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  1. Yeah, glad to see someone finally stand up and call out blatantly bad calls. Most of the time, it’s a chuckle and a “missed that one” comment. Booger was pretty fired up
  2. Yeah, he really did. Clearly reached the ball out over the plane. Surprised Detroit didn’t challenge.
  3. Well, he crossed the goal line the play before so there’s that.
  4. That’s always my thought process on a bad call like that. You couldn’t possibly have seen it since it didn’t happen so why are you calling it? Horrible.
  5. Weak? It was as blatant as it gets.
  6. ESPN calling out the refs. “I have no dog in the fight but I have eyes. What is he seeing?”
  7. Not a fan of either team but that ending was just gross. NFL should be embarrassed
  8. I’m sure the NFL will issue an apology to the Lions tomorrow
  9. Bad penalty. Nowhere for Walker to go.
  10. Rams were averaging 30 points a game coming into the SF game. They will be fine. Niners D is that good.
  11. I hate that QBs get credit for a TD pass on that