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  1. As a 49er fan, I just don't care. More drama than a 15 year old girl on social media. Sheesh..................
  2. Late round draft pick who made it big. Great NFL career and dated Miss Universe in college. Gone too soon, but a good life while he was here. Always seemed like a good guy too. RIP Dwight.
  3. Yeah, that was a pretty cool move by the Bears.
  4. Did the draft.com sign up. Fast and easy using the app.
  5. As a Niner fan, I wasn’t particularly thrilled when they took him. I would have bet my life the move up to pick 44 was to grab Josh Jackson, but then I would be dead. Starting to come around some now that I see how he will eventually be used in the Shanahan offense. The perception of him as a “slot receiver” by some is way off base. He will be the replacement for Garçon, probably by next year. His ability in the return game is a plus, but he was drafted for his skills as a receiver, not as a returner. Wish he was bigger and stronger in a perfect world, but he brings separation skills which is the main thing Shanahan looks for. Excited for his potential in that offense once he replaces Garçon
  6. Same here Since I don't spend as much time on my weekly projections once the season starts as I used to, I utilize the weekly ranking projections to crosscheck and see if I am missing anything. However, last year seemed like the weekly rankings were very similar each week, regardless of match-ups. Didn't seem like a lot of thought was put into it. Move a couple names around and call it good. Still worth the price to me.
  7. He’s currently listed at 195 which is 5 pounds above his combine weight. At 5’11”, his frame can support a few more pounds. Wouldn’t be surprised if he checks in this year around 200. Frank Gore style of running. Can find the seam and finishes off his runs well. Good power for a guy his size. Very happy with him as a back up to McKinnon. Assuming he beats out Williams, I can see 140-150 carries for him this year. Shanahan wants to run the ball more, which is why they drafted McGlinchey and sent Brown packing. The OL that played the last half of the season in 2017 was pretty bad too, other than Staley. Beatles was starting at RT after Brown got hurt and he was horrible. Even assuming the typical rookie struggles, McGlinchey will be a huge upgrade, especially in the area of outside runs. Richburg replaces a below average Kilgore at center. If they can get even solid play at guard out of the group of Tomlinson, Cooper and Garnett, OL will be pretty good. Breida getting 4.4 behind last years line says a lot.
  8. But Tunsil wasn’t punished by the league because it happened before he was in the league. Yeah, cost him a ton of money but not because of league discipline.
  9. If Breida had been say a 4th round pick instead of an Undrafted free agent, I doubt you would be saying this. As someone who watched all their games last year (painful at times), I agree with Chaka that Brieda looked better than Hyde a lot of the time. As far as Williams, who knows at this point? Worst backups in the league is a big stretch. I would rather have them than any of the backups in the NFC West. You could argue Seattle I guess with Carson and Davis but I would rather have Breida.
  10. Wonder how long the NFL will maintain their no weed smoking policy. Just seems so primitive considering its uses in pain management. They will prescribe opioids but you can’t smoke a blunt. So backward. But, since those are the rules for now, these crazy kids need to follow them. Too much at stake to try to skirt them.
  11. Foster gets his marijuana charge dismissed after taking a course and paying a fine. Sounds kind of like traffic school after a speeding ticket. Will be interesting to see if this helps with a potential NFL suspension on the original charge. Probably not, but guess it can't hurt any.
  12. Well, if two renouned journalists such as Warren Sapp and Chris Carter suggested that she changed her story because she got paid, consider me convinced. Who could possibley question the validity of any statements made by those two geniuses? Off with his head!
  13. He might have been worth more. Who knows and who cares? Just glad the real story came out and Foster can resume his career since he is an innocent man..................
  14. Justice prevails and glad to see Lynch learned his lesson from the Brock debacle last year. Innocent until proven guilty. God bless America!