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  1. Going to be a rough weekend in Louisville is you are an escort or hooker. Now you got screwed by two Pittinos
  2. Well isn't that freaking convenient. You can someone a moron or a scumbag or an ####### they will respond to you immediately with warnings. Yet nobody sees a 16 MINUTE VIDEO of someone planning and murdering 47 people on your own ####### product? Talk about shady
  3. Just to make sure before I rant on something, was this 16 MINUTE video done on Facebook?
  4. I hate to say this but the Browns have clearly surpassed us as the better team. Now it is still the Browns and they can surely screw things up but man that defense is looking fierce and OBJ against our secondary is going to be scary Luckily the Bengals did less than the Steelers did in free agency which is really hard to do. And the Ravens lost some big guys and didn't get Bell.
  5. Will Grier's performance today was rather EH
  6. In terms of the Steelers fan Washington is the best situation because they are the ones more likely to foolish give us the farm for a splashy news story
  7. AB to the Skins would be awesome in terms of the drama. A franchise that thrives less on winning and more on buzz and news stories. He would be the star attraction. The problem is that for all the faults that Big Ben has at 70% healthy he is better than every Skins QB in the last 2 years COMBINED. Oakland is a good choice if Gruden gets with the times and Carr comes back to his old way. Last year Jon looked lost out there and Carr suffered because of it.
  8. Yeah that is true this is a democrat we are talking about here. Usually the conservatives our on the side of "CONFEDERACY #1" and that people need to stop talking about slavery and the past
  9. For a party that believes that we should forget about slavery and act like that happened 300 years ago, people sure do love using symbols of that time to make their point. And like I say many times, for a party that is all about winning they love to be on the side of the war that actually lost.
  10. Oh that is definitely true. But if get away with this national emergency don't act like the other side won't use it as well. I mean remember how conservatives told us how awful executive orders were and how they were destroying the constitution. Then Trump gets into office and signs orders so fast you would think he is at an autograph signing and NOBODY complained
  11. I must say I don't really understand why Democrats are this upset about the idea of a national emergency. First of all he would give himself to same or less money that was originally signed to him. Originally talks were that he was going to do 7 billion when he asked for 5 billion during the shutdown. But more importantly Trump has given them the ability to do give him a dose of their own medicine. I mean unless Trump just completely loses his mind and decides that due to a national emergency the 2020 elections have been cancelled. But yeah he opened a Pandora's box that could destroy the Republicans in the future if they want to be just as reckless So is Ann Coulter pissed at Trump because she realizes that this is a complete hail mary with a one armed QB or that it was only about 1.5 billion and not the 5 billion he was begging.
  12. As sad as the movie was (a good sad by the way), the end of the movie was depressing. I had no idea that people blame millennials being what they are today because Mr Rogers told that they were special just the way you are and then when people realize that others think differently they get mad and bitter. The whole purpose of that was to build self confidence which for kids is extremely vital. If jerks want to beat that out of you, it isn't the fault of the people who originally instilled it in you. Also the story of his funeral and those GOD HATES douchebags where picketing and one of the guys just looked at the sadness of this kids being forced to do these people biddings. Just horrible Glad I didn't watch this at the movies because I would have need a good 5 minutes afterward to collect my thoughts after 90 straight minutes of it.
  13. For the average player I agree with. But as you saw with Leveon Bell, he didn't have to play a single down and his ego was MORE than craved with all his other BS. Plus unless AB is spending his money like water he is fine sitting out.
  14. Except that he will take his ball and go home. If that is the case we better hope James Washington in even 50% the level of him.