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  1. He entered the isolation because that's what the CDC recommended. Man, I admit, even I didn't realize just how much the FAA had becme full of ignorant, uncaring #######s nowadays. This place has become a freaking cesspool. I leave it to you all. You deserve each other.
  2. Well, not trying to rain on the fun parade, but I just received a call from my sister in Ohio. My nephew was on the airplane with Ms. Dumb #### Ebola Nurse. Needless to say, I am fairly angry with everyone involved at the Dallas hospital that somehow thought it would be a great idea to just clear these people to fly, jump on cruise ships, etc. My nephew had to spend a little extra time in Cleveland until the CDC cleared him to return home. He is now in a voluntary 21 day isolation. The delay allowed his wife and children to vacate the house so he could immediately quaratine himself when he returned home, and his wife could continue to go to work and the kids to school. Otherwise they would have had to quarantine too. Since he was on company travel, his company is picking up the hotel and food tab for the family, for which they are extremey grateful. It would have been a fairly heavy financial burden for them otherwise. They are trying to keep this all quiet as they fear repurcussions from those who may panic if they knew his situation. Unfortunately, being from a small town, word is already beginning to spread. He has to take his temperature each day and a nurse comes and views the thermometer through the window on the door. Also, he has to have groceries left on the porch, and he goes and picks them up once the delivery person has departed. Needless to say, this likely stands out to the neighbors. Hopefully no one decides they must "eliminate the threat" and do anything irrational. But with people today, you ever really know what they are capable of. So, I'll go ahead and apologize in advance if I snap at anyone that is making light of the situation. I realize my viewpoint and anger level will probaby not be enitrely rational until his quarantine is up, he is fully healthy, and back with is family.
  3. Why is it interesting? How else would he refer to himself and Tate? It's interesting because he used duo and not trio to include West Maybe because West wasn't active for the game, and they were the duo that acctually played?
  4. Please do! From what I have heard it is that people don't like the gravity very much and feel it is a gimmick that wasn't needed. I am really surprised at how little forum presence the game is getting not just here, but everywhere. Gearbox decided to only release the game on the past gen of consoles thinking that's where the market is, but this clearly shows that people want to move on imo.I'm surprised how little attention it is getting as well. I don't have it yet, but will most certainly buy it once the price drops Everyone else is likely waiting too given the sort of "different" factor to this one.
  5. I only played like a week and didn't care for it, so asked to cash out. Oat's buddy promptly put it right back in the popular online payment site most of us used, didn't even make me go through a check process. This isn't the norm, he was doing me a solid since it was a minor amount. But he definitely handled it personally, which I thought was cool. As for this whole (slightly odd) fiasco, Cav spoke his piece, voiced his concerns. Oat responded. It's really time to take it to PM and let this thread be here for what it was intended, rather than getting it locked.
  6. Started that way. But then it was posted by many of us that the fish were already swallowed by the sharks and it quickly became a very difficult site. That was why I bailed fairly quickly. You mean I didn't misrepresent the site and install glitches on your PC???? No glitches necessary. I suck bad enough at poker to lose it all on my own.
  7. Started that way. But then it was posted by many of us that the fish were already swallowed by the sharks and it quickly became a very difficult site. That was why I bailed fairly quickly.
  8. I went back and started back in with my Mage character. That didn't last long. After playing my tank character, the mage sucks. Just like playing with a glass figurine. Actually sort of sorry I wasted my time with it. The tank was TONS more fun!
  9. Backing out to the middle of the arena did indeed make the King battle pretty easy. He went down. The dang Pursuer though was giving me fits. So I finally used a ring I really hadn't before. It adds to HP, stamina and max load. With that ring, I was able to carry the Dark Knight Greatsword and still be fully rollable. Man, with that bad boy's punch, I punked him first try. I had some left over twinklies I hadn't used. Man, after a few upgrades, that thing is uber-bad ###. Not sure why I didn't use that ring earlier. Would have loved to have been using that weapon the last couple areas.
  10. Which area are you referring too? The first one where you fight the fat bellied dudes? Or the one with the lion-type creatures? I am farming it some but it seems like I'm hardly getting anything out of it. I had to go back several times just to get 10k to buy a spell from Straid. This is much later in the game when you fight the last giant memories. ( those giant trees you examine and nothing happens? Later something happens and using bonfire ascetics, you can farm the area. Once you master the timing you can beat the area/boss in < 5 minutes. Now that I have been through this area, I still don't know what you were talking about here. Can you provide some details?
  11. He took so much patience for me. When he goes against the wall, you need to run away fast and lure him back to the middle and then get back on his hip after he swings. Is he the last piece of the game for you or do you still have Darklurker to beat? I never fought Darklurker nor will I try. I never joined the covenant or anything and, based on what I read here, I'm not real interested in taking it on. I do need to take out the Pursuer in the second area though.
  12. He punked me about five times today. My weapon just takes to long. I hit him and hit him. Then I have one bad spot where he gets right up against the wall and I can't get behind him, or he does two or three leaps in a row. And bam, I'm down. I amost think he goes in to rabbit mode when he gets down to the last 10%-20% of health. Because I get him there no problem, then get taken out.
  13. I have kept my weight were I can max roll fully dressed, though it has kept me from carrying the heavier, uber damage weapons. So I'm probably OK to go then.
  14. Doing some clean up. Kicked the gargoyles asses in the Belfry. Thinking of taking on the King, but only have three giant souls. That enough, or should I burn an aesthetic in Black Gulch to get another?
  15. For ####'s sake, can you two ladies take it to PM already?