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  1. I think all of these 3 were more emotional selections rather than based on their actual elite performance, To be in the HOF, you should have to be elite. Namath: Take away super bowl 3 and he doesn't touch the HOF. 173 TDs to 220 INTs. Not elite Griese: Good leader, solid QB, 2 super bowls, but have to call him a game manager. 8/11/88/1/1 against the Redskins 6/7/73 against the Vikings in the super bowl wins. Again, not elite Stabler: Best of the 3 but still, 173 TDs to 222 Ints. Fans loved him for his playing style and off the field lifestyle, which contributed to his being elected. Still not elite. IMO, Aikman was deserving. Guy was a huge talent, but he played within their winning system. As a 49er fan, I am all too familiar with Aikmans ability to make big throws into tight windows at clutch moments. Had he played in a more open system, he would have put up big stats. But I can also see the argument against. That's the toughest one for me.
  2. Joe Namath Kenny Stabler Bob Griese
  3. Yep. He tried to play through the ankle injury last year when he should have been sitting. Guy is a gamer Very good runner. 5.3 a carry on over 150 carries, so not a small sample size. Was over 6 for most of the season until the ankle injury slowed him down. Also worked really hard on his receiving after his rookie year. Had 6 drops in 2017 and zero in 2018.
  4. Well, he’s nothing like Cohen as he is a really good inside runner despite his size. Cohen is not. He tried to play through the ankle injury last year, which was a mistake. They should have sat him but he wanted to play and since they had nobody else, Shanahan rolled him out there. He was “always hurt” because he never sat and recovered from the original injury. I do agree, as I stated that if everyone stays healthy, it’s a fantasy mess as the carries will be spread out, although both Coleman and McKinnon will be heavily involved in the passing game. Contrary to some reports, I don’t see one of Breida, Coleman or McKinnon being inactive if all are healthy. Different types of players and from a team standpoint, having all 3 available will be a huge advantage. However, if Coleman or McKinnon get hurt, Brieda will be a solid pick up. Also, l’ll take the over on both Coleman and McKinnon catching 25 balls each. Way over.
  5. Going to be a fun team to watch this year. Kyle finally has some offensive talent to work with. Their offense was solid last year when he was working with an UDFA QB, waiver wire RBs like Morris and Wilson filling in when Breida was out and a group of WRs that were playing mainly due to injuries to others. Coleman, McKinnon, Breida, Pettis, Goodwin, Samuel, Hurd, Matthews and Kittle. Would be nice to have a true #1 WR in the Hopkins or Beckham mold (which is why I wanted them to grab Antonio Brown) but Kittle is a star and Pettis could take the same 2nd year jump that Kittle did last year. There was so much hype going into 2018 based off the 2017 finish after Garoppolo took over. 2019 roster is sooooooo much better than it was going into 2018 but the team is kind of under the radar this year, which I think is a good thing. As a long time fan, a lot of similarities to how things looked going into the 1981 season. Walsh was in his 3rd year after two seasons of 2-14 and 6-10. He had taken over a team with the NFLs worst roster and while they were losing you could feel them moving in the right direction. Expectations were for 8-9 wins going into the season. Football can’t get here soon enough
  6. Burning 2018 6th round round pick Simeon Thomas, who was cut by the Browns, in shorts may prove a bit easier than when the pads come on vs experienced CBs, but we will see I guess. I like the fact that the writer says Metcalf was his 14th ranked player overall. Obviously, NFL personnel evaluators disagree including the team that drafted him, who waited until the last pick of the 2nd round to make a move for him. But what do they know?
  7. Guy just has weak bones i guess. They need to sign Tre Boston ASAP. Solid player who can get some picks and actually suits up on Sundays.
  8. Actually feel bad for the guy. Without the structure of football, he's kind of lost.
  9. Fantasy wise, I just don't see McKinnon doing much on the ground with Coleman and Breida in the mix. I think both are better pure runners than McKinnon. I am excited to see both McKinnon and Coleman as receivers though.
  10. As a 49er fan, I'm excited about this WR group from a team standpoint. In fantasy, not so much. RBs will be much more involved in the passing game this year as well, with McKinnon back and adding Coleman. Just more mouths to feed. Still like Kittle for fantasy. Will be hard to duplicate the yardage, but think he adds 4-5 TDs this year. Offense will have a lot more red zone opportunities.
  11. Most agree that he is freak and tests well in shorts. No surprise here. Plus, when has Pete ever been anything less than a cheerleader in his outlook for the players he drafted? Not much college production though. Not going to get easier at the next level.
  12. Would like to see them take a chance on Eric Berry. They have the money and If he stays healthy, a big upgrade over Tartt. If not, they don’t lose anything except some money. Berry would probably sign a one year, heavy incentive deal. Do it Lynch
  13. Yep. I had to email Chris Lambert a few times over the years and she always responds within 24 hours. Plus, money is always paid out quickly. Sat out the main event last year due to fantasy football overload but looking forward to jumping back in this year.
  14. Anthony Davis filed for reinstatement Guess he ran out of money. My guess is SF wants no piece of him..................
  15. Thomas wasn't an edge and wasn't a power inside guy, so drafting him at 3, even in a weak at the top draft class was a mistake. I was really hoping for another trade down. Rumor (that word again) was Carolina offered 8 overall and their 2nd for 3 overall. Not a great value typically, but in that draft, if true, one they should have taken. Agree that the offense will be fun to watch. I think Kyle finally put his foot down about drafting some WRs. Yeah, the "old" punter will be useless in about 10 years, so just another reason to hate the pick. 😎