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  1. Granted 30% was probably a stretch but I don't see how 35% is. Except for states like West Virginia he isn't going to get a huge popular vote win. And the vastly liberal states like new York and California he will get crushed. Maybe Texas can give him a huge bump in the %. The main states that really only matter in this election are going to be dogfights.
  2. The popular vote doesn't mean ####. We all know he can get 30% and still win the election.
  3. Again I ask, why would someone that loves Al Qaeda vote YES for funding on the 9/11 First Responders bill. So she "supported" the murders of thousands of people on that day but now wants to the best for the people that tried to save them. Come on also this idea that the Democratic party is the party that hates Jews while all the Republicans just love them all is laughable. Probably equal amount on both sides. I mean all you have to do is see the constant stereotypes that were used in the 2016 election including using the Star of David on an anti Hillary tweet. Republicans just have other groups that they hate way way more.
  4. We heard for 8 years that obama hated this country. We heard that he hates white people. We heard he hated the military because he saluted one with a coffee cup in his other hand. I actually won't have an issue with sending them back where they came from as long as Glen Beck and most of Fox News is in the front of the line.
  5. Obviously it isn't born. I have never seen a boy or a girl under the age of 5 or so not want to play with another kid because of their looks. And they sure as hell don't know "what they came from"
  6. And 50% of those people in that percentage vote for Trump because they know nobody will find out what they really think
  7. I will ask again and I am sure I wont get an answer. If she hates America so much and loves Al Qaeda so damn much, why in the world did she approve funding for the 9/11 First Responders bill? I mean I would think that people who supported the terrorists attack like conservatives love to say would actually want the First Responders to suffer even more
  8. And they wonder why I roll my eyes when idiots say things like "this isn't what our country is about" when they elected Trump I mean can somebody n this sea of white trash explain to me how you can deport an American citizen without actually committing a crime
  9. So let me see if I understand this Ilhan Omar voted YES to give funding to our First Responders. You know the one who hates America and needs to go back where they came from Rand Paul who agreed with Trump on his opinion of her just blocked the Senate vote on the bill on the funding.
  10. While married? clearly he wasn't thinking just "they are hot"
  11. Don't really know what the big deal is with the tape. We know Trump was a pervert ESPECIALLY IN 1992. We know that he and Epstein were good friends. So are we confirming what everyone already knows about him? The only thing I got from watching that is apparently Trump had NEVER heard of trimming his eyebrows in 1992. Eugene Levy looks at him and went
  12. Clearly CNN is getting desperate because they freaking put on Richard Spencer to discuss Trump's racist tweets. I mean seriously this is just red meat to the people who think the network is trash. The only reason I can see bringing him on was because he hates Trump as well but because he tweets racist #### and doesn't actually DO racist ####
  13. The vast majority of the people denouncing it really have nothing to worry about because they are either retiring or in states with almost no opposition. Easy to buck authority when they aren't your boss in the near future.
  14. By the way for all the people who don't see an issue with the questions, walk down your cities main street ask 10 COMPLETELY RANDOM people and that question. Let me know if you are still standing by the 5th one.
  15. I would say that "What’s your ethnicity" is one of those quotes where it is hard to use to a minority and not sound at least midly racist.