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  1. So Democrats get a pass on this sort of thing. Gotcha.How about we hold all politicians to the same standard, regardless of party affiliation?We do. But Dems by and large do not interject god and faith into their platform the way the GOP does. Comes off very hypocritical when things like this come to light.
  2. Is it safe to say that he wouldn't be apologizing had he not been caught? Does god's law account for this disparity?
  3. And if you could, why would you? None of this is very positive. If he wanted to run this isn't a good way to introduce yourself to the American voters.There's going to be a lot of microphones in his face today....if he comes off well, this whole thing will be forgotten and he'll shoot up the GOP leaderboard.edit: sounds like that's not going to be the caseHe already admitted to lying about his whereabouts.This guy's political future is toast.UNFAITHFULGONE.Explain Bill Clinton.It was dependent on what the definition of "is" was
  4. fumbling over misleading his staff, won't admit it
  5. I love the christian hypocritical drivel about god's law etc, etc
  6. He met the home wrecker 8 years ago
  7. Zone of privacy?!? You better step down if you want some privacy!
  8. OUCH!!! he's been unfaithful to his wife.
  9. forgiveness will take years... bringing god into the conversation
  10. still holding back tears, but he's having a hard time doing so
  11. A lot of "Uh"'s and "Um"'s to start off this press conference.
  12. So I'm assuming that none of his four kids was able to call him this past Sunday to wish him a happy Father's Day. Nice.