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  1. I had not, thanks for sharing
  2. Yeah, his value is ridiculous now. You can basically get him as a throw in on trades. I have him as my WR5/6 in a couple of leagues, which is well worth it for the upside.As a guy who included him as a throw in on a trade to get Torrey Smith and a 2014 1st, I can confirm he is being included as a throw in. Guy I traded with needs to rebuild and I need a solid WR2 now. If quick takes off I'll be bummed but as others have said here, I didn't see enough last year to make him a solid hold.
  3. Having Matty Ice and Julio in a dynasty league is looking like it might not be a bad combo this year. That being said, I'm up 149 to 108 and opponent still has AJ Green and DMac, so it is likely I will squeak by or lose..
  4. Wow, I have no idea how as informative a poster as you've been here could ever have been banned..
  5. Got him at 2.02 today and pretty happy about it. Martin at 1.05, Wilson at 1.07 and Sanu at 2.07 didn't hurt either, I think I have a good shot at all of those guys seeing the field on day one of regular season. I get the feeling that the hype on Quick NEXT year will be similar to the hype we were seeing with Jones and Green last year.
  6. A fellow owner just forwarded this to me since I have MJD on my dynasty roster. Seems like pre-pre-season fluff to me unless 27 is the new 30 for RBs. He's no spring chicken, but he averaged almost 4.7yds/carry on a HORRIBLE team that defenses didn't have to have any pass defense for, they could just scream "BOO!" at Gabbert and he'd tuck and fall down.Let's see where they are in August when they realize they're going to have to protect the QB in order to use their shiny new WR. I hear having a RB who can churn through yards does wonders for that sort of thing.
  7. This is exactly why I don't think LA will get a team. San diego is close enough if you're hardcore, and the owners don't want to lose their trump card.
  8. Spoken like someone who consistently offers garbage trades hoping one out of ten gets accepted.Trades that are ridiculously unbalancing, in the opinion of the majority of ffl players or league mates, aand destructive and can contribute to the eventual death of the league so they rightfully should be looked on with scorn and ridicule. Sure some here could have an argument made about being on the realm of reasonable, but most are awful.
  9. For the record, RGIII didn't work out for ANY teams that asked, he didn't single out the Colts. Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned. By all means, continue with the vitriol though.
  10. I've mellowedNot much evidence of this in this thread.BTW, you're not thinking straight. Goodell has to--and will--come down extremely hard on Vilma, especially. Others will get theirs, as well.As it should be. As it DEFINITELY should be. These are not drones, and they were not forced by anybody to do anything to anyone. Players have to take responsibility as men for behaving like neanderthals. Sorry, you're just way off base here, and I'm not sure what your issue is.As always.Can't speak to the as always part, but the part of this post about the players is dead on. These guys are old enough to sign contracts, go to war, vote, etc. So the argument that they're just kids and are blindly following orders without being able to process what the consequences could be for them and/or the player(s) they go after is just silly. They'll get no pass of that sort from me, and apparently not from Goodell either, which is a good thing. They knew what they were doing was wrong and against the rules, and they did it anyway. These suspensions will not be life changing for any of them, and they'll send a message to the entire league that will last for a long time, and that's a good thing for the players, the fans and the NFL.
  11. Sorry dude, but they weren't following orders based on the info comin out. They were actively participating and contributing. Big difference.
  12. FBG wasn't the only site hyping up Ingram. Several other sites had him pegged to be a breakout rookie star too. That doesn't excuse the fact all of those sites, and those of us who also liked Ingram a lot, were dead wrong about him (at least in terms of his production; I still think he's a fine talent) but when it comes to people who thought Ingram had Top 15 potential this season there were a whole lotta people on that ship.Drafting him as a RB2 was risky even at the beginning of the year with the known RBBC, those who had even higher hopes were suffering from man crush, and are paying a price for it now.
  13. Probably b/c a lot of people had high hopes for him pre-NFL draft. Going to the Saints was deflating. Not only because of the timeshare but why the hell are they taking a RB in the 1st round who doesn't fit their offense? Just a wasted talent IMO. Not b/c of Ingram's ability, just b/c of the team he went to. In one dynasty rookie draft I was in, Ingram went SIXTH OVERALL. AJ, Julio and Ryan Williams went top 3. I grabbed Little at 4, and the next owner opted for Daniel Thomas instead of Ingram which was another shocker. I thought owner 5 was crazy for passing him up, but he wanted absolutely no part of the Saints backfield. Also no one will probably say this b/c Bloom's a good guy, but his blind support for Ingram was sickening. I'm not a subscriber but I'm sure a lot of the FBG Draft Kits were touting Ingram as a guy to target. Hurt a lot of the fantasy sheep who just blindly follow FBGs recommendations would probably explain why some hate him so much.I'm pretty sure his Dynasty ADP was consistently top 3 for the entirety of the pre-season, so the guy at 5 got a steal with Ingram. Sure this year he hasn't lived up to his potential, but if you take all the hype of instant gratification away, and realize most RBs take a year or two to develop, Ingram is still solid value for dynasty IMO. Not even a pattern of injury yet, just one foot so far. It's not like he's Fred Taylor or anything.Full disclosure, I took Ingram #1 overall in dynasty and don't regret it a bit. I had the 3 and got Julio but if I hadn't had the 3 I'm pretty sure I still would have taken Ingram #1, and if I had the 3 I'm damn sure he wouldn't have dropped to there for me.
  14. Admittedly I'm a Julio owner in a dynasty league, but that catch he made last night wasn't too shabby either. As an earlier poster said, Julio has been facing some tough teams so far, watch out when they get to the cake part of the schedule...
  15. i agree wholeheartedly. This was my plan and i already pulled the trigger and got the 1.01 and Brady for Tebow and Bowe (Bronco homer wanted him). Later turned Brady and my 2nd and 3rd next year into McCoy and 1st and 2nd round picks for a team likely to finish at or near the bottom of the league. With Ryan as QB starter i'm happy with the swaps, but if Tebow pushes his ceiling i may come to regret it. We shall see.