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  1. Is Rudy actually going to do his podcast to give his view on the testimony or was that all talk?
  2. Trump is so lucky that everyone just accepts everything he says
  3. Given who is president I wouldn't be surprised if he replaced Mulvaney. he is the perfect level of stupidity and butt kissing
  4. Most conservatives seem to know the identity already. Or think they know because they are constantly going on Fox News and blurting out the name "accidentally"
  5. I really hope Devin Nunes pushes the "trying to leak nude photos of Trump" conspiracy like last time
  6. That is what republicans are hoping that is happening. Hell I wouldn't be suprised if Fox News is talking about cancel culture or Kayne West or some other topic
  7. The biggest issue with this process is that probably 80% of the people have made their minds up. So they probably won't watch. Or they will watch something that is tied to their team. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of Republicans Senators don't even watch the hearings. At least Graham admits he won't pay attention.
  8. So many things to love about the Trump Jr book tour 1. It is called Triggered and he then runs off the stage when heckled 2. From what I have seen he mostly just sits there when he gets any criticism and let's his wife handle everything Remember all of this when conservatives try to tell you how "snowflakes" are a liberal thing
  9. At least we are making america great again
  10. Good thing the group is called RAM because they are going to experience a lot of getting rammed where they are going Scumbags
  11. God we are a country of morons sometimes. Seriously what is next a new season of the Apprentice
  12. After watching a clip of Matt Bevin from Kentucky, I have to guess that the only reason he was even considered because the Republicans thought Trump was still huge in Kentucky. What a condescending ###. History is showing otherwise. I wouldn't be worried if I was McConnell but yeah maybe open an eye or two.
  13. "I heard he voted for McCarthy in 1968 so clearly the burglary at the Watergate didn't happen" I still love the "well it failed so no harm no foul" excuse. Really that is the standard for illegal acts now.