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  1. I'm glad you're happy with the outcome. It sounds like a win for the neighbor.
  2. Given his delay, my guess is that he's contacted a lawyer and is waiting for an opinion from the lawyer about his liability and options. If I'm remembering correctly, the $10K value you asked for was already a compromise position on your part in an attempt to achieve a quick resolution. If so, don't now make that your starting point for further negotiations - so, don't look for a compromise between $2K and $10K. Instead, go back to your full valuation of the tree and the 3x damages, and start from there. And you can tell the neighbor that's what your doing, so that he understands why you've moved your starting position.
  3. Chance would be so proud of you and your wife for what you've done for others in his name. You honor Chance, his legacy and yourselves with all of the positive actions you've taken after suffering such a terrible loss. The world is a better place because of you and your wife. Thank you.
  4. Ahhh, too bad. Got me. What was going to be his response?
  5. I just bought my mom an Apple watch. My mom is 80, and she lives by herself. Of all the features/functions that the watch provides, the feature that made me buy it for her was the fall detection. If the watch wearer falls, the watch detects the fall and asks if they want to call 911; if there's no response in a minute or two, then the watch automatically dials 911 and also sends a text to any emergency contact person. This feature has already saved lives (you can Google the stories). I know there are other devices that do this function, but wearing an Apple Watch doesn't make my mom feel like an old person (and I know she cares about that).
  6. This is an attitude that's at the root of America's problems. You don't know what the 9 hour interview confirmed/debunked yesterday. You just don't. Neither do i, nor does most of the world. All you know about that interview is what others feel about it. Yet you've already come to a conclusion in your mind about the testimony. Why not try waiting for the facts to come out, reading those facts, and then make a decision? And, btw, I feel this way about both sides of the aisle. Too many people are forming conclusions based on headlines alone, or 10 second soundbites.
  7. I’d talk to the kid privately, and calmly explain to him why you know those are your stolen shoes he’s wearing, and that you know he was the thief and that all you want is your wife’s ring back and can he help you get it. He probably can’t. But if he’s not admitting to the crime, or you sense he’s holding back - you could tell him your next call is to the police unless he cooperates. Ex-cons, especially if he’s on parole, don’t want to talk to cops.
  8. Thanks for sharing that website and for the work you did in creating it.
  9. I disagree. It seems to me that BB is always trying to win, including having his superstars on the field to finish blowout wins. Isn't he one of the coaches who has said that he doesn't see any value or lesson in losing a game?
  10. Wealthy parents giving up guardianship of their kids to qualify for financial aid
  11. Seems like the article is arguing that forcing kids (weaker kids) to play dodgeball is oppressive. The game itself isn’t oppressive. If the school forced kids of different weight classes to box, all reasonable people would object to that. But boxing isn’t deemed oppressive, nor is football.
  12. I was checking prices for a winter ski vacation, and it looks like it's cheaper to fly/stay/ski in northern Italy (Dolomites) than to go to Vail. Anyone ever skied in Northern Italy before?
  13. You mentioned vaccines - so we can change who he is and what he knows on his visit. Can he bring anything back with him? If so, I’d load him up with written plans/instructions for various inventions - like teach him how to make gunpowder, guns and bullets. He’d be set when he returned.
  14. Martin, Williams, Chase, Crystal
  15. Just focus on doing good work and everything will work out. Maybe she's quiet, or maybe she's waiting to see how you'll turn out before opening up, or maybe she likes you, or maybe she doesn't - you'll never get the answer to those questions now. Work hard through Aug. 6, and then once you've passed that first hurdle, you may feel more comfortable approaching her with small talk.