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  1. boots11234

    14-Day MetaMucil "cleanse"

    All joking aside. Go to the Dr. You’re wasting your time with this clemse. They will do another colonoscopy is my guess. There is a prescription that will help move things along. My daughter has the same thing. Went through the above even took the prescription. No change. Goes every 10 days. It’s awful. Dr said it was ‘normal’ for her. Shes getting second opinion. Good luck
  2. boots11234

    14-Day MetaMucil "cleanse"

    Feel bad for your toilet and pipes
  3. boots11234

    14-Day MetaMucil "cleanse"

    Yams. Or sweet potatoe if you prefer. Fantastic super food loaded with fiber And as a bonus they taste awesome. Google yam benefits.
  4. A chick who aggressively tosses your salad?
  5. I have a wide foot. How’s the width in these.
  6. Well on your recommendation I ordered and received 4 shirts. I have to say, they are extremely nice. Very comfortable. For the price they are a good value. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to clothes and usually buy at Khols. Wife loved them and when I told them how much they cost she thought it was a great value. I haven't washed them yet but they are pretty wrinkly do you know how well they pack? I travel a bit for work and wonder how they look out of a suitcase? Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. I will be buying some pants from them once I loose some weight. (fatty here).
  7. boots11234

    Sober February

    Obviously it didn’t ‘sink in’. 😃👍. I’m just saying those “good times” would have been good sober is all. But to each their own.
  8. boots11234

    Sober February

    Actually the next morning you were better off than all of them. Next time they are drinking observe how stupid they act and the stupid stuff they say. That’s you when drinking. . Much better off sober. Think of the better health, more money and no hangovers. Life is meant to be lived sober so you can remember and enjoy it more. There are zero benefits you get from drinking. Zero. Let that sink in and remember it.
  9. Of course youre not. Its china after all. Never mind they are the single greatest polluter. Our emissions have gone down. Theirs are going through the roof.
  10. Are we with putting pressure on China? I mean if this is a world catastrophe shouldn’t the world, immediately, demand China start changing? And if they don’t we, united, need to sanction them. Is this happening now or is it just the evil US we are targeting?
  11. Seeing a boy say he’s a girl.