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  1. Trade you my colitis for your constipation.
  2. Winner winner chicken dinner!! The "Please stops!" Brilliant! See you didn't need us after all Willie. Oh and welcome back!!
  3. Go to Amazon and search for kubescent. The best period. Like 10.60. Mine is going on 2 months and still have half a jar full of scent. Easily will go 3 to 4 months is my guess. If you want a stronger scent you tip the bottle upside down and the wood saturates giving off more fragrance. I really like the Butt naked scent. The only down side is you cannot let it tip over as the wood will saturate and it will eventually drip. I hang mine from rear view mirror. Really cannot recommend it enough!!
  4. Weird story however dude was a way wrong. That's the same as rigging a shotgun to shoot if someone opens a door. He was looking at serious time for sure. That being said he doesn't deserve to be executed if that's indeed what happened. Way more to this story.
  5. Costco soft shell all the way. Cheap and constructed well
  6. Of course the local media reported on the riot but made no mention of the "white dude beat down" going on. Sad.
  7. Seriously willie, you take this thread and yourself way too seriously. People are just taking the piss and you way over reacted. I I wish your band "the too serious crew" the best.
  8. This thread is hilarious.
  9. I'd rather they banned people from bringing outside food onto the plane. Especially McDonald's that chit stinks up the who e plane. Man I hate that.
  10. I thin SLB is more upset that he closed the booze stands, heck he called that a Crime against humanity! I agree guy is probably a jerk but after reading that article those old people are stupid. Pack up theirs, the deers and the raccoons chit and GTFO I say.
  11. yes it is only business and he decided not to renew the lease. Sucks for the old folks but it is his land. No nothing of this guy but OP clearly hates him and is likely jealous of his money and is probably a socialist. Nothing to see here except an angry/jealous OP in his own thread not going the way OP expected.
  12. So what's the right play here? Give them the land? This owner may be a ##### but the people should have known better than buy a house on land they don't own. Sad but I don't see a problem . Plus you shouldn't feed wildlife.
  13. Thanks??? The company I work for is in CA however I'm a remote employee in another state. If I'm one of the lucky ones I honestly don't know how others are making it as I make a very good income and can pay this amount with no problem. Sucks to be middle class I guess.
  14. I have a PPO through anthem CA and pay 950+ a month for family coverage!! Now I make a decent wage but between health and dental pay around 1100 a month
  15. "If you like your Dr, you can keep your Dr."