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  1. The band is probably indifferent about it. Doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy.
  2. At least 10 of them would get the joke.
  3. Every year around this same time, a horrible oversight is perpetrated when Phish is nowhere to be seen on the list of bands nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I don't expect the state of things to change any time soon (unless they hit it big with their "Touch of Grey" moment) but nonetheless, we should not normalize this behavior. The Hall and its voters should be ashamed of themselves and I will beat this drum annually.
  4. My daughter is four. Can’t wait until she is, like, six so we can watch it together. Between that and soccer, I’m going for Parent of the Year.
  5. I need Jimmy Graham held under 7 yards. It could happen.
  6. New Castle and Ellwood City? They are very far from the stadium. You could choose dozens of other places much, much closer.
  7. Lots of choices. Consider staying at Statuon Square. Leave your car there the whole time but instead of walking to the game, take the boat (Gateway Clipper). Lots to eat and drink at Station Square before and after the game. Monday morning breakfast—I highly recommend Pamela’s. Any of their locations will serve you the best pancakes you’ve ever had.
  8. Don’t know what you saw that turned you off. I thought he looked calm and poised. Threw a decent ball. Didn’t look like much of a drop-off from Rudolph.
  9. One of Trump’s former associates disagrees with you. I seem to remember Mooch saying something similar. Don’t ruin my fantasy.
  10. I think the right question is: when will Trump decide that resigning is his best play? In my fantasy world, that’s not too many days from now.
  11. I don’t agree if the info gathering is done by foreign nationals at the behest of the President. We have domestic ways of investigating election interference which I am in favor of. edit to add: as mentioned above, the commissioner of the FEC has been quite clear on the illegality of what you are describing.
  12. Got it. Thanks. Guess I would label putting the lives of our troops in the mideast into a great deal more danger based on a rash decision as "severe". On another note, the commissioner of the FEC made it clear that it is illegal to solicit value from a foreign national in connection with a US election which Trump did on camera with respect to China (and possibly to Ukraine, of course). I know it is CNBC but these are the verbatim words of the President.
  13. OK, so one mistake he gets a pass. A very reasonable determination on your part. Is it "three strikes and you're out" or will two mistakes cross the threshold?