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  1. If the main argument is that he walked into the situation and they were minding their own business then we need to know who was there first. That eight minute video doesn't prove that. It does prove the "Black Muslim" thing although I don't know where you get Muslim out of that rambling nonsense Also it is funny that this is the place for retribution for the kids even the poster even admits they kids acted like punks The worst part of watching that video is that it was on Youtube now I have to spend time on my history to make sure none of that Ann Coulter Alex Jones Sean Hannity BS pops up on my recommended section.
  2. Yes and all we know how well the Catholic Church handles situations. I mean if they are so cowardly toward child molestation of all things involving their own people what makes you think they have any stones in this one involving some kid they probably don't even remember at the school
  3. I always wonder what people who get caught in these situations think years or decades later. Like that famous picture from the Boston busing situation in the mid 70's where a guy literally tried to spear a black man with a flag. Wonder when he realized how awful that looked in history. I don't think this moment will be remembered in history like Charlottesville. Maybe it will be shown in one of the decade look back videos for a second but that is about it. Hell given our culture I wouldn't be surprised if this is forgotten next week.
  4. It depends on your definition of "real punishment". Detention is probably in their future but that is about it. If they tried to do something I have a feeling that mother will just lawyer up and nothing will happen. Funny how I don't see one "black muslim" in that video with at least 20 - 30 people in it. Also if your core argument is that Phillips approached the kids first, you would think some of the 5-10 non helpers with their cell phone would have that. But something tells me that mother is going to be put through the Fox News car wash in the next couple days
  5. I look forward to hearing all of the conservatives who love to talk about respecting our veterans and military make fun of this guy and support this trash. Maybe he isn't the right kind of veteran for them if you know what I mean I would like to think that you could educate these kids but have a feel the only way that will happen is if you move them out of the area because I doubt they just magically became MAGA douches driving up to DC Meanwhile doesn't this prove that Gillette commercial was right all along.
  6. By they way, not one mention of the government shutdown. I mean at least tell people that if they agree on this the shutdown will be over.
  7. Just a lot of high school punks in MAGA hat trying to intimidate some people at the Indigenous Peoples March in DC.
  8. Frankly I don't have a problem with that policy given the trash that just happened at the March of Life.
  9. I would love to know what nationality the people who became US citizens according to the beginning of his speech
  10. wait now we care about cocaine being sent to this country? You can see why it was delayed given the slowness of his reading
  11. Thank god that in the span of only 3 or 4 hours we know this white trash name, his school, and the school's principal. Not that I think it means anything. I mean what is the principal going to do put him in detention. Yeah that will help. Actually surprised he wasn't home schooled The idiotic thing is that they are all chanting "Build that wall". Do they actually think he is a Mexican? Do they think Native Americas are coming into the country? You know their ORIGINAL COUNTRY. In reality they should be yelling build that wall to us about 2000 years ago.
  12. If I was a govt employee who hasn't been paid I don't think I would overly excited about this announcement. I mean what kind of scumbag (I know I know) would have great news about the furloughed workers going back on a Friday night and wait until Saturday afternoon to tell someone. Knowing Trump I am surprised he isn't waiting until 8 or 9 so he can get the most ratings possible for him.
  13. Yes but is he complicit willingly or because Trump knows that Putin could destroy him with one simple hacker? Still illegal and shady as #### I agree but that is really his only backup plan short of Rudy saying that 'NEVER EVER SAID THAT COLLUSION WAS BAD "
  14. i am more convinced that Rudy's bulging eyes is less shock about what he said but more shocked that he can still stand up from whatever alcoholic binge he was on to say it. Let's just say for the sake of it that Trump didn't know about all the colluding that was going on. But Putin definitely knows who colluded with who and I bet he lets Trump and his aides know about it every time they meet. So Trump has to collude with Putin in order to make sure that the boss doesn't really tell people what is going on. That is why all this "Trump is an agent for Putin" is so stupid to me. He is the "useful idiot" who Putin knows he has by his really small short hairs.
  15. Add Burger King to the list of things that conservative snowflakes will boycott now. by the end of the year they will hungry and thirsty as hell and have a beard down to their belly button.