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  1. I don’t like replying to you and this is why. You can’t even see why this would be offensive
  2. I see Trump is solving the Middle East’s problems between breakfeast and lunch.
  3. How can such an offensive thread like this even be allowed? It’s no wonder there are no conservatives here. And this is an example of why I don’t believe the polls. What a disgusting question and thread.
  4. Is this the part of the city where they used sledgehammers to smash into the bank? I'm sure they just wanted to get some suckers and dog treats. Plus it was only a window they destroyed so yeah.
  5. Until its YOUR broken glass door. It brings me joy and makes my heart sing when I see police arrest these folks.
  6. Too good to check: Seattle radio host denies riots are happening until his apartment is looted Maybe there’s more involved then berry pickers? I find this story hilliarious, dude was denying riots but now is going to buy a gun. Funny how things change.
  7. Maybe the looting and burning down of neighborhoods has something to do with this??
  8. Agree. I feel that way about pretty much everyone who open carries. Whats the need to show it? I never open carry. Always concealed and I NEVER look for trouble. Thats the last thing i want. However if I was in my car and a dude pointed an AK or any other firearm at me, you bet he's going to get some. I would not be anywhere close to an area where something like this was going on either. Not sure if driver just got caught up in it or was looking for it.
  9. again, I'm not saying whose right or wrong here, I'm just guessing they have solid proof it was self defense otherwise they wouldnt have let the guy walk. sad outcome regardless.
  10. Agree not lots to go on. They would not release the dude if they didn’t have something is my guess. Can’t just kill someone. he needed to be in fear of his life. That is why I don’t open carry. Makes people nervous
  11. Well they did let the driver go so I’m guessing the video shows an AK being pointed at driver.