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  1. Not buying this. Seems like smoke in case someone really wants Fornette and thinks SF will (might) take him with the 2nd pick. SF obviously wants to trade down and this seems like a ploy to spark interest. This is why the NFL draft is so much fun. Ton of misinformation being floated around. One big hustle...................
  2. Wasn't aware Brock has been a problem child in the past. Makes a little more sense they made the move so quickly. Seemed it took about 5 minutes to make the call. Decisiveness appartently isn't lacking in the new regime.
  3. Agree that losing Brock doesn't change the strategy with the 2nd pick. Lattimore is in play but he would have been regardless. Still hoping they get a solid offer to move down but still stay in the top 10
  4. Brock released after getting physical with his woman. Seems kind of quick to pull the plug on one of your best players. Her injuries were minor (what I read anyway) and there is sometimes a story behind the story. Give the guy a chance to explain his side at least before you cut him loose.
  5. I doubt Mixon makes it out of the 2nd. Too easy to sell the fact that he was 18 and he has learned his lesson. Would love him to be there for SF at 3.2. Lynch and Shanahan getting a lot of rope from the fan base right now, so don't see public outcry being over the top.
  6. If it's on video, it makes it more real and apparently makes the crime worse. Foolish but that's the way it is. Ask Ray Rice
  7. I got the feeling that winning the Len Eshmont award last year was the players way of giving a big FU to SF ownership and management. The season was so horrible that this was the players way of making a statement. My opinion anyway
  8. I agree that he is way better than the average back up, but I think there is enough sample size to come to the conclusion that he just can't get it done as a pocket QB. Most of his success last year was short throw and runs and a lot of garbage time, gimme stuff. Back ups are either developmental young guys or guys who can come in and run the same offense if the starter gets hurt or tutor type guys (Schwab) who could come in and get you through a game or two if the starter got hurt short term. Plus the political side of it screwed him, right or wrong. So many perceive him as a bad guy due to the anthem kneeling. Just not worth the problems as a back up QB. His best shot is if someone gets hurts long term after the season starts.
  9. Much less than the average football play actually. Jumping over a 300 pound guy is less hazardous than going helmet to helmet with him.
  10. Nope. The initial contract he signed did not guarantee beyond the first year. They kept him last year mainly due to the fact that he was injured in 2015 so they had to pay the salary in 2016 regardless, so might as well see what he could do in Chips system that supposedly was so perfect for him. Kap agreed to waive the injury clause for 2016 on the condition that he could opt out after 2016. That was the only way SF would play him because they didn't want to take a chance of him getting hurt and then having to pay him again in 2017 due to the injury clause.
  11. Damn straight!
  12. I can't figure this one out. An exciting, athletic play within the rules. Nobody got hurt. Player safety? Don't think so.................
  13. Because he was going to be released if he didn't. Lynch made that crystal clear on a radio interview. When asked the question if Kap was going to be released if he hadn't opted out, Lynch said "yes" with zero hesitation. No attempt to spin it at all. Better for him to make it look like it was his choice he left.
  14. Big problem is, with the depth in this draft, most of the teams are looking to trade down. After Garrett, there is no obvious 2nd best player. I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade out of #2, but they won't get anywhere near what the trade value chart says. Closest would be if someone is secretly in love with Trubisky and wants to jump the Bears. Bears signed Glennon, but only one year, so they may still be targeting a QB or at least be perceived as targeting one. If Jacksonville or Carolina wants Fournette or Thomas, they would make good trade partners since you would stay in the top 8. If Jacksonville at 4, you might see SF trade down again. A lot of time for the draft games to play out. Agree with GregR that Lynch is over the top on hyping the QBs, but I don't think it will impact any deal. Pretty obvious that SF isn't taking a QB at 2 since Cousins will be in play next year. Last time SF had this high a pick was 2005 and they couldn't trade out that year either due to perceived lack of a top QB available or anyone one else who was considered the obvious best player in the draft. Rodgers proved that theory wrong and 23 teams passed on him. Will be interesting to see how teams truly value Trubisky and Watson as draft day approaches.
  15. You know how much drinks cost in a place like that? Not cheap.