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  1. Best hospital in the world in one of the worst neighborhoods in the US. I get there a lot for work and am alway nervous stopping at red lights. Can run them because they have cameras all over the area too.
  2. Body SLAM!!!!!! And you still lost. Baaaahhahahaahahaa! What does that say about the D's. LOL
  3. Anyone ever get that 7'x7.5' shed they sell for 699? It's made of some composite material? Thinking of picking one up
  4. In. This is always fun. Thanks so much for doing this.
  5. Box of condoms or a fleshlite.
  6. I just wanted to jump in this liberal circle jerk thread and say nothing is going to happen to Trump. FYI I don't like him either. Goodnight.
  7. thx Andy. I'll be watching this
  8. Would smash though not that hot.
  9. First off you need to set boundaries at work. You do your job and that's it. You're not getting paid to do the work of 5 people. Push back when others try to corner you into doing more then your role. Excel in your position, it sounds like if you stuck to your job you could easily complete your it in an 8 hour day. Then when you leave for the day. Leave. If you do not need to absolutely answer emails don't. Don't even look at them. We all wear many hats throughout the day, earner, dad, husband etc but it sounds like you try to wear them all at the same time and your mind gets confused and races. All those hats are related but can only be worn one at a time. Your kids need their dad. You need to be that and only that when with them. I try to go though life living 5 seconds in the past while being in the present. By this I mean I try to catch my present self with my 5 second past self whenever I'm about to say or do something that I know I will regret. I try to life life with the knowledge that very few things matter in this world. My time here is short and I want to try and be happy as much as that time as possible. Even when I'm angry or stressed out I tell myself it's not fair to others for me to be angry around them. Theres a bible verse that speaks about don't waste time worrying about tomorrow as you have enough to worry about today. I let God take care of tomorrow. It's very comforting for me to think this way. Tomorrow is going to happen even if you aren't there so don't waste energy on it. Lastly, I take comfort in the realization that everyone has problems. My brothers son came out as transgendered, my other brother has a son who is 13 but in diapers because of an undiagnosed medical condition. Yes I have problems but so does everyone and they are making it. Why can't I?
  10. Chop leg off.
  11. If anything this cheats the family members of his victims who wanted to see him rot in prison. He stuck it to them one last time. It's awful for his daughter but I just can't muster up any sympathy for him. Sorry.
  12. This is what I was referring to. The more people who put up boxes the better they are going to weather this disease until a cure is found.
  13. Bats houses are the way to go. They eat a lot of mosquitoes. Also because of the bacterial disease that is now spreading across the US killing bats it is an extremely efficient way to help insure the bats survive this disease. Plus if you have kids they are fun to watch Cole shooting out of the box at night.
  14. Went to site to check sizing. Clicked on men. From the drop down appeared: tops, pants, bra's. Closed chrome no thanks Jake.