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  1. saw an ad a few days ago for a super bright flashlight and part of the sales pitch was that a blindingly bright setting could be used for self defense. thought hmmm....
  2. absolutely, unless there are skeletons. extremely likable, fierce, youngish, seems smart, disabled veteran hero, female Senator of color from the midwest (yeah Illinois, but maybe support would bleed into nearby states), with more experience than the last two presidents, but not a long time D.C. insider. and another democrat would take her seat.
  3. George Floyd died so we can shoot black looters?
  4. voted yes. come to find out, the last 5 years or so, i pretty much am. all views are certainly not opposite, but some major differences, and as the OP opined, it is tough at times. the relationship is so much more than political views of course, but we both know to just be quiet about politics if we are smart. and i know we have less respect for one another due to doubts about the others intelligence, self-honesty, values and really, sanity at times. so that's not good. on the plus side, we're both deeply distrustful and disdainful of government, so we've got that going for us. just to give you a very general idea, she tends to be more nationalist, me globalist. i find trump horribly malignant and revolting and while she says she doesn't like him and tries to pay no attention (at this point) to politics, she has admired his genius. an example of our difficulties: (and to get in my little immature dig) back when trump typed hamberders in a tweet, and i was stupid and petty enough to mention this to her, her reply was "he's not stupid, it's some kind of code". in the end, one has to laugh, well, smile anyway.
  5. here's a really controversial take girl on girl does nothing for me the nudity, sure the action, nah
  6. my guess is democrats are scared, and trump voters are still riding high and adopt the "never let them see you sweat" bravado of their champion.
  7. voted definitely not. i think democrats would do well to hope, and plan for this possibility. also, i did read the whole article, and nowhere did i see that Furman suggested democrats should worry about an economic rebound. (though no doubt some do) also, i saw Furman on TV yesterday, and while he did say he sees a likely very strong 3rd quarter bounce from the previous extreme downturn (not nearly returning to previous levels) he said he expects any further recovery in the 4th quarter and going forward to "be a slog".
  8. thought your post generally a good one, but has the referenced treatment been proven effective other than anecdotally? i'm thinking not proven. at this point how could it be? EDTA: apologies for being serious in the arguing thread
  9. yes, but, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for those even older. (Trigger perhaps peripherally involved)
  10. i'm not well educated enough to have any idea if Covid-19 was bio-engineered. i'm not well educated enough to fully trust scientific claims that it was or wasn't, and at this point i don't know if that is most important. i do believe that China, the U.S., and other organizations have past, and ongoing, bio-weapon development programs, and that is important. even "troubling". i have no link to support this belief, but if interested would suggest googling Francis Boyle (no good idea regarding his credibility, spidey sense says pretty good but with definite bias.)
  11. "Should I Stay or Should I Go" - The Clash The Clash are supposedly this badass band, and the delivery sounds hard and angry, but the lyric is pathetic. if you think you need to ask that question, you don't need to ask.
  12. thanks for the poll and links. voted other cause Happy Jack. Happy Jack is still my favorite because timing is everything sometimes, and it was the 1st Who song i heard at age 14, on my little bedroom radio and it's amazing. went out and bought the 45 and played it over and over on my little bedroom record player. it's joyous and doesn't take itself seriously and the drumming and "i saw ya". and probably the hormones were kicking.
  13. pretty sure you, and probably most everyone, know you can help your immune system help you. and that google will provide more info about practices and supplements that may help than you want to know. but i wanted to say (again) that in the last couple years, i have had truly amazing results from oregano oil extract for common cold when taken early in the course of illness. i wish i had known of it years ago. have personally found echinacea extract helpful as well, sometimes/frequently, but not amazingly like the oregano oil 10:1 extract.