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  1. This all sounds great but I’m having a hard time understanding wtf your trying to say. I honestly want to know as I have no clue what to do. How about starting with a place to stay? Then, what app should I get and why?
  2. Im going to have 4 free days in Bangkok next week/weekend. I need the following 1) Hotel. Under 150 a night. 2) Things to see/do. I am traveling for work and took 4 extra days in bangkok. Looking for fun. I like tourist attractions and busy night life. Wouldnt mind staying near redlight district
  3. Have you seen her approval rating. People are embarrassed to live in her district.
  4. Doesn’t matter. MN was very close last election. Omar is from here. It’s all the push this state needed.
  5. Democrats are going to lose MN this time too. Trump is a genius making the squad the face of your party.
  6. Lol. Either of these two will be destroyed. Though Biden less so. Sad the Democrats have to use a dinosaur as their nominee.
  7. That’s awesome. Then you take your beating and get the tire fixed.
  8. I didn’t realize that was the same guy. He’s a very good actor. Would have made a great bond.
  9. He would have been good or that guy from Night Manager mini series.
  10. ? It has noting to do with women as leads or showing up men. It has everything to do with changing an iconic characters sex from male to female in a blatant attempt at #Metoo. But you are right it will come down to if it’s good.
  11. Again I don’t think race matters. The sex change fundamentally changes 007 lore.
  12. Ghost busters oceans 12 (or whatever number was the one with all women) the up coming Femonator I mean terminator. Out of touch directors making poor decisions. It happens. I don’t doubt they think it will make money. I just doubt it will.