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  1. Thieves in the night.
  2. I very well could be. I loved the first one and they've set this one up very well for a 3rd installment. It just didn't quite do it for me is all. Sorry.
  3. Just saw it. The first one was better. This one was good however there were looonngg stretches of no action. Would give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. Kind if disapointed actually. Perhaps I was expecting too much.
  4. Wow! Nice stuff. Cannot believe the prices he's getting!!! Good for him.
  5. I play bagpipes. Cheap price of entry until you decide to buy your pipes. Relatively easy to learn too.
  6. 1st reacher was decent 2nd one was bad.
  7. I read he did most all the stunts and went through 4 months of training. Can't wait. Seeing tomorrow
  8. Rotten tomatoes 95%!!! Excited to see this flick. Reeves doesn't look like he's aged a bit since the Matrix.
  9. Thanks! Was looking to update.
  10. I'm sure this is a one off. Oops! I mean who would lie about climate data?
  11. People who pee on the toilet seat.
  12. I won't get in trouble. Just worried about sensitivities with them. I mean this stuff was likely taken off dead soldiers. Just don't want to offend.
  13. Worm, Do you have a link to the flag alone? it takes forever to load all the photos. My coworker said the flag has japanese names on it. Do you want me to ask if he can translate all the names? Not sure he will (he's my upper level manager.) but I will ask.
  14. Not sure if still interested however I had my Japanese coworkers look at the stuff. The overview is the post cards have a name and address of the person on the front of the card (that's a guess). The people are/may be movie stars. The flag has names of people all over it. The big Chinese characters on the top say something along the lines of rulers of the four seas. If you want anything in specific translated let me know. I'm here all week.
  15. Wasn't one of you bed wetters making fun of ND trying to pass a law saying its ok to run over protesters a few pages back? Well, this is why.