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  1. You mentioned vaccines - so we can change who he is and what he knows on his visit. Can he bring anything back with him? If so, I’d load him up with written plans/instructions for various inventions - like teach him how to make gunpowder, guns and bullets. He’d be set when he returned.
  2. Martin, Williams, Chase, Crystal
  3. Just focus on doing good work and everything will work out. Maybe she's quiet, or maybe she's waiting to see how you'll turn out before opening up, or maybe she likes you, or maybe she doesn't - you'll never get the answer to those questions now. Work hard through Aug. 6, and then once you've passed that first hurdle, you may feel more comfortable approaching her with small talk.
  4. My kids got phones at 13yo. From 8-10th grades, my kids put their phone on the kitchen counter at 9pm, up to 11pm on weekends. For 11-12th grades it’s 10pm on school nights and 1am weekends - though I didn’t always enforce the 10pm limit for my second-semester senior last year. With Screen Time I don’t have them put phones on the counter anymore because Screen Time lets you select which functions are locked, and they use phones for alarm/music.
  5. Is it named for the dead body with green boots that has been used for years as a navigational landmark? That dead hiker was discussed in the Krakauer book, Into Thin Air. I think they removed that body a few years ago
  6. I recommend you work with a real estate lawyer, not a real estate agent, to finally resolve/document this issue
  7. I think the writers were inconsistent with Bran's powers. We know that he can see all past events - he's not all knowing, but if he wants he can find a past event and watch it unfold. But I didn't think he could see into the future. So when Tyrion asks him if he will accept the crown, Bran replies with something like "Why do you think I came here?" How would Bran have known that Tyrion was going to nominate him for king?
  8. if you want to hedge against a neighbor who you may not like or who may sell in the future, you can grant a temporary easement or license to use your property. You can also condition your grant on the neighbor not developing the portion of his property that would disturb your privacy. A good re lawyer will have a list of options for you. What state are you in - I can pm you some names
  9. Any thoughts on the new adversity score being used by the SAT board? Link
  10. Thinking of Jack and your whole family. I hope for a speedy recovery.
  11. People keep postulating that Bran will warg into Drogon for various reasons - but I thought that Bran could only warg into simple-minded animals and humans. Isn't the dragon supposed to be an intelligent animal, thus unable to be warged?
  12. And sometimes its not fighting. Parents who show no affection for each other, no kissing/hugging/"I love you", etc. After awhile the kids notice. Do they wonder if that's the way "love" is supposed to be?
  13. Some of you need to apply for writing jobs at HBO. They don't know what they're missing.
  14. He should find a divorce lawyer he trusts/likes and pay for an hour or two of that lawyer's time to discuss his options. And he shouldn't listen to anyone telling him that he's a bad parent for breaking up his marriage. People are so judgmental, even some of the comments above in this thread. Everyone's life is different, and many kids from divorced homes end up happier and emotionally healthier because of it. Living in a loveless marriage and setting that example for your kid can be just as harmful as divorce.