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  1. McDonald questionable to return with a hip injury
  2. When do they have to pay him? This lovey dovey let’s pay everyone at first chance mentality has yielded this terd of a post SB season.
  3. JetMaxx

    Help me prep a turkey

    Salt to poultry is as essential as it gets in cooking. Thus a brine. A sufficiently brined bird cooked to 165° needs little else.
  4. Infant, elderly and immune system compromised FBGs aside...Lettuce haters in here clearly haven't enjoyed the next day cleansing benefits of romaine lathered in E. coli
  5. This is just the tip of the iceberg
  6. JetMaxx

    Jokes/Laughter Thread

    How many beans in an Irish bean soup? Two Farhty
  7. JetMaxx

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    My brother is an addict. One thing he shared during a period of sobriety that’s always stuck with me, he said he had a harder time dealing with success than failure when it pertained to his addiction.
  8. JetMaxx

    Week 9 Questions For Bloom

    Standard J Gordon or Watkins
  9. Herndon in over Gronk ATM. Let that sink in. ?‍♂️
  10. JetMaxx

    Week 8 Questions For Bloom

    Standard RB: Carson, Cohen, or Collins WR: Watkins or Gordon
  11. Standard AJ for Guice, Gordon