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  1. Can you re-enact the shoulder sprain scene for us?
  2. SNL skit?
  3. Is that a SNL skit? Especially when the COP rips off his glasses and asks the female reporter who’s grilling him for her name.
  4. EG is soft and easily self impressed .It’s easy making one pick and patting yourself on the back. Try making 6 home run picks for the Browns that reshape a franchise. Put on some big boy pants the next time you Mock
  5. at the posters who NOW chime in to say they didn’t like the trade for Bennett.
  6. I wish my deer would leave that good of a blood trail
  7. Twitter liked Wentz more than the Browns
  8. Fox with notes of skunk
  9. I'm currently in the process of tanning a road killed mink. That little bugger was tough to skin, he was stiff as a board and cold so the hide didn't want to pull off easily. Had to help it along with a knife every 1/4". That and I made the fatally error of puncturing one of the scent glands
  10. I remember those first couple days after KC hires him like it was yesterday. JC fans calling us unappreciative dopes for running him out of town and us telling them to enjoy the poor clock management and perpetually coming up short. ?
  11. Philly opposite Jeffrey with Agholor in the slot. One last shot at a ring
  13. Reminds me of Le’Veon Bell