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  1. Whenever I watch the Cardinals, no matter how many targets Fitz gets, I always go away thinking they should have thrown him the ball more. He's just that good. He got 10 targets yesterday and had 9 catches. If I was Ariens, I would have told Gabbert he would be benched if Fitz didn't have 15 targets minimum. I would rather target a well covered Fitz than an open John Brown with a guy like Gabbert or Stanton at QB. Fitz catches 9 of 10 while the other 3 WRs (Brown, Brown, Nelson) are 5 of 12. Even with Palmer in there, they don't throw enough to Fitz. Long stretches of games he doesn't see the ball while the offense bogs down. Just don't get it.
  2. That's indisputable................
  3. What a great player.
  4. Yeah, that was pretty horrible.
  5. Nice drop Kupp
  6. Looked pretty obvious he was short. A lot more “conclusive” than the overturn of Bells TD Thursday night. Really inconsistent.
  7. Yeah, only a couple really good passes the entire game. The long play to Walker was well thrown and the TD that Walker dropped. The Matthews long TD was blown coverage. Nobody near him and he made an excellent run after the catch. A lot of throws behind the receivers and a couple of the INTs were brutally bad. Davis has a lot to learn obviously, but Mariota played a really bad game.
  8. Unfortunate. Kid was coming around nicely...................
  9. Dolphins should do the same thing. I don't recall ever seeing a team get pushed around so much without pushing back as Miami did last night. Pathetic.
  10. Good thing. Only 6 touches overall. Would have liked to see him get some of this easy running action tonight.
  11. Unreal. Worst run defense ever.
  12. Nobody touching him. Pretty easy to look good. Even Lynch got 4 YPC against Miami. Good for Stew though. Last week was rough with the fumbles.
  13. Yeah. On the TD, McCaffrey just shielded the DB. DB didn’t even try to make a play. Pathetic indeed.
  14. And letting McKenzie return punts isn’t the worlds best decision at this point. 5 fumbles already. He might communicate to the specials teams coach that ball security is kind of important.
  15. Seems every time I watch Denver play, McKenzie fumbles a punt. Last night was number 5 on the year. How can you keep putting him back there? Last night Denver D gets a 3 and out on first series then McKenzie drops the fair catch attempt and NE has a first down around the Denver 25. Seems Joseph might question the special teams coach choice of his return man at some point. If a RB had fumbled 5 times in a small amount of touches, he would likely be benched.