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  1. 8 times PHL has recorded a trace of snow in February. Never has there been zero.
  2. Looks like some things are lining up for a cold start to March. I’m not getting a strong snow indication because the teleconnections that bring the moisture when it’s cold in this neck of the woods are still unfavorable. But as @TheIronSheik reminded us having the cold is kind of vital for it to snow so hopefully we can make something happen during that stretch.
  3. That’s generous but Diggs is in the ballpark. Hard to go wrong drafting a player with a comp between the 2
  4. Not far off but I’d go Jeudy=Diggs and Lamb=DHop comp.
  5. I’m all about admiring the attempts to return from injury but this strikes me as a cash out situation
  6. The right blend of salt in the dough to offset the sweetness of the chocolate chips.
  7. From your jinxy ears to the atmospheric oscillations to be. Let it ❄️
  8. I’d like to see the reaction when a blend of pink and blue-purple? gets shot out of a tractor stack during a redneck gender reveal get together
  9. From the Mount Holly(PHL) NWS: Bad news for #TeamSnow! ❄️ The most recently observed Arctic Oscillation is the highest daily value in our historical record (6.34), breaking the past record from February 26th, 1990 (5.91). What this means is, in general, arctic air will tend to remain closer to the North Pole with a less variable (wavy) pattern in the polar jet. This doesn't mean we won't see cold patterns, just that chances are much reduced and cold outbreaks that do occur will tend to be short-lived. #Snowmageddon2020cancel
  10. If you’ve seen what I’ve seen you’d polish up the golf clubs and dig out the swim trunks. After a brief cold shot this week it gets toasty without much to change it
  11. I’d rather live in Maine than Florida and it’s not even close
  12. Instead of reading this I’ll wait for the @Long Ball Larry comedic one line cliff note
  13. Forecast verification is solid. I like the “minimal” call as the ice threat is indeed minimal even in most areas under WWA given the warm dew points. Snow is relegated to northern New England. This was a pretty easy call given teleconnections.
  14. As expected things continue to remain hostile for snow in the northern Mid Atlantic. This weekend’s threat appears to be fizzling due to the poor teleconnections described in previous posts. Next week will warm up