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  1. boots11234

    Best Board Games

    I got the King of Tokyo on your alls recommendation. Hope its good.
  2. boots11234

    Riots in France

    Like I sai, backlash from global warming Taxes.
  3. boots11234

    Riots in France

    This is a global warming tax and the French don’t like it.
  4. boots11234

    Fox news cracks me up...Benghazi! Hillary! Comey!

    Didn't Comey lie to congress about leaking?
  5. LOL. I wouldn't consider wiki a very reliable source
  6. Link. I was told over and over here that they are a net benefit. What happened?
  7. This comes as absolutely no surprise to me. I mean, look at their policies and stances on issues. disgraceful.
  8. boots11234

    The migrant caravan

    I cant wait to pay for all the diseases they have! Sick
  9. boots11234

    The migrant caravan

    I read 1/3 of all people el Salvatorians in this planet live in the US. What more can we do for them?
  10. boots11234

    The migrant caravan

    Tragic. If only mom would have done the responsible thing...and applied somewhere in Mexico this wouldn’t have happened. She got caught up in people throwing rocks, I’m sure she wasn’t. Im equally sure she wasn’t going to try to run across either if given the opportunity.
  11. boots11234

    The migrant caravan

    Sorry, I don't have one. The only reason I know this is I work for a foreign company based in CA. I was asked how I thought we could improve. I said requiring folks to speak English in the office would really help both customers and English only employees. I was told by HR that that was not allowed. You can only request not require. Sorry no link. Just what I was told by HR.
  12. boots11234

    The migrant caravan

    Racist!! On a serious note, in CA you cannot require employees to speak English on the job.
  13. boots11234

    Cast Iron Skillet omnibus

    Try bar keepers friend first. Use non-abrasive pad. WD40 May also loosen it up. Keep father in law out of kitchen.