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  1. 7 targets, 6 catches last week. 3 for 3 and over a 100the week before. Tonight, 3 targets, last one bounced literally 2 feet in front of him on a simple out pattern. WTF can you do?
  2. efactor

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    Well, the book told him to punt. Gotta follow the book 🙄
  3. Yeah, he's quite good (going for the understatement here). Wentz loves him some Ertz, so no reason the targets won't be plentiful every week. The last drive was all Ertz. Shows who he trusts to get open in key situations. Only wish I had him on even one team.
  4. efactor

    California fires - smoke is no joke

    I live and work in Roseville/Rocklin area and yesterday was god awful. I have never had respiratory issues, until yesterday. Weird to see people walking around with masks on.
  5. I think he’s going to be a very good head coach. Came into a situation as a first time head coach with a bottom 5 roster. When he got good QB play last year with Garoppolo, they won. Expectations were high going into this year, but realistic fans knew they were screwed if Garoppolo got hurt. The rest of the roster just isn’t good enough yet to win with bad QB play. The thing I’m most impressed with is he hasn’t lost the locker room despite the losses this year. Even Sherman commented on that before the Raider game. Guys are still playing hard and no finger pointing. Sign of a good leader.
  6. 49er forums are pretty bad. Among the worst that I have seen. Seems that a fairly high percentage actually enjoy when something negative happens. Garoppolo tears his ACL and they rejoice because it is proof that he wasn’t worth the money they signed him for. Sad and pathetic but some people aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy
  7. The bat signal or a certain person hitting the report button. 🙄
  8. efactor

    Steel Panther Game Thread

    That was pretty.
  9. efactor

    Steel Panther Game Thread

    Please no sweet Jesus
  10. efactor

    Steel Panther Game Thread

    Did Conner get hurt?
  11. efactor

    Steel Panther Game Thread

    Until they stop it anyway 🏈
  12. efactor

    Steel Panther Game Thread

    That play is pretty effective.
  13. efactor

    Steel Panther Game Thread

    Three guys blocking 1. Protection was predictably good