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  1. Howie worked the RB depth beautifully but Doug needed his security blanket and Howie delivered. #bestfrontoffice
  2. Are you new here? Don’t forget the Clapper is good and Dak is historic
  3. No one cares about your experiences, how about addressing the importance of accountability?
  4. There’s something to be said for the days when one learned from their repeated mistakes and subsequently kept themselves out of harms way. That’s the way structure, discipline and accountability worked. But instead let’s follow typical human course by deflecting responsibility. Hunt=stupid is as stupid does.
  5. Canned. If you can’t control your emotions enough to act professionally when a customer broaches a sensitive subject pertaining to your favorite sports team, it’s time to go. Unsurprisingly I don’t sense dying brand ACME was so proactive
  6. My morally motivated vegan SIL won’t eat either because of the similarity. I, however, when free range venison is not an option and am forced to amicably dine out in a vegan establishment gladly consume it.
  7. My supplier says that the impossible burger is on short supply and said something about Burger King getting into the mix with it. Portion cost to me is approximately $2.15 ea which is a pretty rich start to a food cost in my demographic
  8. They were destroyed by the Eagles in SB 52 with Gronk so perhaps his involvement is indeed overrated
  9. I agree with this... to an extent. The Eagles have a franchise QB, weapons at every skill position, and about as talented and deep an OL as a team could hope to have in today’s salary capped NFL. The defense has Cox and Jenkins as cornerstones and there’s sufficient talent on every level. I don’t like the Long and Bennett subtractions but old is old and Barnett seems poised to take the next step. LB is thin but when isn’t it under this regime? IMO they have DC in Schwartz that doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Is his scheme ideal? Maybe no but maybe yes based upon the personnel he has to work with. I do wish he’d mix in a creative blitz on a percentage of snaps but I don’t find myself thinking he’s a weakness. I just wish he’d inject a scheme creativity that hasn’t yet been evident. This team is set up. Health is the wild card but that’s always the case. Knowing they have a legit shot going in is all I can ask.