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  1. Aaron Rodgers benched Aaron Jones
  2. Engram isn’t a typical TE but AZ is epically bad against the TE. Hopeful
  3. Removed the zero clearance fireplace in our living room and installing a Jotul F500 Oslo wood burning stove. After a 6 month search for that particular stove at reasonable price, I found this one an hour away. $3k new for $300 new to me. Structurally sound, some cosmetic surface rust that’s been easily sanded and painted. Currently building the backing surround to code and it will be on a new tile hearth. Including stove pipe, some of which can be used from the fireplace, I’m hoping to be under $1k for the entire project. Since I have access to as much wood as I’d like to cut and split, once this is done we’ll only have to buy propane to cook with, which will be every 5th blue moon. 👍🏼
  4. Chark comp is more prime AJ Green than prime TO
  5. Ok I’ll concede that the comp is Brett Favre with Chad Pennington’s noodle. GL projecting that.
  6. He couldn’t reach the end zone from the 40 on a roll out to his right. It’s a noodle.
  7. Browns gonna Brown til the end of time. #flagplant
  8. That noodle arm. Love the feel for the game but the comp is Ty Detmer.
  9. I sold in dynasty for Hunt and Thielen. With that style the guy will get hurt. And almost lost another fumble. And has a first round RB who’s flashed breathing down his neck. I’m good with it
  10. Pete Carroll The guy is a glorified cheerleader with game management skills to match.
  11. We had a herd of cattle get loose for a couple weeks from the property owned by the Campbell soup heir. Due to liability they were paying big bucks to corral them before they were hit on a main road. Fortunately there was enough crop to keep them engaged in back country before they got to crossing it.
  12. @zeamax is bringing it in here. Great insights 👍🏼
  13. Hill’s presence creates too much of a flavor of the week feel from Watkins, Hardman and Robinson