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  1. IDP Norton still shows the 22nd? Any changes to IDP projections guys?
  2. What about idp? I see it still says August 22 as last norton update.
  3. Week pre season 3 is a wrap and wondering how quick injuries and starters being named will be reflected in projections on the site?
  4. please post Martin updates on the injury in this thread!
  5. I'm in a dynasty league and have been offered TY Hilton and a 2nd round and 4th round pick in our draft next year for Alshon Jeffrey and my last two picks. I'm worried that Hilton's upside is limited where as Jeffrey might have a higher ceiling. Thoughts?
  6. all great content and advice. Still looking for last minute thoughts with updated news from anybody...
  7. Upside for Lacy is too high and WIlson's cross section of work is becoming questionable in terms of his ability to stay out of the doghouse. Boldin alone is way too low.
  8. I go Washington at WR. Snelling will produce over Boldin who is in that murky New Englaind backfield. And Minnesota should produce some nice stats. mine:
  9. Wow. Well massive upgrade at WR. If Tampa had consistency or stability at QB I'd feel more assured giving advice but you don't know if Glennon will improve or downgrade Doug Martin's production. I know I think Martin can do it all and CJ has been up and down the last couple seasons, and he never and I mean EVER scores a touchdown. I'd be salivating for Julio though.
  10. I think it's Snelling all the way. The Falcons can move the ball up and down the field meaning they will be close to the other team's endzone often. he will get chances to punch it in.
  11. I do think you win short term on the running back side, but giving away Torry Smith is a tough pill to swallow. You currently have good depth at RB but Nicks won't equal Smith's output at WR. I'd have a hard time doing this one....but I may be blindly hoping Mendenhall remembers his age and that his coach used to love him and decides to show up.
  12. Why are you guys including CJ2K? He doesn't seem to factor into scoring situations and I feel like I'm just waiting for him to break long runs. I'm not challenging you, I'm trying to understand your mindset in suggesting he dress in a league where I only benefit if he gets a touchdown. No Martellus Bennett? No Michael Bush who the coach made a point of naming the goal line back?
  13. I will reply to yours as well. This one league I'm asking about is a scoring only all that matters is touchdowns. I need to dress 5 of the following. Pierre Garcon (tons of targets and productive for a Redskin team always playing from behind) Michael Bush (newly named "goal line back" facing Detroit) Doug Martin (hometown crowd for debut of back up QB replacing unpopular starter, but facing tough D) Chris Johnson (feels like he hasn't scored a TD since Ronald Regan was president, facing Jets D) Jimmy Graham (a clear cut automatic starter weekly) Antonio Brown (in England after massive showing and after his come to jesus talk with Haley) Chris Givens (disappointment so far) Martellus Bennett (can you afford to sit this guy right now?) Roddy White (sore ankle, still mostly a decoy?) Give me your 5 you dresss for a league that is about scoring touchdowns. Obviously the list starts with Jimmy Graham...after gets murky.
  14. Thank you RickyG for asking the questions that matter. As a Doug Martin owner this horrifies me. But then again we've seen back up qb's come in and spark a team.