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  1. How well have you scouted him? Tell us what you don’t like so we can respect your strongly positive evaluation.
  2. @chet I’m a toe dipper but want to thank you for paying for my next taxidermy bill. The marital bliss that comes from having another dead buck head in our living room is a free bonus.
  3. When I google CYDY it takes me to this thread
  4. I’m a toe dipper in at 4.94. Love the increase but is there still room to dive in???
  5. My only regret is not getting in on CYDY early @chet advised
  6. Young and dumb never before translated to the economic success/failure of a nation.
  7. So apparently the shark play, in line with the desperate economists/we must open at all cost crowd is to purposely infect them all, allow the weaker to “suffer the consequences” and then profit.
  8. Same here. A little delay put me in at 4.94
  9. The heat and humidity trump whatever travel concerns about 🙂 Miami. Screw that.
  10. I’m in at 4.50 in the morning. If it rolls a $1 now will be a distant memory
  11. Out of BLMN for a 6% return today.
  12. In on the Onion at 10.53. Let’s go
  13. Buy a well documented and maintained used Toyota.