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  1. Of course this is the week I go against Aaron Rodgers. Of course.
  2. Tim Gunn Donny Osmond - I've never heard of him being anything but nice to his fans.
  3. I loved "Heaven Help Me." Deon Estus was also the opening act for George Michael on the Faith tour - or at least the show I went to.
  4. I put "On the fence" because it doesn't matter to me if guests keep their shoes on or take them off in my place. I generally take mine off when I get home and put on house slippers.
  5. Rockit - Herbie Hancock is a perfect example. The video was played all the time on MTV and won 5 MTV Music Video Awards. Yet it only got to #71 on the Billboard Hot 100. (In fairness, it did hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club chart and #6 on the Hot Black Singles chart.)
  6. 1990-1991 - so I'm limiting this to August 1990-June 1991, and albums I actually bought/listened to at the time. (So this rules out Bona Drag and Kill Uncle by Morrissey - I didn't actually listen to them until college.) Cherry Pie - Warrant. I know, I know. Still, I just loved this album back then! Soundtrack to Twin Peaks - Angelo Badalamenti. Seemed like everyone was obsessed with the show at that time! Plus the music was great. Five Man Acoustical Jam - Tesla. Practically wore this cassette out from playing it so much. Cooleyhighharmony - Boyz II Men. Very popular in my high school. Out Of Time - REM. What can I say? Still love it.
  7. More or less chronological order, a sampling: Al Feldstein (former editor of Mad), The Big Bopper, Bill Wyman, Kevin Kline (we also share an alma mater!), Senator Mike Rounds, Senator Jeff Merkley, Ray LeBlanc, Pat Williams, Korie Robertson (from Duck Dynasty - we're exactly the same age), Corey Dillon, Jamal Mayers, Monica (the singer), Casey Wilson, Drake, Charlie White, and Jalen Ramsey. Plus two embarrassing celebs: Tila Tequila and PewDiePie.
  8. This is my second Father's Day without my dad - he passed away December 21, 2017. Yesterday would have been his 71st birthday, so it's a very emotional weekend here.
  9. Late to the party, but yes, I'm here! It's been a while.
  10. Exciting news to wake up to this morning! Now I'm even more excited for Week 1.
  11. I've never played in a dynasty league, so I'll go with this definition. The first one who comes to mind is Todd Gurley last season. OUCH.
  12. How about my Hoosiers this week? That was some win over Michigan State!