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  1. What do we think about Quick at this point? Physical tools, draft pedigree, has shown flashes...will he emerge and carve out a role in that offense? He seems to have the size and skill set to be a great complement to Austin if he develops, and that offense could be beastly next year...
  2. I actually bought Ray Rice in a couple of leagues this year based on that perception. I did get Pierce as part of the deal, but still feel we have several good/great years left from him. Rice is significantly more dynamic than Pierce. Pierce, to me, is just a pretty good RB, I would even call him above average. Nothing wrong with that. I think he can be very effective as a wear them down kind of guy, he runs strong. I don't see any great agility and he is lightly used in the passing game. I think Pierce seems a bit overrated on this message board. Rice got 254 carries and 61 receptions through 15 weeks. That is 21 touches per game, and he actually got a bit more per game from weeks 9-16 than he did in weeks 1-7 (not including week 17 when Baltimore sat their starters). I have no problem with that level of use, and I think he will be right around there for several years.Actually, Pierce appears more dynamic to me. He isn't going to take the job from Rice due to his versatility and reliability, but Rice isn't a dynamic player. The other point to remember is the jump that 2nd year players take when the game slows down...Pierce is one to watch. The problem is you will just have to be patient. As for selling high on Rice, I think it may be worth checking into, but certainly hard to trade a player that productive.
  3. Your mentality seems to be more redraft and less dynasty. If we are only talking about next season then you are absolutely right...but we are not. Stewart is 26.
  4. I am interested in opinions on Jeremy Maclin. Personally, I think he is the #1 WR in Philadelphia with Michael Vick throwing to him for the next few seasons (the Eagles have to resign Vick). He is only 22, and was supposed to be extremely raw, and has displayed the ability to get open and find holes in zone defenses. He is big, fast, great after the catch, and has great hands. He is also smart and an extremely hard worker. With next year being his third season, and considering he is currently ranked 11th in my PPR league right now, he has to be in the discussion as a top 10 dynasty PPR receiver going forward. Thoughts?
  5. One of the best posts I have ever seen on this thread. For those that keeping score, "good process"!!!And I got lucky buying low on DMC before this year (and had him benched this past week. DOH!!!).Uhh, I think I'm starting DMC over J Stewart going forward this year, though!I agree...this is a great, great post. I have never been a McFadden fan, but he has been pretty good so far this season. He hasn't surprised me with his incredible speed and willingness to put his head down for extra yards. But he also hasn't surprised me with his lack of elusiveness and inability to stay healthy. All along, the "anti-McFadden" opinions don't stem from the fact that he just plain sucks. He just won't bring the consistent success and domination expected out of a #1 pick and "can't miss" prospect. As for the Britt/Holmes debate, I think Britt is clearly the more valuable dynasty commodity for a few reasons:1. The perception by many that Britt has taken the next step has created a spike in has value that could allow you to "sell high" if you don't believe in his long term talent.2. The main argument for Holmes is about his consistency, and while that is important, it doesn't necessarily make him more valuable than Britt. While Britt hasn't proved that he can put up 60 yards a game, he also hasn't proved over a larger sample size that he won't be a fantasy difference maker. It comes down to upside. You can go with the safe bet to get a decent season with Santonio, or you can go with more of an unknown player that IMO has flashed dominance that Santonio has not.3. Britt has more prototypical size and more of an elite skill set than Santonio when it comes to the red zone. Britt has the ability to easily put up 10 scores in a season while Santonio has proven that although talented, his strength is between the 20s. 4. Britt has put up his numbers as an immature player, with mediocre QBs at best, in a run oriented offense. Santonio put up his numbers with one of the best QBs in the league throwing to him.5. If you are taking into account the "knucklehead" factor, you can't really rate Britt above Santonio at all.If I could have either player, I would take Britt without thinking twice because of his upside as a #1 WR with huge red zone potential. However, from a sheer perception vs reality standpoint, Santonio would be your better buy low.
  6. Any thoughts on Jacoby Jones? I think he has a great opportunity to emerge in an improving offense, and is a lot more talented than Kevin Walter or the other options there. He also has great ball skills, RAC ability, and is 6'2" and 210 lbs. He has the physical attributes to dominate corners.
  7. Wait, you're saying that the best result for Davis is if Mangini behaves like Shanahan? Shanahan views RBs as fungible pieces. At one point, Shanahan dumped his leading rusher after the season every year for FOUR CONSECUTIVE YEARS (Portis led the team in rushing and was traded. Droughns led the team in rushing and left via free agency. Anderson led the team in rushing and left via free agency. Tatum led the team in rushing and was traded). He gave the starting RB job to 4th rounders (Gary), 6th rounders (Anderson), and UFAs (Mike Bell, Selvin Young). If Mangini has the same philosophy that Shanahan had, Davis is screwed, because Shanahan's philosophy was that good enough was never good enough, meaning he was always bringing in some new competition on the cheap. I don't think Davis is talented enough to hold off any new competition above and beyond the competition he already has (and already couldn't hold off).I think you are writing off Davis a little too fast. I drafted him fairly early in my draft, over some other very solid options. But it wasn't only due to the preseason hype. He was actually a very highly rated prospect in 2007, and was given a second round grade after his junior year by the NFL advisory committee. Here is a little more backround info on him..."Since his high school days at Douglass High Georgia, the 5-11, 210 lb halfback has been a talent worth scouting. Davis' stellar pre career included 7,339 yards rushing and 80 TDs. From there it was off to Clemson where as a Freshman he rushed for 879 yards on 165 carries scoring 9 times in the process. His Sophomore season he would improve to 1,187 yards rushing and 17 touchdowns, earning All-ACC in the process. His impressive total included a 216 yard rushing day against Georgia. Davis would repeat as All-ACC as a Junior in 2007 when he was Clemson leading rusher for a third straight season."He actually had some pretty average measurables, but ran a 4.39 at his pro day. He was misused his senior year and CJ Spiller took away a lot of work, but he is a lot more talented than his draft position. He actually has a fairly decent pedigree and has been impressive on the field (while healthy) when I have seen him. I think he will get a shot to start with the Browns next year, so if you can't get decent value I would hold onto him.
