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  1. There was some talk of them trying to bring Fangio back but the Bears wouldn't release him from his contract. Wonder if that is in play for next year.
  2. Lol................... In for a penny, in for a pound. Hope the young guys can figure it out........................
  3. Don't know anything about the guy, but figured they weren't going to get a big name, experienced DC at this point. Glad they didn't hire one of the Ryan brothers..................
  4. California born and bred. Have no animosity against the Pats. In fact, I admire they way they run their organization. Two steps ahead and a total FU attitude toward everyone else. Wanted them to win in every appearance they have made so far, but kind of hope Atlanta wins on Sunday. Be watching the game on the beach in Cabo (The Office) , so probably won't really matter much to me once beer 14 kicks in.
  5. Sure it will. Besides the fact that he hired Peters, who was not on the 49ers radar (at least I never saw his name mentioned), I am pretty certain he has some skills on the player evaluation side, especially defensively.
  6. But it not a "perfect" comparison. They are totally different people. Because one fails doesn't mean the other will. Being a GM is more than talent evaluation. Leadership is huge. Smart and respected does mean a lot. If you are respected, much more likely to get good people to work for you. It may even come in handy when it comes to signing sought after free agents. Working closely with the head coach doesn't mean you're a "mouthpiece". That's the way it should be. That was one of the big issues that Harbaugh had. Not enough input on the draft. Makes sense that the coach and GM are on the same page. We will see and we will get an idea pretty quickly. Draft is coming up and that will tell a lot about the direction this hire will go.
  7. You lost me at the Millen comparison. To point to one failure as the likely outcome of this hire is not a strong argument. Millen is a total different personality. Seems much more sullen. Maybe he couldn't attract good people to surround himself with. He obviously was not (or did not hire) a good talent evaluator. Everyone can see he failed in Detroit, but very few know the internals of why. Lynch has already hired a respected talent evaluator in Peters. I am sure there are other hires coming to strengthen the scouting department, probably once Shanahan is in place. This is a total rebuild at this point, so anyone expecting to be playoff contenders in two years is going to be disappointed. But you have to have a starting point and I can think of much worse than a smart, respected guy, who has a reputation for being a good leader, regardless of his lack of experience. I was waiting for my car to be serviced yesterday and by chance read an article in ESPN magazine about John Elway and what drove him to being a GM. See similar traits in Lynch, despite having different personalities. I know Elway cut his teeth on being owner/GM in the arena league, but the drive and the obsession on football is similar.
  8. Mainly because he is already showing traits of a good leader by getting everyone on the same page to work together and surrounding himself with good people. He's seems like a smart, football junkie, so I think he probably can evaluate talent himself, yet seems to be willing to listen to others as well. I just like how he is presenting himself so far. The fact that he was able to hire Peters says something about the respect he has.
  9. The more I hear Lynch talk, the more optimistic I am. Peters is a huge hire as far as a respected player evaluator. Lynch and Shanahan see to be on the same page as far as their roles in draft and roster decisions. I sense an actual team approach to roster building. Sounds like the Falcons are going to block Shanahan from taking other coaches with him. Will be interesting to see how he fills out his staff.
  10. Yep on all accounts. As far as Jed, my hope is that he has ####ed things up so bad, that he realizes (how could you not if you have any self awareness at all) that he needs to stay away from football operations. Do whatever rich kids do and leave the football business to the guys who can get it done. Lynch seems like the guy who surrounds himself with other smart people. An important trait for a GM. Lynch will have final say over the draft and 90 man roster, while Shanahan has final say on the 53 man roster. Makes sense and pretty obvious Shanahan will have a lot of input on Lynch's "final say" in the draft. As it should be. Coach and GM working together. What a concept.
  11. From what I have read, doesn't seem that Lynch is the kind to sing "Kumbaya". More the type to slap Jed upside the head if he interferes with anything. The last statement of Jed getting out of the way and letting them work is pretty strong. Time will tell, but I am liking the hire more. Adam Peters seems a pretty solid hire for VP of player personnel. A respected guy who probably wouldn't have considered SF prior to the Lynch hiring. Will be interesting to see the additional hires coming in the front office.
  12. Thought this was an interesting article, especially the last paragraph. SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Before agreeing to become the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, John Lynch had some questions about the team's recent reputation for leaking information. So Lynch decided to use his candidacy for the job to put the team to the test. Speaking to KNBR radio in San Francisco on Wednesday morning, Lynch said he asked CEO Jed York and executive Paraag Marathe to keep his name a secret during their search for a new general manager. "I made a big deal that this stayed quiet," Lynch said. "First of all, you know what I was doing? Part of the rumors are things fly out of that building. So I wanted to see could I trust this building, you know? And so that was part of my thinking." Through the past few years, the 49ers had become known for information seeping out, notably including many concerning quarterback Colin Kaepernick's status and most recently with the news that coach Chip Kelly and general manager Trent Baalke would be fired the night before the season finale against Seattle. When Lynch spoke to Bay Area media via conference call on Monday, he repeatedly mentioned his desire to ask Niners leadership "tough questions." While he declined to go into specifics at the time, he did mention how important it was to him for his name not to come out publicly. While the Niners were mostly transparent during the process of interviewing nine general manager and six head-coaching candidates, Lynch's name didn't surface until the moment he was hired. Noting that he didn't need the job because he was happy with his job as an analyst at Fox, Lynch said he wasn't afraid to address what he called the "elephant in the room." "I'm incredibly appreciative and fortunate in this world that things stayed quiet because what that did, it allowed me to truly assess this situation, to ask the tough questions, to just kind of get with the people that I'm going to be working with and any elephant in the room, just get rid of it and ask questions," Lynch said on Monday. "I didn't need the job. So, that gave me a great position to be able to kind of just be very forward and I asked those questions, and I'm proud of the way that happened. I'm proud of the way they responded. "A lot of people are saying, why was it so important to be secretive? I've had people ask me that. I wanted to be able to best evaluate this situation as it developed, and I thought it would be much easier if I didn't have the world breathing down my throat." According to Lynch, York answered every question to his satisfaction both verbally and through their actions during the interview process. "If I was going to engage in these conversations, we can't beat around the bush," Lynch told KNBR. "We got to get right to: 'Do I want to work for these people?' I can tell you what I found, my interaction with Jed York: He's a guy that all he wants to do is win. "He's tired of some strife and some contention in the building. He wants harmony. He wants to give us the resources. He wants to be a support mechanism, but he wants to get out of the way and let us work. And, to me, that's an awesome deal."
  13. Having a hard time believing the "he called and volunteered for the job" storyline. Sounds like a load of BS. I would bet it was more like Lynch and Shanahan talked, agreed they wanted to work together and then approached the 49ers about it. Since Shanahan isn't officially the coach, this fairytale was perpetrated.
  14. Not if both of them are smart enough to keep it between themselves. ?
  15. Yeah, love how so many point to Millen as the surefire result of Lynch being hired. Millen's demeaner was of someone who didn't even want the job and didn't know how to surround himself with good people. Just maybe Lynch does know how to. 49ers are a friggin mess, but you need a starting point to fix even the worst mess. Hiring two smart guys and giving them power in the form of 6 year contracts isn't a bad start. If SF had hired Lott or Young as GM, fan base would be doing summersalts