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  1. If you are correct then yes that does seem excessive. Perhaps a budget should be discussed for their vacation spending.
  2. Living in MN I am happy for this decision. My only worry is he will now try to stick it to greater MN for the bill. This should have never been allowed to happen. Poor leadership by both the governor and mayor , they both need to be run out of office.
  3. You obviously have no understanding of their culture or people. I’d rather be American and have our COVID than Japanese and theirs. Would be nice to have the lower numbers but I wouldn’t change a thing.
  4. Funny so do I. However comparing the two countries is Ridiculous. The Japanese are like no other people on the planet. They follow rules from birth
  5. Same here. two. It sucked. This was also covered in Tuckers show.
  6. Do you have kids? Online or distance learning is a joke. Its the best they could do and I commend them on the effort but it really sucked and stats show this. Heck just ask anyone with kids what they thought of it.
  7. Death % has been going down and not due to lag. Maybe its due to democrat mayors not putting sick old people back in with healthy ones at nursing homes?
  8. Numbers are also up because we are testing more. Of course numbers are up. However deaths are down. This is rarely emphasized though. Gotta keep the hysteria up.
  9. Look the teachers have a job to do, teach, evidence so far is leaning towards it safe to open schools. Dr’s are for it. If teachers and teachers unions don’t want to do their job then no they should not get funding. Pretty simple it seems to me.
  10. Actually no, the segment was about masks and the uproar here was about masks. Those countries listed did not require masks for kids.