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  1. I thought that the Night King's motive/mission was to kill mankind. He was created by the Children of the Forest to fight men, so that's what he's doing.
  2. My favorite line was Arya’s response to The Hound Hound: you left me to die. Arya: first, I robbed you
  3. I’m more interested in golfers I already know about. I’d rather watch a match game between tiger and Phil, than the final round of a major where I don’t know any of the players
  4. Depends on who’s on top of the leaderboard and how close it is. But if I’m interested in players and it’s close, I’m very interested.
  5. Tell your congressman/senator that you want comprehensive data protection laws passed. There’s probably organizations trying to do that now; give them money and/or volunteer there.
  6. Try turning cellular data off on the phones and see when/if the phone sends a message telling you to turn it in for an app to function
  7. There’s lots of online resources with advice on actions for waitlisted students to take for a better chance of admission. I think your daughter!s idea is great, and I agree that she shouldn’t be explicit, or too forward, in asking the professor for help. But I don’t think she needs to avoid the topic altogether. The school and professor aren’t going to be turned off by her strong desire to go to school there, and I think she should express that desire in an appropriate way.
  8. For kids that aren't happy with their college choice, reapplying to matriculate for sophomore year in another school is also an option. I don't know the acceptance rates for sophomore matriculation, but it happens. And if she was originally waitlisted at the school where she's applying, she may have a better chance.
  9. Besides the "blackball" issue other raised, I though (don't know for sure) that the student's parents had to sign a guaranty of the 1st year tuition - so if the kid backs out, the parents are still on the hook for the tuition. Though I guess it's possible for a parent to challenge that obligation, since the school could easily fill that student's spot with another paying customer. But I wouldn't want to be the parent who spends the legal fees trying to challenge that process.
  10. That’s great to hear about your marriage. I think your “guess” is groundless and insulting.
  11. I've been thinking of getting one too; but wires hanging down would bother me. I think I'm going to buy one from the place that will install it. They put the camera high up on the windshield and run the wires up into the roof so that it gives a clean look.
  12. Link Interesting point in this article that decreasing college acceptance rates is not because colleges are harder to get into, but because “colleges are just getting better and better at getting students to apply." Harvard at 4.5%. Has it ever been lower?
  13. The play is to lower the volume and/or censor the music if reasonably requested to do so by a neighbor.
  14. Beautiful post you wrote above about your memory and your good cry. Happy bday to Connor and I hope your memories of him stay sharp and everlasting.