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  1. Coming from an Eagles fan here, you can only play who’s in front of you. I’ll always acknowledge that the Eagles were extremely fortunate not to face the Saints and Brees last year, instead drawing the inept Keenum led Vikings in the NFCC. It is what it is. Congrats to the Pats, they dominated the children from LA.
  2. It’s difficult to determine who crapped the bed more between McVay and Goff. Goff was hideous but McVay was owned by BB
  3. I think it’s hilarious that the broadcast didn’t destroy him for missing that Cooks TD read. He literally ran wide open for 40 yds and Goff was so late that the backside DB broke it up. Interesting that they could have embarrassed him but refused.
  4. Goff was missing reads. It was obvious. The broadcast didn’t highlight how badly his missed the read when Cooks was standing in the end zone and the off side DB came over and broke it up. He literally missed Cooks running open for 3 seconds. The Int when they were driving at the end was terrible. BB must have been laughing inside thinking that he had to coach against that clown
  5. -8.5° at my place in western Chester County this morning. Bottomed out later than usual at 8am
  6. Montana wouldn’t have missed the easy throws Brees missed in the Rams game to seal it
  7. I’m shocked you don’t realize how different those 2 down and distance scenarios are. 2&3 is vastly better than 1&10, especially in an end of game situation. It’s not even close really
  8. I applaud the aggressiveness there. Coming out of the 2 min warning, 2&3 on their 20 yd line? I’d take that all day, everyday over 1&10 on the 27. Unfortunately the player failed.
  9. That concept worked very well for the defending world champs. Schwartz was actually hired prior to the HC and given total control over the defense which enabled inexperienced Pederson to focus exclusively on the offense and developing Wentz. Unique situation but not completely dissimilar to the current Browns’ situation and the characters involved
  10. I think what was lost the most in the Bears game was the early sloppiness. I counted 4-5 early costly mistakes in all 3 phases that kept the game close when the Eagles were clearly outplaying the Bears. That can’t happen in this one