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  1. Long time member of the board and website. Being urged to share my story everywhere. So here we go.
  2. Forgive the dumb question but I've spent some time bopping around the forecast menu and can't find anywhere that ranks the team D's the way they project for individual players. One of my leagues I have to draft team D's so just curious as to where this site has rankings of that sort?
  3. IDP Norton still shows the 22nd? Any changes to IDP projections guys?
  4. What about idp? I see it still says August 22 as last norton update.
  5. Week pre season 3 is a wrap and wondering how quick injuries and starters being named will be reflected in projections on the site?
  6. Who is going to pick up the slack in San Fran with Aldon Smith out a month? Who gets his reps?
  7. I have posted a question and replied to a few peoples topics this morning, none are coming up in the feeds. What's going on? my post:
  8. Bell didn't have that much touches to begin with. I think any RB that their GM would call "change of pace" would get at least the 134 that Bell got. Either they start running the ball more in Mo-Town, or LeShoure's carries will go down if they do get a true "change of pace" RB.There's the problem. Detroit has no option but to get better balance if they want to win. Their RB's only ran the ball 339 times total - compared to 727 passing attempts. The only playoff team with fewer than 400 RB rushing attempts was the Packers and that didn't turn out too well for them. 250 carries for Leshoure (that's only .3 carries a game more than he averaged in 2012) and 150 for the rest of the backs doesn't seem like too much to shoot for.I think what you're saying has some merit - but Mikel's lack of touches is also impacted by just how often they were behind immediatley in games and the fact he missed the first 2 games.
  9. I wouldn't be so sure on that last's news:The Detroit Free Press acknowledges that Jahvid Best's (concussions) career is likely over, and the Lions are searching for his replacement. Doctors have refused to clear Best to take more hits after suffering two concussions in 2011, and four in his football-playing career. The Lions have seemingly moved on, as GM Martin Mayhew reiterated that he needs to find "that shifty back that can come in and be that change-of-pace guy who can catch passes out of the backfield." Coaching the South team at the Senior Bowl, Jim Schwartz's staff has kept a close eye on running backs. Well he said "change of pace guy". Sounds to me like they're looking for a 3rd down back more than a replacement for Mikel.
  10. Some really good points made for and against Leshoure here and this thread has done exactly what I hoped it would - bring out relevant thoughts on both sides of the coin.I've read and re-read the thread a few times and each time I'm left with the same feeling - optimism. Yes I own him in my favourite dynasty league. But I also think if I was more objective (admitting I'm hoping for him to show better next year) I would have optimism because:1) He has receiving skills and will get some points that way for me2) He was coming off a big injury and likely not 100% "normal".3) The situations he played in, from behind etc...make me feel like with a balanced attack he will see more opportunity next year.4) His age. The jury is still out on him and I think given the other needs the Lions have, they won't prioritize adding more RBs.
  11. So in looking at his YPC and stats, I also see a link between exactly how often the Lions were falling behind in games this year and the run game not being utilized. So while his ability to break the 20+ yard runs is in question and should be - I'm not convinced that the combined variables of the Lions lack of passing threat (outside of Calvin) and having fallen behind in games didn't make for the most opportunity for Leshoure to shine this year. I have some optimism about the next season....
  12. Welcome to fantasyfootball. Gotta beahead of the curve.This is not a waitand see type of game.I still don't knowwhy you format alloff your replieslike this.hahahahahaha
  13. Reading profootball talk dot com this morning and saw a story saying "Lions RB Joique Bell has a history with Detroit’s new running backs coach."I said the F word three times after reading it. (Leshoure owner)
  14. I do think there is *some* merit in the fact he was coming off the injury. With an entire off-season and being healthier, I'm sure he will improve a bit. But his YPC average and lack of +20 yard rushes are cause for concern. And the way Bell looked GOOD the last few games worries me as a Leshoure owner that it will be a full out RBBC by Sept next year. God all we need now is Best to come back to further complicate things.