Shula go, but I assume it wasn't because they thought they could win more titles with him. Both sides wanted out in this case. It happens.
  13. Disagree about the half the team not caring. They were just a bad offensive team and on the verge of losing half of their defense to injury, suspension and retirement. Unfortunately, it was the good half. Team was on a downward spiral. Regardless of who's fault that was, it's a fact. They didn't lose 3 in a row because Harbaugh got undermined. They lost because they played erratically like they did virtually the entire season. Jed's a dweeb, I get it. Don't blame Harbaugh for leaving considering the state of the team and what was on the table for him. I just thought him coming out afterward and saying he really wanted to stay was weak. He wanted out. Just say that or say nothing. Harbaugh is just one of those guys who can't let things drop. Most coaches would have left and just let people assume what was obvious. Not much disputing that Harbaugh is a little bit of an odd bird. Loves being in the spotlight, positive or negative.