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  1. You understand that Jones is, like, their boss right? He can tell them to do whatever he wants.
  2. Dumbest thing I heard today.
  3. We did it at archers and it was kind of spooky because you could barely see your hand in front of you face. My kids, and myself, were truely amazed at the beauty of the night sky. Seeing stars, Milky Way, satalights. Just gets you thinking of just how small you are in the scheme of things.
  4. This is a great thread!! Getting lots of ideas of where to go camping next year thanks!! One thing you absolutely must do, absolutely MUST DO, is when you are out West find out (web) where a certified dark sky is. This is a place where there is no light to obstruct the night sky. Surprisingly there are not too many places left. Then go there at night with the family, park and look at the stars. My kids were blown away at how many and bright they were! Show them the Milky Way and watch shooting stars!! This actually was one of the highlights of our last trip to Utah. Kids didn't want to go but now they still bring it up.
  5. Really? I agree that the casting in these new ones is awful however out of the whole group I liked her the best. Thought she was the most believable character in the whole movie.
  6. Grabbing a connecting flight and had to use the bathroom. Why is it at all the airports I've been to none of them have the auto seat protectors except Chicago? Seems a good idea yet no one else uses them. Is this some kind of Mob contract for the seats or something? as an aside, I wish the Mob would have installed vents over the stalls, good lord it smells worse than a chicken rendering plant!!
  7. So cop and bad guy are rolling around the ground, tazes him, kid takes something from belt. I'm guessing at this point cop is out of gas and feels if he goes another round with bad guy he's going to kill him. So cop I fear of his life kills him. Case closed.
  8. Seems much quicker on iPhone 6s+. Thanks for the link
  9. Having gun on lap is pretty common practice for this type of call. Otherwise he did absolutely everything else wrong on this call. But it is my understanding that no one knows where he is.
  10. Old news. I'm not saying the case is not moving forward. I'm saying no one knows where this guy is and no one is asking.
  11. Exactly. The mayor is up for election in one month. This mayor sang the praises of that officer. Now he has disappeared. Gone. Did we even take his passport? Guy is clearly guilty. Yet we hear absolutely nothing.
  12. Have you seen anything in the papers lately? I could be wrong but I am confident in my source.