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  1. if they stay put, I hope they don't overthink it. Go with Bosa if AZ takes Murray or trades the pick and someone else does. Only 5 more weeks of rumors until we know for sure. Looking forward to all the deception during that time.
  2. Cutting Marsh pretty much insures they go edge with their first pick, even if they trade down. I also think they like Blair over Marsh as depth. Just no room for all of them. Looks like they did the same thing with Marsh that they did with Kilgore last year. Sign him until they had insured they had someone better locked up and then get rid of him. Looks like no dead money from cutting him loose.
  3. As an aside, this comment on Niner Nation is too classic of a negative spin to not share: ”Signing Tevin Coleman adds uncertainty to the 49er backfield”. 😳
  4. Looks like the splash signings are done so on to the draft. Happy overall with what they did. Counting the trade for Ford, they filled huge needs at edge and LB with guys who can create turnovers, something they obviously lacked the past few seasons. Coleman adds a playmaker and was too good of a bargain to pass up and gives them protection against McKinnon not coming back 100 percent. Love the gamble on Verrett for a potential impact CB. Matthews not exciting but could find a nice role as a #4 red zone receiver. Didn’t like the Ward signing. Always hurt and unlike Verrett, even if he stays healthy, “solid” player at best with no real upside. Guess they like his versatility, but would much rather have had Ha Ha after you see what the Bears scored him for. Maybe he took less to play for a contender on his one year prove it deal, but that was a great signing by Chicago. Also, would have preferred to put the 5 million toward a deal with Tre Boston. Oh well, maybe a outlier and he makes it through a whole season. Nice job so far Lynch and Peters. Nail the draft and we could have a fun 2019.
  5. Yeah, nothing to get excited about for sure. Don’t want him to be part of the main group of WRs but as a #4 situational receiver type, he could be useful. Gives them a bigger target in the red zone. I haven’t seen details of contract but assume a cheap one year. Assuming no moves on draft day, I see them using pick #36 for a WR.
  6. Odd that they cut Nelson AFTER they paid the roster bonus
  7. 3.6 for Vennett for one year Another injured player, but seems a good gamble. One of them will hit eventually. Right?
  8. Like it too. Will be interesting to see if McKinnon is cut since there is no guaranteed money left or if they use them both. Drummer is on full troll alert over at Niner Nation calling out every deal they are making. Don’t post there but enjoy seeing the meltdowns on every move.
  9. I was a little concerned about him being a one hit wonder, but sometimes it just takes a few years to develop. Looks like this might be the case here. He got a big contract, but so did Trey Flowers. Think this money was well spent.
  10. That can't be underestimated When SF let Lott go to the Raiders, they got a good lesson in how important a leader on defense is, even if his skills have diminished somewhat. One of the reasons I wanted Thomas as well.
  11. Will be fun to watch all the posters pointing to Alexander’s low PFF scores to claim that PFF doesn’t matter in Fords case. Glad to see it was the 2020 2nd rounder and not this years. If they get Thomas and Bosa, I’ll officailly be excited about the defense this year.
  12. Browns now in on the Earl Thomas sweepstakes Supposed to be deciding in the next few hours. Stay tuned.