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  1. My daughter's school is in southern CA and has a plan for kids being on campus, but it's dependent on the State of CA and LA County both lifting applicable restrictions. Even if on-campus attendance is offered, it will look a lot different than before CV-19: dorms will single rooms only; on-campus housing priority will go to Freshman, then Seniors, then Juniors; dining hall hours will be limited and eating areas restricted and social distancing tables in effect; no more on-campus school parties; kids will all have to sign an agreement to social distance on campus - those are just some of the many changes facing the kids on campus this year. Because of the nature of the on-campus restrictions, and the very likely possibility that the school switches to on-line classes only, my daughter and her friends are looking into renting a large house (far outside LA County, where it is much cheaper to live) where they can all live together and attend on-line school together.
  2. You wrote before that you couldn’t understand the lyrics when you saw it live. I think understanding the lyrics is critical to the enjoyment of it. Try listening or watching it while reading the lyrics. The writing is historically accurate, succinct and very clever.
  3. Thanks for the heads up about Zion. We read about the crowds, so we’re bringing bikes and biking into the park.
  4. I'm headed to Zion and Bryce for 4 days of hiking. Some of the trails are closed, but most parts of the parks are open. Staying at local hotels.
  5. I had the same results as @Boston Fred re eating extra when I had earned it through exercise, but still losing weight because I stayed under the daily calorie limit. At the same time, I think @DA RAIDERS is right that it’d be best to adjust my portions and daily calorie intake so I naturally eat my daily calorie limit and feel satisfied, without having to rely on eating the extra calories gained by exercise - seems like a better long term plan in case, in the future, I stop (or can’t) exercise.
  6. Thanks for the responses about my 30 min vs 3 x 10 min calorie burn. I usually don't stop during a 30 min run, but there's some days where I'm not feeling it and want to quit after 20 min. On those days, I guess it can't hurt to post another 10-15 min run later in the day anyway (to be sure I make up for any difference in calorie expenditure).
  7. Question for the group: Setting aside any benefits related to cardiovascular or muscular improvement, and only thinking about calories burned, is there any difference between an uninterrupted 30 minute run versus a set of three 10 minute runs separated by a rest period?
  8. I'm in on this challenge. I was in this thread a year ago and lost about 35 lbs counting calories and using the Lose It app. Last year I stopped counting calories and gained back half the weight. I'm 5'11", 195lbs. When I first started counting calories, I was 220lbs. I restricted myself to under 1650 cal/day (often times less than 1500) and it took me 3.5 months to drop 35lbs. The infuriating thing is that, once you diligently count calories for a month or two, you get a very good idea of what is too many calories/day and will cause you to gain weight. So, even though I knew I was eating too much, I kept doing it. I'm hoping to get better at that this time around. Unsolicited advice: pick a handful of meals you like and that are low calorie, and eat them over and over again. I was most successful when I ate a 200 cal breakfast bar (there's dozens of brands and flavors) and a 450 cal lunch (tuna/turkey/roast beef sandwich, no cheese or mayo). Add in 30 min. of cardio exercise (burns about 400 cal), and then you can eat a reasonably large dinner, plus a small dessert (I like Yorks - only 60 cal for the little ones, or the 100 cal Fudge Bars from Costco, or the Healthy 100s Jiffy Pop bags - sometimes I'd have 2 or 3 of these post-dinner desserts) I started about a week ago, but I'm looking forward to a solid month of weight loss and exercise.
  9. It seems like I've never had so many discussions about a single topic that end with "I don't know" than discussions about this virus/disease/re-opening/testing, etc. This article is a good summary of the opposing viewpoints of this virus - COVID-19 Data Point to Two Possible Realities -- Which is it?
  10. Using ultraviolet (UV) A light via a novel endotracheal medical device Potential Wuhan Coronavirus Treatment Uses UV Light to Disinfect Lungs Video demonstrating the “Healight” It seems like this technology is far away, but the article does mention some kind of fast track FDA process.
  11. I’m in the same boat as you - still haven’t used my first (of 3) 8oz bottle of sanitizer. I’m thinking my need for hand sanitizer will rise when restrictions are lifted and I’m visiting more stores.
  12. This product smells horrible. It’ll have to do if there isn’t an alternative. But I’d go with any alternative I can find, even at a higher cost. Everyone in my family thinks this smells like ###
  13. Is there a link to the actual study? Or information about at what exact temperature/humidity level does the virus killing start? And does there have to be both high temp and high humidity, or can high temperature/low humidity kill the virus just as effectively?
  14. You’re right about being able to get it tomorrow. But you did your part for society for 15 days, and that’s not nothing. Hopefully more people will stay home for the next 15.