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  1. They are basically a thicker, bigger wet wipe right?
  2. They seem kind of pricey for what you get . I bought them but have yet to use them.
  3. boots11234

    Blacks Support Trump

  4. boots11234

    Blacks Support Trump

    What did West do that was funny? Be black and visit a Republican President?
  5. boots11234

    Blacks Support Trump

    I must have missed it when CNN was making fun of Common and other black people who were visiting Obama.
  6. boots11234

    Blacks Support Trump

    I think giving anyone a pass is degrading that being said them making fun of mental illness makes it even worse if that were possible.
  7. boots11234

    Blacks Support Trump

    Democrats have moved on from black people. Brown is the new black for them.
  8. boots11234

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    I voted for him. I don't particularly care for how he behaves but I do like the direction he is taking us. Plus I don't put much weight into his behaviors as I personally know someone on his cabinet who told me he's the nicest guy, nothing like the media portrays him. No Avenatti comes across as a crass D bag.
  9. boots11234

    Michael Avenatti Thread

  10. boots11234

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Can both sides, r and d, come together on this one and agree that the dude seems like a D bag. Surely we can all agree on this.
  11. I will attempt serious answer. Lots of people working in that ER with loads of education. It costs a lot to keep them there. Had you had a serious reaction and they saved your life youโ€™d be ok with it. You should have gone to urgent care instead.
  12. Why didn't she turn over the therapy notes? Could have helped corroborate her testimony
  13. Canโ€™t wait for Trumps next pick!!
  14. Silence the opposition, that's how they roll. If anyone disagrees with them they must be sexist, racist, homophobic etc. BAN THEM!!!!
  15. So you cannot say anything against someone who claims 'victimhood'? I do think something happened to this poor woman but you got to prove it as Im not willing to flush someone down the toilet over an accusation. That's a bridge too far.