  8. Is this just meant to be funny, or are these really your thoughts on the subject?this is a really real thought? are you saying this thought is stupid, or something?just trying to add to the discussion, oh jedimaster.I didn't mean to be insulting (OK maybe a little), but I have seen way too many ridiculous "Chris Johnson is the greatest player ever and Lendale White sucks" posts in this thread. If you don't just look at the last few preseason games, you see a coach in Fisher that has always favored a big, durable back to carry the load. This may evolve into a committee approach, but expecting Chris Johnson to take over at the goal line is a poor assumption. Lendale was very good inside the 5 last year, and despite all the fat jokes got over 300 carries on a torn meniscus last year. All this being said, I wasn't sure if you were agreeing with the take that Lendale will be the red zone guy, or just trying to mock him.
  9. Is this just meant to be funny, or are these really your thoughts on the subject?
  10. This guy knows what's upFunny that I was thinking the exact opposite. Lendale will still get plenty of work, with Chris sprinkling in some special teams duty, some catches, and some carries. There is no way that he will emerge as the feature back. Fisher likes the power running game, and he always has. He drafted Chris Johnson not to be the feature back, but because he was the most explosive player left in the draft due to it being a weak WR year. 200 carries and 50 catches is his upside this year, and I don't see much more than that even down the road.
  11. Pretty much agree. Johnson right now, Bradshaw after the Super Bowl, Bush once he declared for the draft, and Turner for 3 straight off-seasons. Sell during the hype and buy back after they are mortal players again.Let's not confuse what you're reading in this thread with the reality of your typical draft day result. As of August 12th, Johnson had an ADP of RB39, 104th overall. Thats NOT AT ALL overhyped or a sell-high candidate.How about his ADP since "THE RUN"AS OF AUGUST 12TH He asked about Johnson's ADP after "the run" which happened on August 9th. I was pointing out that the cited ADP data is from August 12th, i.e., after "the run."Despite his ADP, the hype is reaching ridiculous proportions IMO. I don't think ADP can tell the whole story. In some keeper/dynasty leagues, Chris Johnson is going before Ray Rice and Felix Jones. Someone posted a trade they made involving Johnson for Rice, Chambers, and a 1st next year. Fear and Loathing is encouraging these kind of trades...and he usually knows what he is talking about when it comes to dynasty. One person in every dynasty/keeper league probably has fallen in love with this guy, which means he will either draft him too early or will require way to much in a trade. IMO, Chris Johnson's perceived value is WAY above his actual value (as evidenced by 11 pages of hype right here) and I would touch him right now. He is a very talented player, but will never get enough touches to be more than a #2 fantasy back. This actually is not a good thing for Johnson. At 5'11" and 197 pounds, he is much too skinny and small to be a feature back. Most feature backs that are around 200 are a few inches shorter and a few pounds heavier. The real concern, however, is what you posted above. If he has worked in the weight room and is very strong, then there isn't much room for growth and weight gain. He has most likely peaked when it comes to gaining muscle mass and strength.
  12. I would much rather have Mendenhall, Stewart, McFadden, Jones, and Rice than Chris Johnson. He should be a good player, but he complements Lendale perfectly, and he won't be getting any TDs besides the long ones. He just doesn't have much upside IMO because he isn't big enough to get a lot of work. He is also very strong already for his size, so it isn't like he will be bulking up from extra time in the weight room. I think a case can be made for Johnson over Kevin Smith and Forte, but not the five list above. I would actually maybe even take Charles over him. Bottom line, IMO he is the 7th or 8th back off the board in dynasty, even with all the hype regarding one long run in the preseason.
  13. Great, great, post. People just fall in love with players and lose perspective.
  14. I never said Reggie didn't have the wow factor, just that he wasn't seen as "bulletproof" coming in. I'm saying this in the context that you said every of the top RBs have obvious flaws. Reggie had concerns coming in - that he wouldn't be able to run inside, that he couldn't take the pounding, that he wouldn't be able to do all that juking at the pro level. Do I think he'll still be a good RB in this league? Yes. Did I consider him a "bulletproof" runner coming into this league? No. Same with Adrian last year. No one doubted his ability, or the "wow" he had in college. They doubted his durability. Like others have said before, people who liked Lynch over Peterson (I wasn't one of them) did so most because of those durability concerns, and as great as Adrian was this year I don't know that we have an answer on that (and, let's not forget Peterson DID get uhrt this year too). MJD was too small too... Addai danced too much... the list goes on and on in recent years. The point is, all of these guys have their flaws. No one is bulletproof, but we just look at those flaws and try to assess who has the upside despite those flaws and who will have a long and successful career. The thing I like about McFdden is that he obviously has elite speed, and he seems to stay at that speed. He doesn't jump cut as smoothly as some, but he always stays full speed and moving downhill. He has good vision. Of course, as with any speed guys, they can do things at the college level that just don't translate. That said, I do agree that McFadden doesn't physically look like a RB to me. Yes, all RBs have flaws. It just depends what the flaw is. There is a huge difference between questioning a player's durability and questioning whether a player's game will translate to the NFL. That is the reason why Peterson was viewed as "can't miss", while McFadden is not. I have serious questions whether McFadden can be elite at the next level due to his body type, lack of power, lack of lateral agility/elusiveness, and also his immaturity.