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  1. American Psycho Best in Show Major Payne The Big Short The Outlaw Josey Wales
  2. My #1 is The Meat Eater. It's mostly about hunting, fishing, and outdoor conservation. You'll hear a ton of interesting stories, learn a lot, and there's plenty of humor along the way.
  3. Wentz is effortlessly dominating this game.
  4. Just noticed this. Dallas kicker Brett Maher has 7 out of 8 games in a dome following his week 8 bye.
  5. Sidney Jones looks like a stud so far this year.
  6. Things I try to do: 1. Never look at my opponent's lineup. What you don't know can't hurt you. 2. Only watch my NFL team or premier games 3. Make transactions and lineup changes once per week
  7. What are the rankings if all 3 methods are averaged?
  8. Howie with a classic Howie troll job on Dallas in Dallas with a player named Dallas. Beautiful pick.
  9. ESPN's analyst panel is far more coherent and enjoyable.
  10. And how many times has an Andy Reid quarterback produced that 'floor'?
  11. This. Trading a young elite player on a rookie deal is rare.
  12. Doug Pederson called another great game. Play calling, adjustments, challenges, decision making were all excellent.