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  1. Grandpa Willie and the depends.
  2. Haha! Now go stab your in-laws
  3. I got a band that needs a name, can you help me out? Thanks -willie
  4. Actually IMO it's the best ball scratcher in the world. Feels good man.
  5. Has anyone ever drank all the Gatorade and not had to go? Or what's the longest you've waited before having to go to the bathroom after drinking all the medicine?
  6. Did Willie really quit FBG because we were giving him goof names?
  7. Give it a week or two and don't give up. You're about to have the softest skin you've ever had. Just don't use a lot of pressure at first. Report back. I honestly couldn't believe how much better my skin felt.
  8. Glory hole and the manholes?
  9. Willie and the sausage hunters.
  10. "Willie and the turd burglars" What do I win?
  11. Congrats! Girls are the best! I'm at my daughters lacrosse tournament right now!!!
  12. I bet the boxers you've tried are cotton. These are made from the same material as women's underwear (sound bad but I still feel like a man wearing them) aka micro modal. They feel very light when wearing and not hot at all.
  13. Humm, I haven't noticed any difference between these and exo's. Though the pair I linked are shorter then boxers in the waist and legs but very roomy in the love gun area. Certainly no hotter then any other micro modal underwear like say underarmor. They compare and IMO are better then the Kelvin Kline micro models in both price and comfort and as a bonus I don't have a dudes name printed by my junk