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  1. Thanks Jolszews...I've notified the authorities. It should be corrected ASAP.
  2. Keep an eye out today...we (staff) are beta-testing it now for bugs, etc. Dodds did well on pricing--be forewarned.
  3. Just saw this now @Steeler (your @ didn't tag me?)... I think you're talking about GPP Domination by Phil Alexander? If not, I'm unaware of an article on our site that does what you describe.
  4. You'll receive a 1099-misc form if you profit more than $600 on any (and all) site(s). From there, you will be subject to any taxes (federal/state) due on that amount. The IRS will have a record of those monies, so I highly suggest that you don't follow the advice of the second poster here. DFS Taxes
  5. My recommendation would be to email Danny directly and ask him where/how he sources those projections.
  6. I don't recommend mass multi-entry (MME) for anybody just starting out--it is labor-intensive, deep in game strategy, and expensive. You will spend a lot of money trying to figure out how best to approach it. Leave it for the more experienced players. In the meantime, play in single-entry GPPs and 100-man tournaments. Hone your craft there & work towards multi-entry over the course of the season.
  7. I think I finished in the top 50 this week (??). You should get an email notification if you were awarded tickets, but I don't remember from last year if they show up on the site?
  8. I asked David about this earlier today. Obviously, I have literally hundreds of entries each week, so I enter dummy lineups early in the week & do my edits on Sunday morning. This evening, I was looking at my cash game lineups (I had two) and noticed that, somehow, I had two entries into the FBG Championship contest...the higher entry was one of those two cash game lineups, while the second was a dummy lineup that I hadn't edited from early in the week. I have a theory on what happened, but those details really don't matter... I don't have confirmation on this (yet), but we'll likely use my lower-scoring lineup if my "real" lineup is the highest of the FBGs...I'm not entirely sure what happened here, but we obviously don't want our subscribers having to beat me twice. Sorry for any confusion.
  9. It was there last year, brother! Glad you finally found it, though!
  10. Here is what you can expect for DFS content in 2017: FootballGuys' DFS Landing Page
  11. You are correct on all accounts. I haven't been part of that effort, but I think it was delayed slightly...I'm being told that they should be available this weekend. When I see them posted, I'll stop back to update this thread.
  12. PowerGrid for the main slate of Preseason Week #2 is now LIVE: PowerGrid