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  1. You are correct on all accounts. I haven't been part of that effort, but I think it was delayed slightly...I'm being told that they should be available this weekend. When I see them posted, I'll stop back to update this thread.
  2. I don't know...paging @David Dodds
  3. PowerGrid for the main slate of Preseason Week #2 is now LIVE: PowerGrid
  4. Those are the only sites where I would recommend depositing money...going beyond them is risky, IMO.
  5. We have never posted any official DFS content for preseason games. There are a number of reasons that we've avoided it in the past, but we are working on putting together 'bonus' preseason content this year...we'll be sure to let you know when it becomes available. It won't be as extensive as our in-season content, but it will be enough to steer you in the right direction. Stay tuned.
  6. It's coming, fellas... We have traditionally not generated preseason content for a number of reasons. That said, we are putting together a few pieces of content for the next few weeks. Nothing official, no particular schedule, but there will be a couple of articles written to help narrow down your selections for preseason contests. The DFS Landing Page is due to go live in the very near future (I saw a mock-up this morning)...I'll stop back here to share the link when it's ready. A preseason episode of the PowerGrid was recorded earlier tonight for this Saturday's game slate--watch for it on our YouTube channel and The Audible podcast feed tomorrow.
  7. It's coming...we have a bit of "bonus" preseason content on its way to you guys. Just finished recording an episode of the PowerGrid for Saturday's 8-game slate, for it tomorrow AM.
  8. It is no longer part of the site after the NCAA shut down all DFS for college sports.
  9. Cracking FanDuel: MLB Chapter
  10. I wrote that section...let me look and report back.
  11. Hey DC...many of us are just getting back from our annual retreat, so things might be a bit delayed. That said, I think whatever you're looking for (IVC's, VVC, etc) should be online by tonight.
  12. The FBG crew is headed to Knoxville to crash Joe's pad this weekend and while there is going to be a lot of milkshakes, football, and hijinx, we are going to talk business too. One of the things that continues to evolve on the site is the daily content. If you look at the archives from 2014 through today, you'll note that we have made great strides with regards to what we offer and how it is presented. That said, there is always room for improvement and that is what I'm looking for in this post. Basically, what I'm asking for is the following: 1) What current tools, features, and/or articles are absolute MUST HAVES for you moving into the future as an FBG DFS subscriber? 2) What tools/features would you like to see that are currently missing from the weekly DFS content currently provided? 3) *DM RESPONSES ONLY (PLEASE): If we were to cut articles to pay for new features (#2 above) what DFS pieces could you live without? If you don't have a strong answer to any of these questions, but have feedback for the others, that is 100% fine...just share what you can. I cannot promise that your feedback will result in exactly what you want, but I can promise that it will be carefully considered as we look to 2017 and beyond... Many thanks, John (tipandpick) **I'm asking for direct messages only for #3 because I don't want to offend any of our hard-working contributors if they see their piece listed in a public forum. I appreciate your cooperation with this request.**
  13. My was my fault. I noticed it late this afternoon & corrected the problem. Should be good to go now.
  14. I do projections for baseball, but it's not worth the effort for football because good projections are so readily available (especially here). That said, projections are predicated on the Vegas lines. There is not an additional adjustment for being a home favorite because that aspect is presumably already 'baked into' the line that Vegas releases. I'll let Dodds speak for himself on how much he sways from his model, but I've heard him say that he has subsequently tweaked a player's projections based on gut feeling about their individual matchup. My personal thinking is that we should let projections guide our thinking, but we need to subsequently use our own analyses to make tie-breaker decisions on players who are closely projected. For your subsequent question, I think the projectionists avoid this in NFL because historical influences are so dramatically variable. For example, Mike Evans is seeing ridiculous volume this year since VJax went on the IR; if you were to use this season as a guideline for his ceiling projections next year, you'd probably be quite a distance off due to the fact that the Bucs won't be rolling out Adam Humphries across from him every game in 2017. You can go through the entire league and come up with similar scenarios where player performance is affected by personnel around them, ultimately leading to the same conclusion: It's tough to establish a floor/ceiling value on a player based on past performances because of the litany of factors that account for those numbers (i.e., surrounding cast, coaching changes, strength of opponents, win/loss record, weather conditions, etc).
  15. eVALUEator is live (but not yet linked): I've got an email into Dodds about the timeliness of posting, fellas. Unfortunately, only a few people (not me) have the authority to link articles to the DFS landing page, which can create delays at times. In many cases, the articles are able to be accessed via the appropriate URL, but haven't yet been tied to that page. If something is grossly late, please tweet at me (@tipandpick) because I get those notifications immediately, whereas I only pop in here from time to time.