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  1. Needed two more points from Conner in PPR for the win in one league. One more TD from Ben for the win in another. Looked good at halftime anyway. Ah fantasy football fate. Entertaining game anyway
  2. A penalty. Shocking.
  3. Yeah, first time watching him this year. Kind of surprised he is off the field as much as he is.
  4. Good lord Maybe Harbaugh panicked that Collins would get a gimme TD and called a TO to get Buck in the game...................
  5. Thanks. I don't watch many Ravens games, but happened to see that play on the red zone channel. Was happy to see Collins in there and figured he would get a shot at an easy one. Oops
  6. I just bought him straight up for Marvin Jones. We'll see how it works out, but I like his situation and unless he has ball security issues, I think he will get a larger share of the goal line work as the season progresses. He's just a better player and talent usually wins out.
  7. On the last TD, both Allen and Collins were in the game and Allen gets the carry from the 6 inch line. Collins went in motion. Very odd play call. Hard to criticize since it worked, but sucks for us Collins owners. John definitely loves him some Buck...............
  8. Kittle may be OK, since Bethard will dump off a lot, but obviously still a downgrade. Doubt you will see many chunk plays from him now. RBs receptions will probably go up too, but running game will suffer as defenses crowd the box. Wrs are screwed.................
  9. Probably true. I didn't really give that comment much thought. Was trying to think of a silver lining for Jimmy...................
  10. Just ####.................... The entertainment value just dropped off the charts. I can handle the losing, but not when I'm bored too. Get well Jimmy. See you next year. Study hard. Have the porn stars quiz you on the playbook during your recovery time....................
  11. While I don't claim to be able to predict injury, his history is getting hard to ignore. Good player, but couldn't believe he was being drafted in the 6th-7th round in a lot of drafts.
  12. I thought Bradford would be an upgrade over Staton and Gabbert. Sheesh. Poor Larry. He deserves better.
  13. When Goodwin comes back, I would like to see him, Garcon and Pettis on the field together more. Pettis needs to play as they need another big play option.
  14. Definitely. I am assuming Goodwin is out another week.
  15. The whole 49er passing game was off Sunday. Only 6 passes completed to WRs all game. They will need to score a lot of points to keep up with the KC track team on Sunday, so if your options aren't great, Pettis is worth another shot.