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  1. Yes you do need a charger and should trickle charge it after each use. A trolling motor has no alternator and will just drain it over time, totally normal. Buy the biggest battery you can afford and fit in your boat for best performance.
  2. Has anyone used Schwab's Intelligent Portfolio or a similar service? It's automated investing aka a robo-advisor. You need a $5,000 minimum balance but there are no unnecessary fees.
  3. Remember when Dallas Goedert was a wasted luxury pick? Those two TE sets have been useful all year with all the WR injuries.
  4. I always brush my teeth left handed even though I'm right handed. I've always tried to find ways to make myself more ambidextrous.
  5. Man what a throw by Wentz for the td.
  6. So far Sanders looks great and JJaw looks terrible.
  7. Great comeback but the WR situation is comically bad if JJAW is out along with Alshon.
  8. Breshad Perriman WR Bucs Justin Watson WR Bucs Any Bucs homers know which one is more valuable moving forward?
  9. How would you guys rank Pascal, Robby Anderson, and Russell Gage for this week?
  10. Top 3 in order: 1. Christmas Vacation 2. Home Alone 3. Scrooged
  11. It's good to see his package continue to expand. -Booger
  12. Think about why they traded for Golden Tate mid season last year. And then not being able to utilize a veteran receiver like Tate. Think about how the Saints playoff game ended. Think about all the game losing drops this year. Wide receiver play and WR coaching has been a problem for a long time. This is on the FO and coaches.