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  1. True, but with the SF Giants sucking it up this year, I could use some football discussion to fill the summer void. Can't wait for training camp to start.
  2. Same here. Coleman will get his touches, but keeps Freeman fresh and lots of goal line action in Atlanta
  3. I guess I missed the part where he said he is intent on staying in Washington. I have heard he would consider it, but never that it was his intention. Didn't he say at one point he didn't want to be there if Allen was there? Anyway, makes no sense for him to come out and flatly state he wants out. He still has at least one year left and possibly more if they tag him again. No sense making that time adversarial................
  4. It's seems pretty obvious that he doesn't want to play in Washington. However, since they are intent on tagging him, he is smart enough to not come out and say that, since it would serve no positive purpose as far as public relations and team chemistry. He's just letting it play out while he is paid handsomely.................
  5. Hard to gauge his true feelings about the situation from the BS. It would be foolish on his part to come right out and say he has no interest in playing for the Redskins past 2018 (if they franchise him again) while he is still on the team. That would create a toxic situation for 2017. Smart on his part to leave the impression that a deal is still possible even if he has no plans to sign there long term.
  6. Priest Holmes in his first year in KC in 2001. Took him in the 5th and he ended up leading the NFL in rushing. Was my 2nd year playing FF. Kind of thought fantasy was for nerds but got talked into joining a work league in 2000 and got hooked immediately. The guy who won the league my first year was a masssive shiot talker so I did a lot of prep work for the 2001 season. Holmes was kind of under the radar but KC had a good line and he had a 1000 yard season in Baltimore before they drafted Jamal Lewis so I targeted him a round or two early to make sure I got him. What a player he was for 3 1/2 years before he got hurt. So much fun to watch.
  7. That's virtually always the police reaction initially unless it is blatantly obvious what happened. Zeke left, so they have to do their investigation before they can arrest him. Doesn't mean he is free and clear especially since the NFL has it's own justice system.
  8. Yeah. You would think with the domestic violence issue still hanging over his head with the NFL that he would have been playing the role of "perfect citizen" instead of bringing more negative attention to himself, at least until training camp started and he had other things to occupy his time. Obviously, his judgement is poor. But that was evident on draft night when he wore the half shirt and bow tie.
  9. Rotoworld saying the last offer was more than the 20 offered previously but less than the 24 he will make this year and only 2 years guaranteed. WTF would he sign that? 24 this year and assuming he doesn't have a huge regression, 28-34 next year if the Redskins transition or franchise tag him like they said they would. If that was truly their offer, why waste everyone's time? I understand it's a negotiation, but you still need to make serious offers based on the current situation.
  10. Especially after taking someone the drunk guy with the gun wanted. Could get ugly.
  11. Always liked Calvin and would love to see him back in the NFL. Fun guy to watch. However, this latest rant makes him sound like a bitter old man (which he probably isn't overall). If he really wants to play again, I'm sure things can be worked out with a little negotiating. If I read correctly, his cap number is 24 million. Lions won't pony up that number if he "unretires". Cooper, Crabtree and Johnson would put the Raiders at the top of my Sunday ticket games to watch.
  12. Going into our 16th year and everyone shows up for a live draft. Lot of guys I used to work with and for several, the only time I see them, so always a good time. Nobody allowed to draft remotely.
  13. Who didn't like working with Shanahan? Must be a lot since so few did. Lol His past QBs obviously did, well with the possible exception of Griffin.
  14. Man, some of you Redskin fans are tough on your guy. Lol Guess as a 49er fan, our QB play as been so bad since the days of Jeff Garcia, that a guy like Cousins looks pretty damn good.