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  1. The thread that just keeps on giving😄 Some learned their lesson (the general, cstu etc etc) and won't be back until it is certain but some of u Peeps have been saying the same stuff for 7 years! Yes eventually you will be right but how many times u gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe trick? Don't think anyone has been more wrong more often about Brady and the pats than Tanner, though he is far from alone. While the poster below has been more fair and equitable than so many of the trolls, he is still saying the same things some were saying 6 yrs ago. October 2014 "While it's clear as day that Brady's skills are declining - like I said yesterday, Father Time is undefeated - I think the Patriots have done him a great disservice by not improving his weapons. There were plenty of free agents they could have signed this past offseason, but they did nothing. Julian Edelman is not a bad WR, but he should not be your best one. I'll bet deep down that Brady is super pissed about all of this, but he's such a company man, we'll probably not hear a thing about it until maybe years after he retires if he decides to candidly talk about such things." Yes, his skills have declined a bit but the man can still play and I think he has another productive yr or 2 in him; deal with it😉
  2. Would love to see it and much as I love the Pats, in that specific instance i would be rooting for Brady for a myriad of reasons. Not really buying the "It’s rare to hear Belichick gush like that about a player." Its not rare at all, he has done it every week for the last 20 yrs when praising his opponents. What is he supposed to say about Newton? We will see? He hasn't done nothing yet? Not with the huge void with Brady now gone; its in BBs and the teams best interest to fill that void and that is exactly what he is doing. Cams a unique player who can do things few other qbs can do; he should be a man on a mission so this could\should work out really well. However much of what Cam does best is improvise and if its working things are going to be wonderful, if not, well hes not real accurate and the kisses and candy could be over real quick. Ive never had him on one of my fantasy and always felt he was too boom or bust for the price. Its going to be so weird watching him lead the Pats but I think he will be pretty good and they will win 10 games, we shall see.
  3. FWIW, FFPC has really shallow rosters so that was a pretty significant factor in the deal. Im surprised there aren't a lot more people on the Cooper\Gallup side, every calc i looked at had that side solidly ahead.
  4. FFPC - finished 2nd last yr with good young roster. Gave A. Cooper & M. Gallup Got T. Mclaurin, 2021 1st,2d & 3d I know i took a beating value wise but id be interested to hear from any other owners of the combo. I owned Cooper\Gallup combo in 2 FFPC lgs and having one of them on my bench many weeks and essentially using 2 roster spots for 1 starter was a bit frustrating at times. I really like Mclaurin and feel I can get similar production from 1 roster spot as opposed to 2. I gain flexibility on my roster for younger guys like Reagor, Mims, Edwards, Hamler, Davis and now have 3 future 1s. Flame away!
  5. I think on offense they are better than they were last year except for Brady. On defense they lost a lot but I still feel like they will at least be decent.
  6. Meh, maybe, but if Cam can't beat out Stidham how much can he possibly be worth? I don't have much to go on other than a gut feeling BB likes\respects Cam and would not give him a terribly hard time if he wanted out.
  7. Put me in the if Cam isn't starting he will not be a happy camper camp and will ask for his release.
  8. The bolded is and always will be the case. Is there a greater than zero chance that Stidham starts over Newton? Yup, but I only see it happening in 2 scenarios, one where Newton just can't get comfortable with the playbook (i doubt this since i think they will scheme a lot for him, but many accomplished vets have come here and been unable to grasp the playbook). Two Stidham just plays so well and Newton doesn't that they go with him (Stidham), probably even unlikelier than # one. Newton is overwhelming favorite to start imho.
  9. Me, FFPC, contending tm. Give B. Aiyuk & A. Mcfarland Get R. Woods I'm not big fan of Woods (do not own him anywhere else), but as often happens in the FFPC I really need the roster spot and I think Woods can help me this yr and next so why not.
  10. I won't disagree that it probably wasn't bad enuf for the thread (all though remember I had to give him Mclovin as well) . It does at least appear to me that you have much more focus on this yr than I do. I am not worried about Marlon Mack at all (he most likely wont b there in 2021) and truth be told I don't think much of Hines either. I expect JT will be the Colts feature back for years to come and Eckler will likely become mostly a 3rd down back. Time will tell and in the meantime I fart in your general direction😉
  11. We are pretty far apart on our values here but thats what its all about so allow me a friendly retort. Just because rookie RBs may typically be overvalued doesn't mean JT is; every stud player in FF was a rookie at one time. Nothing is ever guaranteed but JT is not what can fairly be called a "typical" back coming out of college. Eck is a small UDA who has proven he can be a 3rd down back and do well with Rivers funneling the ball to him at one of the highest rates in the nfl. Now he gets a mediocre QB who will be running rather that funneling him the ball and at some point a rookie qb. Not to mention the early 4th the team spent on a prototypical sized back in Joshua Kelley. So yeah I like Eckler a lot but I think some might be over valuing him. I like JTs situation other than the uncertainty around future QB but fwiw his 2019 qb situation is a lot better than Ecklers. If you are drafting or trading specifically for this yr or redraft then sure I can see taking Eckler, but Dynasty? No fn way. You mention getting an early 2021 pick in place of Crowder and yes if it was a 2021 1st that would make it a lot closer but I still wouldn't do it. Hey its all good man, thanks for the feedback!
  12. Agreed not the worst, but JT's FPC startup ADP (rb10) is a rd higher than Ecklers (rb14); maybe there are some who would prefer Eckler but they are few and far between. Crowder (wr61) is not in the same universe as Mclaurin (wr18); so again not the worst but still pretty stinky imho. As background, I solicited offers from the lg specifically asking for picks or 2 for 1 type deals since I have a surplus of good players I need to cut or trade. So it is disappointing in that regard as well.
  13. Again not the worst, but oy (FFPC) I get Eckler & Jamison Crowder I give Jonathan Taylor & Terry Mclaurin
  14. Agree to disagree, it's all about the rings but he cares.....
  15. Agree to disagree, he has zero control over players opting out so I don't see the correlation u appear to b making. Why would they sign Newton? Everything I know about the man leads me to believe he would cut off an arm before he would plan to lose an entire season, particularly a season that could prove critical to the was it Brady or BB that mattered most legacy question.