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  1. Was there even the internets back then??
  2. Oof. Time to drop Jackson. Hahahaha
  3. She must have her dentistry done in England.
  4. So if he contests the votes, as Gore did, will they then be equal?
  5. Wasn't it Gore who sued when he lost? Is that the peaceful transition you want Tim?
  6. It reminded me my kids preying mantis, who also likes to hang upside down from the ceiling of his cage.
  7. Done though didn't care for piece
  8. Needs more ? though huh dentist?
  9. Been hearing some stuff about Hillary calling bills campaign manager a "fn Jew b-tard " some years back? Any truth to that?
  10. Love the drudgereport photo of billl and their daughter.
  11. There goes the moderator again. Arguing with trump.
  12. Moderators are awful. Trump was right 3 against 1