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  1. Just asking. You have me curious. I know nothing about it.
  2. I’m shocked that the value of the puts hadn’t diminished a lot more.
  3. Thanks. Dues for the newsletter are in the mail. I'm good on NERV. Sold 12 puts and I don't want to any more than 1200 shares deep into it. I'll wait for the next one you find and I'll let you know if I unearth one.
  4. Got some cash on the sidelines, will be buying to close out NERV possibly as soon as next week. Where's your next "free money" play of selling rich puts? I'm all ears.
  5. So I just bought two MRNA puts (October, 40 strike, $6 premium each--sheesh). The way I see it, if their vaccine is effective, I don't mind losing some premium given that everything else I own will be positively effected. If their vaccine fails, at least I'll have a silver lining. Small price to pay for some insurance.
  6. Exactly. That’s why the puts are super expensive yet they might be smart money.
  7. Thanks for this, also not selling. But wondering whether this inspires you to short Moderna? I don't think GILD warrants it as their PPS has been steady in the high 60s / low 70s even without the Covid angle but MRNA feels like it could fall from the 70s back into the 30s or even 20s as that's where it was just a bit ago. MRNA puts are expensive but an epic fall could still be in the cards if what you say is true.
  8. I like PRU, JPM, T, VZ, and LUV. I’m a piker, though.
  9. I will say that, if you look at the NERV premiums in a vacuum, ignoring where they were one week ago, they are still attractive. I would not steer someone away from selling some $7.50 puts for June which still pay a pretty rich premium. Kind of like buying CYDY when it was at $1. Not getting at 30 cents, but still a good opportunity for payout.