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  1. As good of explanation as anything. Brutal. Looks like 2016 Jarod Goff tonight.
  2. Conley looked lost
  3. Well, that was conservative.
  4. Smith got roasted.
  5. You did get a steal.
  6. 6 drops in 2 1/4 games.
  7. Didn't realize what a big guy Patterson is. Looks like he could make a Montgomery like move to RB.
  8. Had to laugh. Then switched over to NFL network while they played the anthem.
  9. West Coaster just getting around to checking stats. Good lord. I didn't expect much from the Ravens offense but 28 yards passing through 3 quarters? Yikes 37 points from the Jags and no TD s for Fournette? Double yikes
  10. Yeah, I guess the Niners didn't overpay as a lot of people were saying. If Jeffrey can stay healthy for a year, maybe look at spending some of the FA money on him. Would make a good trio with Garcon and Taylor. Maybe even Goodwin as a speed guy if he shows he can hold onto the ball the rest of the season. Guy can get open down the field.
  11. Hadn't heard that, but makes a lot of sense. They are still a bad team with Luck, so why waste the prime years he has left. Plus, they have experience as a franchise tanking for the #1 pick. Yeah, Garcon is impressive. A Boldin who can still run. Seeing him on a weekly basis makes you appreciate how good he is.
  12. Kind of concerned now. A new competitor in the Dump for Darnold sweepstakes has raised it's ugly head. Thought it was just the Jets and possibly the Browns to worry about, but not so. Been hearing a lot about how Andrew Luck is still not throwing, which makes week 7 about the earliest he would be able to play. Some are saying they will shut him down for the season to make sure he is completely healthy for 2018, which makes a lot of sense. Why rush him back in a lost season? Colts could be a 2-win team without Luck. Big game in week 5 at Indy. Can the Niners find a way to lose another competitive game? If they win, that may make it tough to finish below the Colts with that tiebreaker in their favor. Stay tuned
  13. Taylor had a bad drop, but overall, I liked what I saw from him as a slot receiver. The move he made on the DB on his TD catch was awesome. DB looked like he was on roller skates. I think the drop was just a concentration thing. Needed 10 yards and it was a 5 yard pass. Was thinking too much about how to get the extra yards. Will be interesting to see where they spend some of their FA money next year. I am hoping on the o-line and then address the QB, WR and secondary with the early draft picks.
  14. LOL. I am glad they lost too, but got caught up in the moment of a fun game and wanted them to win. Now that my senses are clear the day after, glad the phantom call was made..............
  15. It's one of those calls where you have to wonder what the ref saw because nothing happened. If anything the Ram DB grabbed Taylor. Total phantom call. Some really bad officiating overall. The penalty on Ward for hitting a defenseless receiver was horrible too. Woods made a football move and put his head down. What is Ward supposed to do? If he doesn't hit him, Woods scores. It's called tackling. Penalty on Donald for late hit was garbage too. Two challenges overturned meaning two missed calls. There needs to be some accountability for BS calls like that, but there won't be.