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  1. Miro Z

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Anzalone played a lot of MLB last season and he was consistently putting up 2-3 tackles, very anaemic numbers. How come he suddenly gets super-charged?
  2. There were rumors/speculation that the calf/ankle was a very serious congenital issue involving the painful formation of new bone material inside the leg. I think it had to be something serious to keep him out the entire off-season and presumably now the regular season too. Remember even if he had come back now he had zero practice all off-season, hardly ideal preparation for the season. I do wonder though if he's feeling better next spring whether there might be a change of heart. This feels emotional and rushed.
  3. This might have been an idea in 2005. Facebook now feels about as relevant as the telegraph or the fax machine.
  4. Still a possibility that Telvin Smith comes back for this season, of course.
  5. Coach Rivera speaks with forked tongue: "The goal is to cut down on his plays, but we're not gonna take away his touches," head coach Ron Rivera said Wednesday, via The Athletic.
  6. These lists are basically summer fillers for when nothing is happening and they need to create some content. For me the whole concept of a top 100 of players is meaningless because you're not comparing apples and apples. Is #96 Carson Wentz a better player than #97 Byron Jones? How do you even begin to compare a QB and CB?
  7. Lamar Jackson started 7 games last season and put up 695 yards rushing. If he produced at the same rate this season and started all 16 games he would put up more than 1500 yards. Now, I'm sure they're not going to run him as much this season as they did last season, but still...
  8. Don't sleep on SDH either. Great talent at Alabama who fell in the draft because of his ACL and knee injuries. But the coaches clearly like him and consider him a major piece for the future, he started the last four game last season and camp reports this off-season are highly positive: “When I look at the tape, Shaun Dion has showed up more so than any time I’ve seen Shaun Dion,” Washington coach Jay Gruden said during a press conference wrapping up mandatory minicamp on Thursday. “He’s healthy. He’s running faster -- way faster now than he was at this time last year. He looks fast. He looks instinctive. He’s what we thought we could get when we drafted him from Alabama, so he’s set.”
  9. Call me cynical, but whenever an old player un-retires or comes back from a serious injury, the news reports are always about how they are "in the best shape of their life". And then the games start, and they look old, slow and washed-up.
  10. I would also make a slightly broader point. When highly drafted players fail in the NFL, it is usually not because they don't have the physical talent. The NFL and its whole infrastructure of scouting and assessment is pretty good at figuring out which players have the requisite physical talent. The problem is usually either: a) mental, ie the player is not committed, or lazy, or selfish, or even plain dumb or whatever.... or b) bad coaching - square pegs are put in round holes, players are not taught or managed well What happens when players fail is that pundits and commentators say he was a bust, and he was always destined to fail. The reality is that how a player is coached and the system they play in is huge. For example, Jared Goff looked terrible under Jeff Fisher. If Fisher had not been fired and had remained as the Rams coach for several more years I am reasonably sure Goff would be considered a bust. He just needed the right system and good coaching. With Jones, I don't think it's physical. It may well be mental. He may well not be suited for the NFL. Some players just don't have the requisite desire, determination and discipline. But it may also have been bad coaching or the wrong system last year. I think the jury is still out. But this year he has great coaching and has no excuse, so we'll know soon enough.
  11. Put differently, let's imagine an alternative universe in which Carlos Hyde is not cut and Hue Jackson is not fired in Cleveland last season. The pig-headed, stubborn Jackson continues to feed Hyde the ball, ignoring the merits of the superior talent, Chubb. Chubb hardly features all season. We would now be having a similar discussion about how terrible Chubb looked, how bad he is, how he is clearly a bust, buyer beware etc, wouldn't we?
  12. Same point as above - it depends if the coaches got it right. There are tons of examples of coaches getting it wrong. The Raiders coaches famously thought Randy Moss had lost a step and traded him to the Patriots for a pittance for example.
  13. That argument only works if you trust the judgement of the Bucs coaches. Coaches are not infallible, they are not the Pope. And that Tampa Bay staff in particular were not always blessed with wisdom.
  14. The point is that he hardly played last season so we genuinely don't know at this point how he will fare in the NFL. Error numero uno of statistics is to draw grand conclusions from a very small sample size. The total number of carries would equate to one game's load as a starter and no-one judges a player on one game. You can say that he didn't play because he was terrible, but you might also say that the coaching staff didn't feature him because they were terrible. Rookies often have lost rookie seasons in which they hardly play and go on to have great career. I would reserve judgement if I were you until we have more evidence.