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  1. The only way his comments make even a lick of sense unless you believe that ALL sex is some violent action like a rape. Even if it was completely willing. If you believe that then clearly you are either NOT DOING IT or DOING IT REALLY WRONG
  2. You know for a party that all about "morals" they sure do have some ####ed up opinions about rape and/or incest. Just saying
  3. Wonder if he was in the same district as that dope who blamed all gun violence on EVERYTHING except actually guns
  4. Trump tariff policy is similar to me cleaning my kitchen. Both equally lazy and without thought
  5. ONE OF US. ONE OF US We love our conspiracy theories in this country even though the vast vast majority of them we know are complete BS. The problem is we used to treat these people as wackos. Now groups treat them with respect. idiots like Alex Jones 40 years ago would have gotten shunned from society like Joseph McCarthy was. Now they are heroes to some
  6. Since we are going to possibly deport legal immigrants who are on welfare, does that mean a number of white people are going bye bye as well. Remember we are all immigrants whether you want to believe it or not. And contrary to what Fox News or Sinclair, the majority of people on welfare are white. Not a strong majority but more than you think
  7. Well if she thought that conservatives were a pain in the ### on her Twitter,, she doesn't know about the kind of trolling that will happen when she talked about Barstool and their mouth breather fans. She will wish Ben Shapiro was annoying her.
  8. If we are going to ban video games because of "increased aggressive behavior" then shouldn't we also ban Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and probably most "newz" internet sites. Their main job is to increase your behavior on one side.
  9. No this immigration policy isn't racist one bit
  10. This new "owning the libs" trend of going to a popular place with their high power weapons and/or tons of round of ammunition really supports the idea of neutering for humans. We get it you are in a carry state that doesn't mean you and 6 of your white friends have to go into a KFC like you are walking into Columbine. Funny how no minorities who have the same gun carry rights do the same things. Gee I wonder why
  11. That is the terrible thing about this. Instead of finding out the full story we will end up getting 2 or 3 years of "Did Donald Trump order the murder" or "Did Bill Clinton order the murder". Meanwhile the people were attacked and used by this scumbag won't even get thought of.
  12. Man I hope this is mostly a 2nd string line because they are going to leave Ben in the hospital at week 2. Some of these guys are barely touching Tampa's rush So far James Washington has been the only positive tonight. Bush was okay but hopefully that drop wasn't a sign of things Well Boswell is looking really good which given how much he sucked last year is good. Hopefully that happens a month from now
  13. this ##### should be thankful he is white because he would have had about 20 shots in his stomach for every slow step he took to the cops down that hill.
  14. Of course he would use going to the cities of a mass shooting as a freaking campaign video. Hey remember in 2012 when Obama used his trips after the Aurora and Sandy Hook shooting as a campaign video. I ####### DON'T
  15. So you really believe that within the next year that those 680 plus jobs or even 80% of them will be replaced by local citizens needing a job? I guess we will find out
  16. if they do replace those jobs it will be with the same number of undocumented immigrants. Maybe less but not much less What I would love is for this sleazy owners to just come out and admit what we all know and that they hire these undocumented immigrants BECAUSE THEY WORK HARDER
  17. So for all those people screaming about how immigrants are taking your job, it must be a great day in Mississippi right now. You now have over 650 new jobs available and probably more on the way. Reality is that in order to keep those 650 plus jobs they are going to have to find about 500 plus undocumented workers. Rinse and repeat. The companies will get a slap on the wrist while the hard working people will have their kids taken away from them
  18. By the way if we are going to adopt the Sean Hannity police state idea with surrounding all major buildings and schools and churches with retired policeman and servicemen and the George Zimmerman's of the world, are we going to increase background checks to make sure that none of them have some form of PTSD. Maybe not the best people in this situation.
  19. I am more interested in Dayton. I mean granted Ohio is a HUGE red state that probably supports Trump no matter what but come on there has to be one person that is going to call him out for saying the mass shooting was in Toledo Actually his rhetoric does bring people together. Some white groups have never been more unified and powerful
  20. by the way, if white supremacy is a complete hoax then does that mean that illegal immigrants are more American citizens then they are? Remember that argument from his friends years ago Tucker is using the strategy that since he has never actually seen the KKK or a skinhead rally before then white supremacy is fake. You know like how white people say that aren't racists because they don't use the N word but use other offensive terms and stereotypes
  21. In the "I don't think you are doing it right" category, this gem from Mike Pence yeah the conversion therapy isn't working buddy.
  22. Even if he is true that it is barely enough to fill a football stadium, that is still over 70,000 to 100,000. If one person can do all that damage imagine a couple hundred or a couple thousand. By the way I am sure that he would say that groups like ANITFA are bigger than some cities.
  23. So there is apparently a group of young deplorables calling themselves "TeamMitch". They apparently thought it would be funny to stand next to a cardboard cut out of AOC and mockingly kissing and choking her on social media. I am sure their pretend girlfriends are ecstatic right now
  24. Well I stand corrected. I thought there was way more mass shootings then what is listed but fewer fatalities
  25. So I guess the new Republican strategy is " well there were mass shootings under Obama and nothing happened so why should we". Never mind that there were more mass shootings under 2 years of Trump than 8 years of Obama. Plus it isn't like Obama did absolutely nothing as laws were pushed but died pretty quickly. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised since most conservatives believed Obama had fake tears when talking about shootings during his time.