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  1. that is sad, (i mean of course they were going to talk behind your wife's back, but to do so when she could, or likely would hear it, is awful and i would take it as an attack) and so i can see why you and your wife would want nothing to do with them. don't really see why you need to back off of friendship with the husband though. didn't see where he did anything disrespectful.
  2. i know nothing about polling and the methodology used to determine high versus low turnout categories. but, given that you are correct about the screening factors, wouldn't someone who answered "yes" to all of those questions be placed in Both the High and Low turnout categories? while those who answered "yes" to 0-2 of those questions would seem less likely to vote, and so be more likely to only be placed in the High turnout category? i'm guessing. am i totally misunderstanding?
  3. it was NOT a photo op. he was pre signing the Executive Orders for the beautiful health care plan, the massive middle class tax cuts and the perfect stimulus package that are ready to go, and we'll see soon, probably in a couple of weeks.
  4. yeah toward the end of the debate he said he wants his supporters to go to the polls to make sure he's not being cheated. (widely interpreted as to intimidate)
  5. she looks a little crazy, so yeah. and those clavicle and neck bones.
  6. lots of good humor in this thread, but i wonder what's in the works for when/if trump loses and challenges the election ?
  7. exactly the way they are? not a bug, it's a feature?
  8. is that related to the Mike Pence fly?
  9. can you imagine how long that 2 minutes and 3 seconds was for his team watching, and watching and watching.... guess they should have given him a secret earpiece.
  10. you stole this but that's ok. i thought it was great too, and i pretty much stole my last post too. spread the word.
  11. do me a favor though. vote for me and you'll get your money. extortion. first Ukraine and now America.
  12. do me a favor though, vote for me and i'll give you your money. ukraine before, now he's doing it to America.