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  1. Lol. Wow you’re clever! Poo jokes ha ha ha. 🙄
  2. Neighbors had party last night. Not young 20 somethings. Adults. I called cops. Felt good. F them.
  3. Probably having milk and cookies at the old folks home. Waiting for the next number to be called out for bingo.
  4. Trump is going to crush any dem opponent. Be it sleepy joe, the communist or Fredo from NY.
  5. You’re clearly confused, that was the poor woman who accused Kavanaugh
  6. I agree he really should be at 70%. I’ll give it another week or so.
  7. I for one Am so glad Trump is in charge. Pondering decisions after getting all the facts. Calm. Cool. Presidential. It is comforting to know that this forum is in the minority with its bias against his handling as the polls reflect. Gonna skate to election.
  8. This doesn’t make sense. Either he is doing a good job or he isn’t. Rallying around the flag is completely different. You can love this country and dislike trump.
  9. 60% approval tells me You seem to be in the minority on this brah. Trump 2020!!
  10. Like everything I hope you are wrong. It started in China, it’s fair to point out as such. People are way to easily offended. Calling it corona virus, covid19 or China virus are all fair IMO
  11. Trump approval at 60% for how he's handling the virus! BAM!
  12. it really depends on the games he plays. Frankly if it world is still here in July I'd wait and buy the next generation.
  13. We usually agree on nothing General. However we agree on this. Prison for sure.
  14. Is she single? If so you got her number? Sounds like my type of gal. Giraffe with catchup. YUMMY!!