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  1. I'm in the projections in the forecast category, looking at all the choices for Standard Footballguys Scoring, PPR, Touchdown heavy scoring....but I'd like to have a look at all these different scoring to align what I choose with the league I'm in. Can you point me to where I can see the breakdown for each of these scoring methods?
  2. Long time member of the board and website. Being urged to share my story everywhere. So here we go.
  3. Forgive the dumb question but I've spent some time bopping around the forecast menu and can't find anywhere that ranks the team D's the way they project for individual players. One of my leagues I have to draft team D's so just curious as to where this site has rankings of that sort?
  4. Who is going to pick up the slack in San Fran with Aldon Smith out a month? Who gets his reps?
  5. I have posted a question and replied to a few peoples topics this morning, none are coming up in the feeds. What's going on? my post:
  6. What did the doctor say?

  7. Mike Vick is in tier 1!?!?!?! Since when!? Rothlisberger above Leinart?! Say WHAT?
  8. WAH poor baby. Screw Pete. Better to get the actual VOICE of the WHO anyway. Listening to The Bitter Half now, missed it this morning. I know everybody is lukewarm (at best) on it but it's worth a listen.
  9. The roast tomorrow should be G O L D
  10. Just in terms of geography, I'd say NY City or Vegas would be easiest to lose yourself in, fade into the millions of faces, never be seen again.
  11. Stern is fantastic. I used to enjoy O & A in the afternoons but if given the choice of one vs the other, I take Howard any day, there's no competition at all. Howard's been fantastic on Sirius and it's taken the show to new places. I can't imagine driving in (or home from work) without my Sirius now. The Artie revelation was really compelling radio, very "real", and I can't wait to see how this is handled Monday on the show. I've never seen the show deal with something like this and they aren't even referencing it much on the website (
  12. What do you think is going to happen? obviously you don't watch the show--- O RLY? Can you tell me what 'Invasion' is not about too?
  13. I've been listening a lot to Oprah lately and I think she's lost it.
  14. Home by the Sea for sure is fantastic. I spent two weeks straight in like 1989 or 1990 working the "Super Ex" in Ottawa, in a booth of a radio station promo truck. Watched the very cute girls from the 'dive show' next door dive to "Home by the Sea" the entire 14 days. Can't hear it without seeing chicks in bathing suits. It's very nice. Upon consideration, Throwing it All Away is probably their best song, but Mama is not far behind dammit! ha
  15. It's got to be Mama. Give your heads a shake.