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  1. If last year is a guide then you better get ready for Alex Smith starting. Kyle Allen's first 4 games were so good that people were thinking top 10 QB. Then after week 5 he was so awful that they decided to start Wil Grier the last 2 weeks of the year to see what they got. So if I reading more, are they possibly benching Haskins because he is the only QB with the COVID-19 antibody on the team?
  2. Benching Haskins is questionable but given the play it is somewhat understandable. Putting him as the 3rd string below Alex Smith is just insane. is Alex Smith actually getting tackled in these practices that are impressing people? Hell I would be surprised if he has even hit the ground this training camp.
  3. Whatever happens to him he is going to say "look this was no big deal". His ego won't allow him to say otherwise and his supporters don't want to hear anything else frankly.
  4. He wished good health for the Trump family. That is all he should do and did. Remember we just heard a debate where a guy is screaming and interrupting and being rude for 45 minutes and yet Biden told Trump to shut up and HE was the uncontrollable person
  5. By the way, one of the things that Trump loves to say is that he takes hydroxychloroquine all the time. If we are supposed to believe what the president says and he is taking this, what does this really say about the drug. Doesn't really tell you how great it is to cure/treat something when it can't even stop you from getting it in the first place. Unless the cure is to infect you first.
  6. I agree that this mushroom cloud has been building for months and it finally exploded. But since we barely pay attention to what happened last week much 6 months ago someone is getting scapegoat. And to be fair we don't know who she got it from. That is the real culprit. The whole thing was a super spreader waiting to happen I do unfortunately look forward to the "see Melania was wearing a mask at the debate and she got COVID so that proves how useless they are" arguments. Any sympathy that we should have may be wiped away when you hear conservatives hem and haw away this and your friends Facebook post Russian memes with their theories
  7. So the ultimate question will now be why was Hope Hicks so important to him that she had to be brought back.
  8. Well they can't play this week at least against the Titans. I don't understand why they have to practice like it is just a normal week. There isn't going to be a replacement game this week
  9. Our pass rush is great and our rush defense is great but man our secondary still sucks. Especially our linebackers who can't cover for ####. Devin Bush looks lost at times
  10. I was impressed with the new receivers we are getting. I mean Dionate Johnson should never play special teams again but otherwise really solid as a receiver. Even Claypool has a couple strong catches. Would have liked to seen Ebron more involved in the game
  11. Kind of sucks that we had to wait until the contract to get full Bud Dupree but man he was incredible last night. Not sure if we should be excited about Snell or not but unfortunately we may have no choice. Again most of the O Line issues is Ben still can't just let the ball go. He took way too much punishment and in my opinion half of it was on him
  12. By the way when your gimmick is that everything is Bob Woodward's fault because he didn't tell people either about the virus, you do realize that you are insulting your guy as well. Think about it you are telling people that a virus that has impacted millions of people would be better addressed if a writer for the Washington Post told us INSTEAD OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES
  13. Listen you can blame the used car salesman for selling you a car with terrible brakes that will get you in a accident quickly because he wanted you to feel good about the car. but if you are either too lazy, too stupid, or just too willingly ignorant to not look up the car on Carfax to begin with then you need to take responsibility as well That is what happened in 2016 and will probably happen in 2020
  14. Speaking of James Harrison, If he thinks this "envelope" story involving him, Tomlin, and that brutal hit he delivered against the Browns many years ago is doing the team any favors then he is extremely delusional.
  15. A WR is good as long as Ben is healthy. If not then yeah not so happy. The receivers currently on this team definitely need to step up