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  1. efactor

    Rules You Love - Rules You Hate

    Same here. Played in a keeper league with the rule and hated it. You shouldn't be rewarded for 5 years because you happened to pick Kamara in the 8th round.............
  2. Seattle locked into their playoff spot, so maybe Arizona can pull an upset against some 2nd stringers......................
  3. efactor

    Dante Pettis WR San Francisco 49ers

    That's probably about right. If he has a solid last two games and with Garoppolo back, he will get a lot of hype..............
  4. Good to see Street practicing too even if he doesn't play this year.
  5. Got to give the guy credit for keeping the locker room in this situation. Also, not garbage time from the standpoint of the teams having nothing to play for. Good win against a playoff team that they have lost 10 straight to that was trying to clinch a playoff spot and that kicked the crap out of them 2 weeks ago. Sucks to lose a chance at the #1 overall though. Potential to draft the consensus best player in the draft at a position of your biggest need. Plus, picking first day 2 as well is really valuable.
  6. efactor

    Seahawks at 49ers

    LOL 49ers lose the #1 overall. Anyone but the Seahawks and I would be pissed...............
  7. efactor

    What do you need on MNF?

    Need 25 1/2 from Diggs in full point PPR. He can do it but need Minnesota playing from behind and Diggs getting peppered with targets.
  8. I don't necessarily "believe" Fornette and I have never heard racial slurs at a game either (Northern California fan). Of course, it doesn't mean that it didn't happen and the fan probably said something personal to make him go off. Doubt he got upset by "Jaguars suck". I was referring to what I have heard, which is references to past drug use (Josh Hamilton in particular at a Giants game), failed relationships etc. No need for a fan to be hurling personal insults at a player.
  9. Fans have gone overboard with their personal insults. I see it at baseball games too. Just rooting for your team isn't enough for many I guess. Have to make it personal. That said, guy needs to develop a thicker skin and be smart as well. Guess he didn't think anyone would record that..............
  10. The one yesterday was obvious as soon as he hit the 2nd level. You knew nobody would catch him. Had they fed him in close, he could have had 4-5 TDs yesterday. I hope he's fortunate enough to stay healthy. So enjoyable to watch
  11. Good to get a win and especially good to see the defensive effort on Lindsey. He went into the game with a YPC over 6 and they held him to 14/30. However, dropped into a 3 way tie for the #1 pick with the Raiders and Arizona. Niners have Seattle, Chicago and the Rams left. With the Rams losing, they may have to win week 17. If so, I can't see the Niners winning any of the last 3. Raiders have two winnable games vs Cinci and Denver, plus KC may be resting their starters week 17. They should win at least one of those games since they seem to be out of tanking mode. Not such good news on the Arizona front. Atlanta, Rams and Seattle. They could beat Atlanta with a good defensive effort, Johnson having a big game against the Falcons sorry run defense and actually targeting Fitzgerald. Probably not though. Hate to see SF lose, but man, having the #1 pick would be huge.
  12. efactor

    ***Official*** Dak Prescott Thread

    They are definitely on the same page. Gallop has gotten open 5-10 yards behind the defense at least 4 times in the last two games and Dak misses him every time. Cooper gets open and he throws a strike. A little luck on the last TD didn't hurt either.
  13. efactor

    Larry Fitzgerald

    I really thought they would start using him correctly after the change of OC to Leftwich. Wrong again. If he gets less than 10 targets a game, someone should be fired. Unless they are trying to lose for draft position.
  14. I knew Keenum was crappy this year, but geeezzzzzzzzzzzz. Guess last year showed how good Diggs and Theilen are. Kittle sets a new team TE receiving record. Pettis scores again. Something to build on with the young receivers.
  15. efactor

    Week 14 Questions For Bloom

    Mahomes or Ben? 6 PT passing TDs. Their yardage is almost exact this year, but Mahomes has 15 more TDs. Ben has had 40 or more attempts in 8 games this years vs only 2 for Mahomes. Weak Raiders for Ben vs Tough Ravens for Mahomes. Thanks in advance.