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  1. Hahaaa, you obviously don;t watch too many NE games. Because of Gronks size and talent (period, only reason(s)) he gets absurd OPI calls against regularly, it is laughable and in contrast DBs get away with murder against him just like yesterday, yes they called the first mugging against the db but then let the second mugging (which was worse) go. FWIW, I thought the ASJ play was a td and the rule is stupid, think tuck or similar to the 10 sec runoff against det a couple weeks back; severe death penalty type punishment for the alleged crime doesn't fit.
  2. So Jaron is good to go this week?
  3. U could be absolutely right about Lockett becoming the #2 and he is a great candidate to be picked up (fwiw, not available in most of my leagues). However it is worth noting what the snap & target counts were in week1 AND that Richardson broke his finger on the opening drive (bone thru skin) requiring stitches and that had a lot to do with his reduced snaps and the increase for Lockett. Lockett might well move ahead of Richardson going forward, particularly now that Richardson has a broken finger but Richardson did come back and catch the winning td so I think the situation is still murky at this point. My guess is they both will continue to hurt each others value going forward but for now i still have Richardson as the 2a and Lockett the 2b.
  4. Keelan Cole.........
  5. I thought Gilly looked all right other than (iirc) a 4th down carry where I felt he should have cut right rather than left. FTR, here is PFFs grade for Blounts 2016. Overall 52.4 If 49.5 is shockingly bad then LG must have had some shockingly bad (or worse) games himself last year and yet he still managed to have a pretty decent year FF wise. I still feel strongly that A. Gilly is a much better RB than LG and B. He will be the primary GL back for what should be a relatively high scoring team. I don't get the nitpicking, obviously he won't always get multiple TDs, but his team won't always be trailing in the 4th quarter either. People are way over complicating it, this is FF and from that pov he had a GREAT week so whats not to like? In his first game he did pretty much what I (and many others) was expecting when drafting him everywhere I could this year.
  6. Your obviously not a Pats fan and thats cool, but u would think someone who has been so wrong so many times would be a bit more cautious before crowing about being "right". Heres what u were saying 2 years ago about BB prior to NE going to 3 more consecutive AFCCC's and winning TWO more Super Bowls. Posted September 30, 2014... so, the Pats have been blown out in 3 of their last 5 games..last years debacle in the AFC championship game, Dolphins week 1, and last's a trend, not an anomaly - this team , coaching staff, play calling are all lousy at this's time for BB to move on at season's end, I think he's become that stale HC like Schottenheimer after 10 years in's time for a change IMO, BB has been in NE a very long time - perhaps too long? Yes, by all means keep predicting doom n gloom for NE and eventually u will be right but that isn't going to change all the years you were wrong......
  7. I agree with most all of that but don't see the evidence of Brady losing downfield accuracy in recent years. It has never really been a strength since the O has almost always been centered on short to intermediate passing and recs best suited to that style of play. However last year Brady actually improved his down field passing and while I don't have the final stats Im pretty confident he was near the top (relatively speaking) of the league and likely had one of his best years (sans Moss).
  8. Just my IMHO, The NE backs to own in order Gilly, Rex, White, Lewis. Those who pass on Gilly will regret it and my guess is he will prove to be the best wk to wk starter. I like Rex a lot as well and should either he or Gilly miss time "That's Gold, Jerry! Gold!"
  9. Getting back on topic, amended 1st wk1 ww picks (sans Mitchell who is still a little banged up and "He-Who-Now-Must-Not-Be-Named" even though i like him we all just need to move on) P Richardson, J Allen, D Sims, B. Walsh, D. Amendola, C. West Who u got?
  10. Not taking sides with anything that has been said but fwiw I have seen Kupp go mid draft in most of my high stakes drafts and draft boards I have seen. Player value like beauty in art is in the eye of the beholder. I do think his ADP is on the rise, but then again given Rams outlook initially how could it not be. FPC Main Event 9/3 (Evan Silvas draft ) he went in the 12th FFWC Main Event 9/2 he went in 10th FPC FBG 9/2 he went in 11th FPC FBG 8/30 undrafted FPC FBG 8/28 he went in 10th
  11. P Richardson, J Allen, D Sims, B. Walsh, M. Mitchell,,,Ill throw Kupp in there as well
  12. Its all about inj concerns, but I think he is one of the most underdrafted players this year no doubt. Watching Tyler Locket still going rounds earlier than him is baffling and ive been grabbing him everywhere I can.
  13. I agree with Anarchys take in that his playing time is more likely a sign that they are show casing Lewis for potential trade. I was one of the ones who was gaga with Lewis over White last year but Lewis seems to get inj or banged up all the time and that has opened the door for white who has proven to be better than I thought he would ever be. Now having admitted to being mostly wrong about those 2 last year let me tell you how this year will go Gilly is the likely GL back and the one to own, my only real concern with him is durability (hamstring etc). He is not as good a rec as the other 3, but he is a lot better than Blount and I think people are making a mistake assuming Gilly being in means run (as it did for blount) I think they brought him in believing he could do both. He wont get 18 tds, burkehead will see to that but I dont think 10-12 is crazy and I think he could catch 25+ passes.
  14. To Bedard (whom I like as well): Yes Mitchell has been injured and therefore hard for him to be a factor right now. Mitchell's inj history is a definite concern, but if and when he is healthy I think he brings (or will bring) more to the table than Hogan. Hogan is an inch taller and maybe a smidge faster but I think Mitchell is quicker with better hands and will prove to be the better player FWIW, according to PFF even though Hogan played 4 more games than Mitchell last year he only had 9 more targets. In a year where Mitchell was a rookie who fought thru a fairly serious injury (missing 4 games) he still only had 9 less targets.The only question to me is can the kid get and stay healthy. Oh, and what the heck does Evan Silva know
  15. As mentioned earlier (2 cents post) I agree and feel many are overvaluing Hogan and undervaluing Mitchell who could very well have a better yr. Anarchy just posted in the NE thread that Mitchell is back at practice today (yay!). Some might want to slow their roll on Hogan. FWIW, he is fast for sure, but am i the only one who doesn't think much of Hogans hands? I know he has made some nice grabs in pre season, but I was not all that impressed with his hands last yr and can't get the SB 2nd half opening drive drop of a perfect ball out of my head.