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  1. I use my leaf blower. Just pull out all the big chunks of lump, open up the vents and dome, cover my eyes with my elbow/forearm and have at it.
  2. Wicked Good Charcoal They sell it at my local Ace Hardware. Or you can order it off of Ace's corporate site and have it delivered to your store.
  3. If so, why was he so obsessive about getting into the hatch?
  4. didn't Danielle say, in season 1, that the black smoke was bad? Then the next scene cut to smoke billowing amongst some mountains. I hadn't seen that mentioned yet.It appeared the Eko smoke was different. Which smoke was Danielle referring to?
  5. Best salmon I have evah had:BLACKENED FISH3 parts Paprika (sweet)1½ parts Salt¾ parts Black Pepper¾ parts White Pepper1 parts Red Pepper (cayenne)½ parts Oregano (dried leaves)½ parts Thyme (dried leaves)1 parts Onion Powder1 parts Garlic Powder----11 Total partsCast Iron Skillet (with little or no lip/side)Unsalted ButterCooking Instructions1.)Mix all spices together.2.)Set cast iron skillet directly on coals at maximum heat for 30 minutes or more.3.)Filet fish (remove skin and back bone).4.)Slice fish filet long ways so it is approximately ¼" thick. Take the extra time to properly slice the fish. The thinner you slice the filets the better the blackened fish will be. The filets should be approximately 3" by 4" by ¼".5.)Dry filets on paper towels.6.)Melt a lot of unsalted butter, enough to thoroughly soak all filets.7.)Dip fillets in butter, thoroughly coating the fillets.8.)Put a liberal layer of spice on the fish.9.)Cook outdoors, obviously.10.)Set filets on skillet (put spice on top side if not already done).11.)Flip filets over when bottom side is blackened (15 to 45 seconds per side depending on temperature of skillet and thickness of filet).12.)Remove filets when both sides are blackened.
  6. When I was a pre-teen, my grandpa used to cook me buckwheat pancakes every Saturday morning and a steak every Saturday night in his old cast iron skillet. If only I had thought to ask for it...
  7. There really isn't much to add about the shows that already aired, and we don't get new shows until Jan... so, I don't see how else this thread is active until then. so are you guys discussing actual spoilers or just theories? Theories are ok to discuss using normal font, no?
  8. I don't think so just because there has to be further development between Desmond and Jack.
  9. any theories on why the Dharma logo was different? It contains a swan in the hatch and an arrow in the bunker.
  10. I quit over Xmas after smoking for about 15 years. I was in Ohio at the in-laws and can't smoke inside. It was -10 outside so I didn't feel like freezing to death. Quitting wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I'm already starting to breathe/feel much better.