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  1. Finished a 4 pack of the Old Ox Brewery (local Virginia brewery) winter ale. So the Barbara Walters 20/20 jokes are definitely not funny anymore.
  2. Stay on the course. Hell can we build a wall around the golf course during this time. Let the big boys handle the situation
  3. Wow I didn't think they would actually fire him completely. Probably had to in order to have a sniff of a chance to get Rivera
  4. So even if the Steelers grasp to make playoffs, they would play the Patriots in the wild card. 😣
  5. Even if Rg3 just sucks and they win the Texans are benching everyone against Titans so that makes it slim and none
  6. If they keep Bruce in any form then the new coach/GM better be good quick because Richie Rich will do everything to put him back in charge. At least Skins fans realize this and not have their blinders on I figure it will be Marvin Lewis since I can't picture Ron Rivera taking any of their ####. Lewis can be more puppet for them. Amazing that a coach who I don't think has ever won a playoff game as head coach is actually an upgrade
  7. Publicity. I mean seriously imagine the stories and news coverage from all over the NFL when Alex steps on the field again. Never mind the fact that he is probably a 50/50 chance of snapping that same leg on the majority of him plays but hey not the first time the Skins haven't given a crap about a QB's safety. I love listening to company stooge Joe Theisman go off on Todd McShay for saying that the Skins are worst possible attraction for a big time coach. I am not sure if he is mad because he thinks that Todd is bashing the talent (which he wasn't) or he is holding the company bucket to tell people how good the current front office is
  8. Just another convenient Christian. I am sure Jesus also mocked people with a stuttering problem. But everyone on her team loved it so it is fine.
  9. The guy likes to dress up like a Nazi at some events. Actually has Nazi memorabilia. Yeah not that far of a characterization but hey he is on your team so he is a great guy
  10. Well unless I was reading it wrong it sounds like the co-host is actually his wife. Who at least had a small sense to immediately realize how incredibly stupid and trying to go into cover. So she is miserable 24 hours a day.
  11. If you ever needed more proof of how much of a cult this is, comparing an impeachment that overall will have no impact to who the president will be because of the Senate to Pearl Harbor and putting Jesus on the cross has to be #1 and #2 Actually climate change couldn't come any quicker for this country
  12. Again do they think Americans are so stupid that they think Trump being impeached means that Hillary is the president You really think those 63 million voters would hate the idea of Mike Pence president. What a ####### cult
  13. Love that the guy who couldn't stop telling people how big his hands were is basically acting like every single stereotype that conservatives have with the idea of a woman president. If this was a female president we would be hearing about 100 "it must be her time of the month" jokes