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  1. The only ways trump wins in your eyes is if she drops dead and is wheeled away. Then the most you'd give him is a draw.
  2. Has to be one of the top 3 best ever threads.
  3. In an up market you're fine but if you go to sell in a down market you're going to be punished. I wouldn't buy it. Just the fact of you starting this thread, you know I'm right.
  4. Pics of girlfriend and let us decide if she's marriage material. The Hug thread is petering out.
  5. So the whistle in the video is the noise you'd have to get use to? You'd certainly get use to it but why would you want to? I wouldn't do it. Plus you've answered your own question about resale just by asking it. Of course it would affect resale as you haven't even bought it and it is affecting your decision now as it will affect whomever looks at it when you go to sell.
  6. General Tang. General Poon Tang.
  7. I got there as soon as the ring went on.
  8. Agree however I think when it gets to that point our hero will bust before he even inserts. Look how excited he was over a hug. I suggest he "empties the tank" before the big show if you catch my drift!
  9. Tapping out. Two completely different threads, Rons and this one. She needs her loins tended and you're offering hugs. Pathetic. I may be single soon and certainly am not going to be looking for hugs!! Did you get your balls in the divorce decree or does your x still have them?
  10. Maybe this has been covered but if there is no headphone jack, is there a wireless adaptor? I have vmoda 100's headphones and prefer to use these but they are not wireless. Can I still use them?
  11. Trade you my colitis for your constipation.
  12. Winner winner chicken dinner!! The "Please stops!" Brilliant! See you didn't need us after all Willie. Oh and welcome back!!
  13. Go to Amazon and search for kubescent. The best period. Like 10.60. Mine is going on 2 months and still have half a jar full of scent. Easily will go 3 to 4 months is my guess. If you want a stronger scent you tip the bottle upside down and the wood saturates giving off more fragrance. I really like the Butt naked scent. The only down side is you cannot let it tip over as the wood will saturate and it will eventually drip. I hang mine from rear view mirror. Really cannot recommend it enough!!
  14. Weird story however dude was a way wrong. That's the same as rigging a shotgun to shoot if someone opens a door. He was looking at serious time for sure. That being said he doesn't deserve to be executed if that's indeed what happened. Way more to this story.