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  1. Nah, you have it all wrong. Football Jones wouldn’t trade them for the HC/QB combo who won the last Super Bowl
  2. He was dancing on your star. Dez was beloved. My how times and quotes have changed
  3. Brady took the last shot by running Jimmy G out of town. Of course retirement is dinner than later, the guy is over 40. Love that he screwed the Pats future.
  4. More importantly to this audience, where is @Bracie Smathers ? Come back in and take it like a man
  5. This is a perfect example of why I rarely engage in this kind of debate.
  6. Joseph doesn’t inspire much as a coach but the good report registers as a slight positive for Sutton.
  7. There’s a trailer park out there with some real lookers
  8. Belicheck was a defensive coordinator
  9. You have confidence in Ajayi as an early pick. I don’t. I do have confidence in the upside of the mid to late pick of Clement. Talent, size, coaching scheme, etc, etc etc. You have 2 Eagles homers warning you of the danger of Ajayi at his ADP. Don’t dismiss it
  10. When talent is similar, which in this case it is, Pederson is an equal opportunity coach. Extrapolate as you may.
  11. In OTA GL install Clement was in with the first team. GL is likely a committee thing as well
  12. Is it just me or does he not want to plant the left leg and drive the throw?