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  1. I feed off it. Looking for more cash to throw at CYDY.
  2. Good luck. I hope it works out for you. As a general rule of thumb, I'm not a seller of puts of speculative companies when it spans an earnings report. Might not seem likely, but a drop below $3 per share is absolutely possible in which case your 2K profit flips to a significant loss on one day if earnings disappoint. I don't know enough about the company to put odds on it. No matter, the odds are probably in your favor on this one. Just not the dice I want to roll on this one. The February puts would have been up my alley but I missed that window earlier this week.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I plan to look closely at this on Friday morning. ETA: The bottom fell out of the February $7 puts (trading at about 35cents) and the March puts are very rich (over a buck) but they come right after an earnings announcement. That's a high-risk, low reward trade. I'm not selling those puts.
  4. My limited understanding is their massive debt load.
  5. Just a public service announcement that RBS B is going ex-dividend today (and markets are getting beat up) so the share price will drop a nice chunk. Anyone wanting to buy would be getting a near 52-week low price.
  6. No, it ain't easy, and I am still very much afraid. The Price We Pay
  7. This is actually spot-on. I've seen t-shirts to that effect: One of many
  8. Wife and I found Vero Beach, FL and bought our eventual retirement home there. It’s a rental in the meantime. Rents aren’t through the roof (our fully furnished three bedroom single family home rents for $1450 per month.) Walking distance to shops and the inter coastal. Nice bike ride to the beach. Winter consists of about four days in February when temps may dip into the 40s. Winter is great. Summer is hot and humid but the traffic is a small fraction of south Florida or Orlando. It’s quiet but not too quiet. No idea about job prospects outside the service world.
  9. And I believe Bloomberg intimated that Trump is not really a billionaire which is like, ya know, some harsh language towards DJT. I find this tweet of our dear leader very funny myself. Who says "Tiny club head speed"? It's hilarious word play.
  10. Thanks, but I can’t get an answer to my question: then what? Does any grievance fall on deaf ears, does it go to the Suprene Court, does Trump declare a national emergency and claim that these results can’t stand because they’re in question? I see a lot of potential for gray and not a lot of good recourses.
  11. I’m at about 2% so, ya, it’s all good. Now once it runs up, CYDY could represent more like 10% of my net worth which I could live with.
  12. Certainly spiced up my hum-drum day. What a run into the green after the bloodbath this morning. I need a cigarette.
  13. Two outcomes this November, please tell me how this analysis is wrong: 1) Trump wins and Democratic skeptics claim that misinformation if not actual ballot tampering affected the election to the point to render it unreliable...or 2) a Democrat wins and Trump (with some cronies) claim that the election was rigged, rendering the results unreliable. Then what?
  14. Flawed poll, no Aja All-time great tune with classic drum fills throughout.