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  1. Speaking of James Harrison, If he thinks this "envelope" story involving him, Tomlin, and that brutal hit he delivered against the Browns many years ago is doing the team any favors then he is extremely delusional.
  2. A WR is good as long as Ben is healthy. If not then yeah not so happy. The receivers currently on this team definitely need to step up
  3. Sorry to say that it is funny but not really because it is funny that Kentucky saw the highest spike in coronavirus cases this week. I wonder what also happened frequently in Kentucky. Protests. How freaking ironic As someone who has been working at home for over a month, what really pisses me off that most of these people AREN'T WORRIED ABOUT WORK. They are worried about getting their hair done or just getting ice cream, or going to a bar. If you are really serious then I hope every one of these peoples that doesn't go to work on May 1st or whenever they start up for the state they are in should be fired.
  4. We are generally lucky that we haven't had a major incident where the air or people around it could make us seriously sick. I mean technically if you walked near the World Trade Center a good week or two after 9/11 the dust was pretty cancerous. But eventually that went away. The only small example I can think of was Three Mile Island where they told people a good number of miles away to stay home. I mean were people screaming and yelling during this saying stuff like "you will not take away my freedom" or "I am wiling to die of radioactive poisoning for the good of this city"? I really doubt it
  5. Seriously what the hell does 2nd amendment have to do with this virus. Are white people mad that the gun stores aren't open so they can't get their once every 2 month guns? Seriously the last time I check a gun has NEVER STOPPED A VIRUS
  6. If you want to show them without Trump then that is good. We will get the information FROM TRUSTED PEOPLE mostly. But it is impossible for that knowing Trump
  7. Because most people can smell bull####. Just because a few delusional cult members think that drinking fish cleaner will cure them of what they probably didn't have to begin then there is nothing we can do I can understand why NBC wouldn't show it up because you can still watch MSNBC. But seriously CNN has nothing else to show
  8. I think it is stupid decision. Whether we believe that most of what Trump is either wishful thinking or just outright bull#### people should still have to hear it. I And to be honest the other people are still important to listen to.
  9. must be great to have a moderator who loves your fakeness. Hopefully this ignore will last longer than the next name you get
  10. Probably has SOME helpful effect but it is only going to work with the right mixture of something else. don't think anyone has find it.
  11. He answered one question that I saw. Although wasn't very important
  12. "Sections of the country". Again how are you doing this? Yes please following the 15 steps. Until Easter then #### it just do what you want
  13. So are we going to actually "build a wall" around all of these "problem areas" states like New York and California to make sure that none of them are going to these supposed not problem areas
  14. and no matter what you think he is doing everything perfect. Because that is what your gimmick is