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  1. You know how much drinks cost in a place like that? Not cheap.
  2. We have a guy like that too in my local league. Literally will send out 20 trade offers a week. Most are junk and not worth anything more than a "reject", but on occasion, you get one that you can't wait to hit the "accept" button on. Usually do 2-3 deals with him a year when the right offer comes across. A few players in the league got really fed up with him and started posting his offers on the website. He didn't care. Thought it was funny since everyone in the league had gotten similar offers from him. I enjoy playing with the guy, but would be a different story if he was butt hurt about others throwing his offers out for public display.
  3. Sucks. He always seemed like a good guy in addition to being an excellent football player. Ugly disease. A next door neighbor of mine was diagnosed with it 5 years ago. Horrible for him and his family.
  4. Usually the star player buying the number of the marginal player, not the other way around. Something tells me Cooper will reject this barring an absolutely insane offer.
  5. To be honest, I don't really remember the specifics of the Nolan hire, such as the model used to hire him. I remember him most for deciding to take a spread offense QB at number 1 over a pro style local kid from Cal because he "liked" him better. I'll not one to usually say "I knew that" after the fact, but kind of did on the Smith vs Rodgers debate. Don't know how the Lynch and Shanahan hires will end up working out, but liked the fact that out of the gate, Lynch was able to get someone like Peters to come on board and that Elway would let that happen, which I think says a lot about the respect people have for him, which I think is important, especially when you look at how Baalke had zero after the Harbaugh fiasco. I will have a stronger opinion after their first draft as far as talent evaluation and approach to rebuilding. Also, neither Lynch or Shanahan strikes me as a pushover and they didn't take the job out of desperation, so that gives me hope that Paarog sticks to negotiating contracts. Feel the same about the Giants. Go to 5-6 games a year and buy a $12 beer or two (after downing a couple at Carmens before the game). Haven't been to the new stadium yet and have no desire to. I will always be a fan of the team but not going to spend my money going to Santa Clara.
  6. Most fans are in agreement on this at this point, but time to move on and talk about something other than how the team sucks because of the Yorks and Marathe. Professional sports are a form of entertainment for even most hard core fans. 49ers fans who followed the team in the 80 and 90's watched an amazing run of success. Up and down since then, more down that up, but part of the fun of following football is to speculate what needs to be done to turn things around. Just going with the "everything sucks and is hopeless" stance isn't my idea of entertainment, but hey, that's just me. My life isn't defined by how my sports team is currently performing. Big SF Giants fan and the 3 titles were a lot of fun, but in the end, it didn't impact my day to day life any more that when they were the laughing stock of the National League. I feel pretty good about both the Lynch (he hired Peters away from the Broncos) and Shanahan hires. I apologize in advance..........................
  7. Thank you. Your kind hopes are appreciated, and while I believe that 2017 results will show that the team is headed in a positive direction, I don't have that same belief for this thread.
  8. Goodell suspending Brady AND Garropolo for the 2017 season due to perceived "fan arrogance". Prediction: Jacoby Brissett named Super Bowl LII MVP
  9. Lacy is still young and I find it hard to believe he has lost his talent, so just a matter of how committed he is to getting in shape and staying there. Sounds simple enough, but some guys just don't have the self discipline to lay off the midnight nacho's. The fat kid is fun to watch when he is at the top of his game, so hopefully, he can get it done and not become the Pablo Sandavol of football.
  10. Based on what he wore to the draft last year, you knew his decision making was suspect................ In this day and age, they have to learn that virtually everything a high profile athlete does in public is recorded by someone. Wise up young man, you have the world by the tail. Stop being stupid.
  11. Even though they need a QB, I don't see SF taking one at #2. So many holes to fill and I think they go defense, either Allen or Thomas if they keep the pick. Wouldn't surprised if they trade the pick if the haul is big enough but that would take somebody else falling in love with one of the QBs. Good mock overall. Thanks for the effort.
  12. I'm out for the next one. Let's see what direction some of the other 49er fans might take.
  13. Dammit Wingnut. Now everyone will get another novel on how he used to write for Niner Nation, therefore making him the utmost expert on the eternal and irreversible fall of the 49ers, and how anyone who still enjoys discussing the team with even a hint of hope for the future is delusional and a pawn for the York family. Thanks buddy....................
  14. 11 compensatory picks in the 3rd round this year compared to 4 last year. More good players hitting free agency or more liberal rating system this year?