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  1. All right, you convinced me................... He would add a huge dimension in the red zone. Don't think he makes it out west though.....................
  2. Agree. Shanahan has stated he likes WRs who can separate and Dez doesn't fall into that category.
  3. Might want to add Landry as an option. Hoping for Edmunds or Smith. Even if Foster avoids future issues, they need another LB.
  4. Yeah, the insinuation that they would overpay to make up for the Garropolo trade is ridicules. The injury and how long he intends to play at all would be a huge part of any deal. Compensation would have to be low for them to do a deal, which is why it won't happen. Maybe they would consider pick 59 but more likely one of their 3rds. Also, Kittle is being really underappreciated by those outside of the organization, probably due to his 5th round draft status. 43 catches for over 500 yards was an excellent rookie season for a TE, especially considering he was dinged up a bit early and the QB situation was less than stellar most of the season. Would be fun to see him and Gronk playing together for a couple years anyway. That would create some serious match up issues.
  5. Rotoworld saying Gronk may be on trade block and mentions 49ers and Rams as suitors. Assuming this has legs, will be interesting (and fun) to watch it play out. My guess would be Gronk would prefer Southern California since he seems to want to get into movies and the Rams are in win it all mode currently. However, Niners have the Garropolo connection as well as a recent history of making deals with Hoody. Jimmy G and Gronk would be fun to see.
  6. Draft day only 4 weeks away. Unless Barkley or Nelson falls, a trade down would be preferred, but assuming they stay put at 9, who would you prefer they draft between the most likely players available? LB: Smith or Edmunds? Vander Esch is someone who is moving up the boards and would be a possibility if they move down. Edmonds has great size and athletic ability but when scouts keep questioning his "football instincts", that concerns me. Smith is really clean, but a little small and has an injury concern. CB: Ward or Alexander? Ward is the #1 CB on the board but Alexander had a great combine and is moving up the boards. Both are under 6 feet, so not scheme fits. S: Fitzpatrick may still be available if teams decide he isn't going to be a true elite CB. Derwin James is probably a top 5 player who falls based on the position being less valued. Safety is not a position of need, but do you pass on the BPA? Edge: Landry or Davenport? Teams biggest position of need. I have seen both rated in the top 10-15 area and have seen both projected in 2nd round. Risky picks Personally, I hope they trade down and grab Vander Esch, but Smith is my choice if they stay put. Assuming Foster gets his shiot together, I would love to see them on the field together for the next 6-7 years. Plus, he would give them insurance against Foster going off the grid in his personal life.
  7. I think the whole OL got better after Jimmy G got there. Ball out a lot quicker etc. Tomlinson graded out really well his last couple games. Would love to see it continue into 2018. Between him, Garnett, Cooper and a day 2 draft pick, hopefully 2 decent starters will emerge. Magnuson is there too. Hope anyway.
  8. The more I read, kind of warming up to this signing. Good athlete who is best in a zone blocking system. Cheap contract so a good add to the mix. Will still draft a guard on day 2.
  9. Cooper, Tomlinson and Garnett competing for the guard spots (as of now anyway). 3 first rounders within the last 5 years and none of them are desirable starters at this point. Hmmmmm, maybe that’s why drafting guards early isn’t a great idea. Cooper was a top 10 pick. Cheap depth at the worst.
  10. I would like to see them pick up another veteran WR before the draft. Paper thin depth right now and if Goodwin or Garcon get hurt, they are going into using unproven players. I expect them to draft a WR day 2, but rookie WRs are a wild card. Decker visiting the Raiders today. Maybe Lynch should have him stop by for a chat while he is in the neighborhood. I know he wasn't good last year, but none of the Tennessee WRs were, which makes me think it may have been a scheme and QB issue.
  11. Jags release Allen Hurns. Hmmmmmm Would defintely help out in the red zone. Still want them to draft a WR by early round 3 but like Hurns on a 1or 2 year deal with a cheap out after the first year.
  12. I feel so much better now. Didn’t think Shanahan or Turner knew crap about RBs when I saw all the threads giving them an F grade on McKinnon. Whew!
  13. Great deal for the Colts. 2 extra 2nd rounders gives them a lot of flexibility to move around the draft.
  14. 49ers sign the great Jerry Attaochu to compete at the edge Never heard of him, but looks like a guy with some potential. Drafted in the 2nd round in 2014 and had a pretty good year in 2015 before injuries set him back. Worth a shot on a cheap 1 year deal....................
  15. Aaron Lynch signs with the Bears If he gets his head out of his ### and gets in shape, he could be a good pick up for them. Maybe a change of scenery will help.