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  1. Pains me greatly to say but the more i have thought about it the more i think he goes to Ten. I don't think he cares much about the money at all as much as he cares about the team being all in and i dont see BB going all in at this point. I really, really hope it doesn't happen but my gut tells me Ten has all the ingredients and may even already be pretty much a done deal.
  2. I like the wrs u listed but i believe Arob outscored 4 out of 5 of them (in 2019 fpc scoring) and he is undervalued imho. Put me down on the unlikely to trade him for odb side; more often than not I'll take the steady low end #1, high end #2 over odbs potential (for both good and bad).
  3. Don't want to pile on, but do agree with Dr O in that u seem to contradict urself a bit here but moving on. We disagree that Brady is average (ie mediocre) and I feel he would be a huge upgrade over the likes of Brissett, Tanneyhill for a "contending" team. Imho u appear to go a bit too far at times when trashing brady's practice habits and in some cases ur blanket statements r not really fair. We don't know how he would adapt? Are u really implying that if he signs with a new team he is going to be some lazy malcontent (as u portray him) rather than work his ### off to prove the world wrong one last time? I have watched the guy for 20 yrs and im pretty confident if he goes to a new tm and fails it sure as hell won't be from a lack of effort (not going to work hard malcontent stuff).
  4. FFPC Gave 2021 2nd Got Mostert Good young playoff tm; only real hesitation was roster squeeze at cutdown.
  5. Couldn't agree more, i like Miller (caveat, do fear his shoulder may be long term issue) and I love Brown (again) so Miller & Brown for a future 2nd is clearly a steal (imho) However, roster spots in FFPC force u to take this sort of bath and i completely understand.
  6. Even if Henry stays with the Titans is not a hold out within the realm of possibility? I dont see it as a huge slam dunk of Henry over the 1.6 and feel it is pretty close depending on situation. We haven't even had combine or the nfl draft yet and it looks to me like swift\taylor\lamb\jeudy\dobbins\akers are in the conversation and i would expect at least a couple more rookies to creep in as well due to combine numbers/situation. I'm optimistic about Henry (yes i did just trade him to get nuk, but i still own him in 3 of 6 fpc dynasty lgs and would like nothing more than to see him dominate the next few yrs) but dont see the 1.6 as that far off.
  7. "The bottom line, somehow, is that Brady is still capable of really high-level play despite what the numbers say about his 2019 season. He has definitely tailed off from the run of play he had from 2015-17, but that might be the greatest three-year stretch of quarterback play we have ever seen, so that's not exactly a shock. His overall PFF grade of 79.0 was his lowest since the 2009 season, and his passing grade was his lowest since 2006 — arguably the last time the franchise felt they needed to swing for the fences to surround him with weaponry (bringing in Randy Moss and Wes Welker that offseason). We may never see the best football of Tom Brady's career again, but we could see him return to the level of a top-five NFL quarterback if the Patriots can pull off a similar upgrade in receiving talent around him or he departs to a team that already has one in place. Finally, it looks as if Tom Brady might be on the decline, but it would be a mistake to think that the pace of it was as rapid as it may have seemed from his play last year. A huge amount of the blame for Brady's relatively poor 2019 season rests at the feet of his receivers, who were consistently unable to give him open reads and reliable targets at a time when he needs that more than he ever has. Tom Brady will be an available free agent for the first time in his career in a matter of weeks, and there are a number of teams that should be blowing up his phone to convince him into a swansong performance in a new uniform." Monson is certainly not known as a Brady fan but he pretty much reinforced my feeling that the guy can still play at a high level with the right pieces around him. The full article is behind the PFF pay wall.
  8. Didn't offend me in the slightest Dr. O, you know well enough by now (though I am no better or worse than most) I occasionally come charging in on my high horse. If it hit home for you I'm glad, that was the intent. I have read enough of your posts over the years to know you are really good and very insightful when you want to be but this wasn't one of those times. No big D. its all good and I still love u:)
  9. I wish there were fewer people in this world who seem to take so much pleasure in antagonizing and causing others pain. To each his own I guess........
  10. LG, roster size, team strength would matter; a good FPC team with cut down to 14 rb\wr\te looming im likely taking pick.
  11. All good, your opinion is the one shared by most here and normally the way i lean. Lots of ifs in play, but should have good idea if it was complete disaster in about 10 months and will update then.
  12. FTR, brady wasn't at his best this yr and hes not buying into the im all in no matter how badly u screw up the current tm for the sake of the future bs so yes it is fair to point out attitude and commitment were not up to the standards he has established over the last 18yrs. In fairness, this yrs tm looked a lot like 2006 and he knew it; it was bs what they did then and even more bs that they would do it again to this guy now at the very end of his career. Yes NE had some terrible luck (nobodys fault) and a lot of things went wrong but it was a really weak fo effort imho and they didn't even bother to sign him so I can understand him being a bit fed up with it all. I honestly didn't see a lot of drop off this yr, he is as smart as ever and can still bring the heat particularly short and intermediate but he has got to have protection and weapons around him. Edelman dropping that ball against ten, one that he catches 99 out of 100 times was a microcosm of their season, their best weapon playing as a shell of himself (because they have NO ONE ELSE) can't make a simple 1st down catch to keep a potential game winning\tying drive going. They just didn't have it this yr for so many of the reasons u listed and its too bad but imo the fo is far more to blame than tb and should have done more at this stage (the end) of the dynasty. I honestly don't see tb as holding them back this yr and if he leaves there gonna get a lot fn worse. Reasonable minds may disagree, its all good.
  13. NP, just seemed odd to point out as a negative that the 3rd is still 2 yrs away and ignore the positive that the 1st is also still 2 yrs away. No biggie...
  14. Yeah, i saw some of the things you mentioned and the mans 42 so it is hard to disprove the he is slipping argument even though imo many, particularly many of those from afar have little to no idea what they r talking about. Yep he was much more aloof this yr and did not play as well as other seasons no argument there but there is a lot more to it. With all that he has done for that franchise in his last couple of yrs they put together a 2005-2006 era rec core? How the f would u feel? That might have been understandable\acceptable when he was 27 but he is forty freakin two now; how about you make sure you give the guy some weapons, how about you sign him and let him finish here. He has played and acted selflessly for that tm for 18 yrs and at age 42 with all hes done they give him the shaft again. The FO tried really hard to improve the offense as if that exonerates them or changes anything? They tried and failed miserably, but its tbs fault for not working hard enough. It has been said that tb made it clear to anyone who was listening in early summer that they did not have nearly enough on offense. So they don't resign the greatest qb in history and they give him dog #### for weapons and suddenly he is a lazy diva and you are ready to move on. I watched brady play this yr and didn't see a huge drop off but i did see defs blitz and get instant pressure like never before, again and again; they did it because they knew ne didn't have the talent at rec to overcome it so it was throw away after throw away. There is some truth with much of what you say but you are ignoring or leaving out much as well and there is no doubt in my mind the man can still play. The fo could have and should have done so much more to ensure he had what he needed (he earned that) and finished strong his last few years right here. As for SF, I always felt if tb went anywhere that is where he would go but that was before Jimmah went there and played so well. There was never any doubt in my mind we kept the right qb and hope we can put that nonsense to rest but hard to believe SF would move on from jimmah even though it would probably turn out be a great move imo.