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  1. That is the conventional wisdom but I suspect it will be rather quicker than that. The more dire the emergency the more quickly things tend to get done. They're already beginning the first trials.
  2. Sacrilege! It's a total classic! It's not so much the title song, it's more tracks like Wrong 'Em Boyo, Revolution Rock and Rudie Can't Fail that are legenday...
  3. The Clash should definitely be featuring on this list. I know they started off as punk, but from London Calling (voted by Rolling Stone as the best album of the 1980s here) their whole sound changed.
  4. Of course - the NFL itself increased its regular season from 14 to 16 games. The fact that a precedent exists doesn't mean it's a good thing. A 16 game regular season has worked extremely well for decades. Adding an extra game is going to create all kinds of issues, not least that half the league are going to have more home games than the other half.
  5. One major negative impact of the 17 game regular season will be its inflationary effect on the numbers of the game and the degrading of historical records. At a single season level, we will have bigger numbers all round and it will be easier for players to reach the traditional benchmarks of success such as 1000 yards rushing, or 4000 yards passing. At a multi-season level, it will result in bigger career numbers which could mean players whose careers start post-17 games to challenge all-time records like Rice's receiving yards. It will essentially devalue the achievements of all the players who achieved greatness with 16 games and create a new "post-17" asterisk to be added to new records achieved. It will create inconsistencies in career numbers for players whose careers span both 16 and 17 games. For example, if Michael Thomas exceeds his record number of catches achieved this year in a 17 game regular season by a small margin, is that a greater or lesser achievement than this year's? If a future post-17 game season DE breaks Strahan's record by a single sack, does it really count? After all, if Strahan had had 17 games he likely would have added to his record. All this will pose considerable problems for Hall of Fame voters. They will need to factor in the 17 game regular season numbers into their assessment of candidates from the two eras and you may need to use your calculator a lot. For example, a 5000 yard passing season in 16 games is 5312.5 yards in 17 games. If someone passes for 5300 yards in 17 games, is that a better or worse achievement than 5000 yards in 16? They passed for more yards but the average per game is lower. Who did better? I think the 17 game regular season is a travesty
  6. Looking for experienced dynasty owner with knowledge of IDP to join a very long-standing, free league (we have been going for nearly 20 years!) If interested please email me on It's hosted on Fleaflicker so would be helpful if you had an account there already. The team has Michael Thomas, DeAndrew Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Travis Kelce, Stefon Diggs, Terry McLaurin and Deebo Samuel and was champion quite recently (and was runner-up last year), so it's not too shabby!
  7. I would have expected Keim to say that he is not going to cut him. It would make sense to try to get whatever he can for him in compensation (and salary cap relief) via trade. If he says he is going to cut him he kills any market for a trade. I still think he will eventually cut him after no-one trades for him.
  8. Yes, but the bigger picture is: * they have the cap room to release him * better to grasp the nettle and do it now than next year and incur further cap hits * having him still on the roster will impact attempts to re-sign Drake because Drake will want more money than his backup * he's not Kingsbury's guy, a coach building a new team will want to clear out the old guard * he's already getting old for a RB (28 next season) so clearly not the future * GMs (like Keim) are more inclined to make "difficult" decisions when things are going well (the same logic applies to politicians), right now he is golden because he drafted Murray so he will calculate it is good time to do it
  9. It wouldn't help the cap this year, but it would help in future years because he would be off the books. I think they will just cut him. They have more than enough room to do so. If I were them, I would be concerned about a situation whereby a malcontent backup RB was making considerably more than the franchise back (presumably Drake).
  10. Lynch jinxed the 49ers by coming down from his box to the sidelines when they were 20-10 up. Couldn't wait to brandish the Lombardi trophy.
  11. On the interception, Hill would have been open for the deep throw for a TD.