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  1. FFPC Got Brown, Antonio 2020 2nd Round 2020 4th Round 2019 Pick 4.02 2019 Pick 4.03 Gave Moore, D.J. 2019 Pick 1.10 2020 5th Round Already some remorse (love moore, do not love ab), but my tm is win now luck,dj,chubb,evans,thomas,ab,allen,kupp and he is in pretty big rebuild so 2020 2nd should be early. Fwiw not having AB on any tm and having several shares of moore played a factor as well.
  2. FFPC not involved Allison, Geronimo for 2020 3rd Round
  3. Got the trade email around 5hrs ago so im thinking post news for sure.
  4. FFPC not involved Hill, Tyreek for Williams, Mike Herndon, Chris
  5. I have no issue with the OPs suggestion that there be a little more previous yr reflection built into the rsp; what went right what went wrong etc. It would be good for Matt and for his customers. Having said that, there is nothing stopping any customer from simply going back to previous yrs and analyzing for themselves what might have been missed. Ive bought the rsp for many yrs primarily because it is another perspective and its cheap. Im not some huge waldman fan but I think he has something to add to the conversation. He is wrong and right about as much as everyone else and by everyone else I mean Fantasypros, pff, rotoviz, fbg, jj, dlf, uth, rotounderworld (list uth ahead of kelly just to piss him off) ratcliff, tucker, tags, sig, friedman, silva , dynastyblueprint, on and on, blah, blah blah. ALL of them are very often wrong and sometimes they are spot on about a player eval, fantasy takes etc. I do believe ive learned there is little correlation between enthusiasm for a particular opinion/player and being correct (particularly kelly), they do not know and neither do we. So we take it all in and make our best decision, thats what its all about, right?
  6. FFPC (very minor deal I know but speaks to cut down crunch time and qb value in ffpc) Gave 2020 4th Round for Roethlisberger, Ben Already have Wilson and with cut down looming it is pretty meh. Normally not worried much about backup qb but price so cheap (ben was his 3rd qb). (fwiw, it likely means cutting Edwards or Doctson (um ya, not my strongest tm))
  7. Its cut down season so if u have room its not a bad deal; conversely breida might have been cut candidate for other owner and could be win there as well.
  8. No way in hell i would give Kupp and 1.7 for Hill at this time...........
  9. FFPC Gave Westbrook, Dede for Brown, John 2020 3rd Round 2020 4th Round 2019 Pick 5.10 I like Westbrook a little more, especially long term, but Brown might be as good or better this yr and not counting on either anyway so y not take the picks.
  10. FPC not involved TM1 gets: Guice, Derrius Coutee, Keke 2020 1st Round (will be early) For Samuels, Jaylen (RB), PIT Brown, Antonio (WR), OAK Then same TM1 different tm2 TM1 gets: 2019 Pick 1.03 2019 Pick 1.10 2019 Pick 1.12 2019 Pick 2.03 For Gurley, Todd (RB), LA 2020 2nd Round Fwi, TM1 was 3rd in lg last yr in VPs; some bold moves
  11. With the limited roster spots I would definitely lean Cmac, but if rebuilding I can see other side.
  12. FPC not involved Cooks, Brandin Freeman, Devonta For Smith-Schuster, JuJu
  13. I agree it is terrible, but i think/hope it was just a bad move; smh and watch going forward.
  14. FFPC, not involved but the guy giving the picks best wr is prbly Goodwin or R. Anderson, not really strong at rb w henry,coleman,hunt,drake and already had Wilson at QB. He needed a TE (after trading away Kittle who I had traded to him) and I like Howard but I think he could have helped his team a bit more than another qb. 2019 Pick 1.02 2019 Pick 1.09 2019 Pick 2.09 2020 2nd Round 2020 3rd Round 2020 4th Round For Garoppolo, Jimmy Howard, O.J. 2019 Pick 4.06 2019 Pick 5.06 2019 Pick 6.06
  15. FFPC, not involved Watkins, Sammy 2019 Pick 1.04 for Williams, Damien
  16. Let me put a little more meat on the bone 4 ya. All we know for sure is an old man has been charged with a misdemeanor solicitation for prostitution charge. Maybe the prostitutes who provided the service were sex slaves, maybe not but if it is ok to speculate that they were then it ought to be fair to speculate as to why the 4 month investigation hasn't culminated in any sex trafficking charges. Yep any1 who pays for sex could be supporting human trafficking, just like any1 who illegally buys a bag of weed supports the drug cartels and people who buy iphones and nikes "support" child slave labor. Old man did something stupid and the right and just punishment is a decent man will have to live the rest of his life with the shame. If there is any good that might come out of it it is shining light on a serious issue that will result in more money (especially from kraft) and effort going to combat what is really a horrendous practice.
  17. Ah, very good. Yes he linked it to "support" his position. You dishonestly twisted into him linking it as "proof" which he never said. Rather than considering "possibilities" maybe you could simply look up the difference between "evidence" (what he presented) and "proof" what you falsely twisted it into.
  18. Yes, and don't forget to bless all the turd posters so eager to revel in the misery of others; real salt of the earth types........
  19. If you or someone else had said TB has been both brilliant and horrific at times over his career in similar context where I said it I would agree with you; how can you not, it is true. Yes, you could say it about virtually any player or coach, but so what? I called BB brilliant in the very same sentence and the greatest hc of all time at the end of the paragraph! Yet you nit pick one word (out of 1k+) and call me out without even directly quoting me (no context). Call me out anytime but please be a bit more fair about it. Lets move on....
  20. ?? I thought I was letting you off pretty easy but ok. There was nothing wrong with my comment in the context it was given, the problem is the dishonest context less way you edited and presented it. I made a 680+ word reply (following up my previous 500+ word post) to another poster where we were having a good back n forth on the merits of crediting one over the other. His position favoring BB, mine favoring neither but taking the TB side for the purposes of that particular discussion. I have repeated again and again in that very same post and others that imho it is impossible to accurately credit one over the other. You want to talk about context? You didn't even quote the sentence I wrote and stripped away all context seemingly because you wanted to take a shot at me and unfairly imply something about my thoughts on the matter. Here is the comment (in proper context) you called me out on. I don’t split BB the def guru HC and BB the GM, they are a package deal but imho he has clearly been both brilliant and horrific at each at times over the last 18 yrs. Ruthless cap management which has led to sustained success, but clearly at short term costs. All and all he has been far better in aggregate than any of his peers and is the greatest of all time. There is nothing wrong with the context or accuracy of my statement, but there is a lot wrong with the way you edited and presented it. I do not appreciate it and know u r better than that.