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  1. I agree with this too. Slows the game down and it has to be a mugging for them to overturn. Terrible to review PI.
  2. Look again Also look at the original post on the subject. Not whining about anything. Just expressed my opinion that the contact didn't warrant a flag when the league has not been calling that penalty. Never said it cost them the game. You sound like a democrat now. I want your opinion as long as you agree with me!
  3. Huh I just chimed in on a thread specifically about one call, expressing my opinion. I was told by two different people that my OPINION was wrong, because the call was so obvious. If the call was so obvious, whey did the leader of this site start a thread on it? Not sure how that equates to showing my "rear end" 😕
  4. I would like to see proof. A copy of your degree will suffice
  5. Do your homework and look at all the plays were PI could have been called on both sides. There are several throughout the game. Not sure why you are only focusing on the first half. The point is they let a lot of stuff go the whole game. 9 penalties total, only three of which were not offside, false starts or illegal formation, which are generally non debatable. Of course they also didn't call an obvious offside and there were several false starts not called (again on both sides), so I guess some of the pre snap penalties are actually debatable or just incompetence. OPI against SF, PI against SF and a holding call on a kickoff against KC. Very few penalties, which I like. OPI was not enough to draw a flag when you are letting them play.
  6. Yes, I have hired an outside company and they have substantial "proof" that a majority of people who took this poll were anti SF. We investigated every vote and looked into their rooting interest for the game. The poll is declared INVALID! Case close and money well spent! Or you could just say it was a very small sample size. Not saying people were rooting against SF, but the vibe seems to be more people who weren't KC/SF homers were rooting for KC. Andy Reid and Mahomes are likable guys. To use a casual poll in a thread as "proof" the call was correct is kind of nonsensical. I would think that being an educated man of medicine, you could grasp that. Unless your title is only honorary, then it make sense that you couldn't.
  7. I never said it was "game" changing, just that it shouldn't have been called IMO. Nobody knows how the game would have played out had they not called it of course. The topic of the thread is was it OPI or not. But to say it was "far" from game changing is debatable. Unless Gould shanked a short one, it's at least 3 points and they had enough time to run a quick pass to try for a TD. Definitely a big play in what ended up being a close game. Assuming they kicked a field goal and then the 2nd half played out exactly the same way (it wouldn't have but for the sake of argument), its a one point game there instead of a 4 point game. Anyway, I also have no issue with people having the opinion it was the right call. But it sure wasn't a slam dunk penalty and some are acting like it was.
  8. I agree My version of “let them play” is more call the blatant, obvious penalties that impact the play. The big non call in the Saints/Rams game was just Incompetence. Games early in the season this year were becoming hard to watch with all the penalties. A lot of comments and complaints about that. Maybe the NFL was listening because as the playoffs were approaching, seemed to be a dramatic drop in penalties, especially offensive holding. There was a much more “let them play” mentality (to be fair, I am talking mainly about 49er games since those are the ones I watch closely). The funny thing is I started to notice that even fairly obvious pre snap penalties were being missed. As an example, In the SF/Saints game, on the 2nd Cook TD that he got concussed on, the left guard (#62) moved well before the play and no penalty. They kept showing the replay because of the injury and I kept waiting for the commentators to point the missed call out, but they never did. My rambling point is that there was a concentrated effort to reduce penalties in the last part of the regular season and playoffs. I think they took it a bit too far, especially with offensive holding. There was a play Sunday where Kelce was blocking Bosa one on one and he had handfuls of Bosa’s Jersey in each hand. No call. In fact, counting week 17 against Seattle and the 3 playoff games, there was a grand total of 1 holding penalty called against SF pass rushers and that was against Seattle when the o-lineman pulled a WWE move on Armstead. But, no complaints, prefer it that way to a penalty extravaganza. Then they call OPI on Kittle in that situation. Just think that was out of place in a game where there was only 9 penalties the whole game, most of which were pre snap. They even missed an obvious off sides against the Chiefs and multiple early false starts against Schwartz. Edit to add: 49ers also didn't get called for offensive holding the last 4 games either, so I didn't mean to imply it was one sided, just to point out that only obvious penalties were being called for the most part.
  9. Just stop. This is a specific thread about this one play and I gave my opinion. Because it didn’t line up with yours, you said I was wrong and I countered why I was right. Where do you get that I “feel gyped”? I didn’t say the play cost them the game and in no other thread did I say the officiating was to blame for SF losing. Didn’t mention the officiating once except to comment in a thread specifically about a specific play or to say I like the “let them play” mentality. I just said that the call was inconsistent with how the rest of the game was called as the contact didn’t warrant a flag IMO. You seem to get your feelings hurt when people disagree with you. Then you try to support your case that I’m wrong because a majority of people here agree with you. Very scientific poll so I’ll spend some time reconsidering my viewpoint of the play 🙄
  10. Yeah, because only KC fans watched the super bowl, had a rooting interest in the game and comment here 🙄
  11. You can’t be serious comparing the missed call in the Rams/Saints game last year. Good reason peoples heads exploded on that play. Rudolph play is a perfect example of “letting them play”. Much more of a penalty than the Kittle play and no call. I thought it was a good non call myself. People “freak out” anymore about virtually any play with contact that doesn’t go their teams way, so you can’t put much into those takes. The end of the SF/Seattle game had a play where people were “freaking out” because they didn’t call PI on Warner. Another example of the league “letting them play”. Again, way more contact than this play. Even as a Niner homer, had they called PI on Warner, I wouldn’t have #####ed. Well, probably would have, but they let it go. Then in the Super Bowl, in a game with only 9 penalties, only 3 of which were non pre snap variety (plus one illegal motion penalty which isn’t arbitrary) they call OPI on a play that wasn’t blatant. No call on the Sanders contact either. Bad call but part of football. This is a thread about opinions, so I stated mine.
  12. LOL Well, since it's a pretty small sample size, most of whom had a rooting interest in the game, I'm not too concerned.
  13. Ah no. That type of contact hasn't been called all playoffs. Same with offensive holding. Short of tackling the pass rushers, O-lineman are getting away with murder. Again, no problem with it as long as they are letting it go on both sides, which has been the case. Compared to the contact on Sanders that wasn't called, it was minimal.
  14. Well, not enough to call a penalty when they let much worse go the whole game. The entire playoffs seemed like they were letting a lot go, which I am fine with. Then they call this. Before you start with the "it was obvious" spiel, a lot of feedback was that it was ticky tack, so just because it was called and and you agree with it doesn't make it the right call. The non call on Sanders had a lot more contact and I didn't have an issue with letting that one go. Big fan of letting them play.
  15. Sure it was. Way worse PIs in the game that weren't called. Of course, you were neutral in this game, so I guess we will just accept your viewpoint as fact.