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  1. To be fair Trump has never heard of WikiLeaks. His goofball sons on the other hand. You know these kids and their technology Remember when one of Rudy's stances was the maybe something happened but Trump HIMSELF wasn't involved.
  2. Barr said that nobody WILLINGLY colluded with Russia. So either everyone was duped (which makes them at least naive to be kind) or you don't believe the Russian had anything to do with the election and are still using the "400 pound kid from Jersey in his moms basement" theory
  3. So he will be Ollie North and G Gordon Liddy. He turned out fine for at least half of people
  4. Which is it is going to be so redacted that nobody will have a clue. That is why I am not as interested as before. As long as Mueller keeps quiet they should be fine. But as soon as he speaks then the real #### show begins
  5. Pray that Trump does something stupid so he rigs up the other way. Actually the hope is that he gets over-confident and does nothing
  6. Don't get what the huge excitement is about. Given what Barr did on the "summary report" turning 400 pages into 4 with only half quotes we aren't going to get anything with any meat in it. People are just asking to be disappointed again. I would be stunned if the percentage of redacted in the report is less than 40%
  7. You can at least have an hour long dialogue about his qualifications. They aren't good ones but at least there is something there for the position. I mean there is literally nothing about Cain you can argue with. The idea of a 4th rate pizza owner and failed presidential bid having the high of a position is like Ben Carson X 100
  8. And now we know the cause. DEATH METAL MUSIC. For #### sakes what is this 1985 Yes because I am sure all of the death metal music specifically tells you to burn down not only churches but the black ones in specific. Hell if music was really into church violence I guarantee those Joel Osteem BS mega churches would be the first on the list
  9. Also some amazing timing given that 3 black churches in New Orleans were burned down in the last couple weeks.
  10. I can't wait for weeks of explaining way the whistle blower situation with 'LOOK EVERYBODY SHE'S SHORT' Jessie Waters probably in the office right now making as many dwarf jokes as possible to give to Hannity, Tucker, and Ingram
  11. Hell when people were floating around this silly idea of him having pissing parties with Russian hookers some were fine with that. Apparently we found the one person who can do the most kinky stuff possible and conservatives will love it.
  12. Another example of trickle down policy. Hey we can eliminate $16 million in funds because I am sure there are some rich people that will gladly give $16 million in donations to them. I mean I (meaning her) won't donate any money but someone eventually will. Not everyone is an evil C you in Toledo like her right
  13. i am willing to bet that the Trump supporters who support this also support that Fatty Arbuckle looking guy in West Virginia who was going to "teach his kids to swim" if he found that he was gay.
  14. I am probably going to get crapped on for asking this but if someone had a really bad case of autism would they have to compete in the Special Olympics.
  15. Dude. I was talking about the morons who are still telling people how "fake" this whole tragedy was. I mean if all these people are so fake and just "crisis actors' then why are people around them suffering so much.
  16. but how can fake or "crisis actors" kill themselves? I guess the NRA and right wingers will now start something like "suicide actors"
  17. Going to be a rough weekend in Louisville is you are an escort or hooker. Now you got screwed by two Pittinos
  18. Well isn't that freaking convenient. You can someone a moron or a scumbag or an ####### they will respond to you immediately with warnings. Yet nobody sees a 16 MINUTE VIDEO of someone planning and murdering 47 people on your own ####### product? Talk about shady
  19. Just to make sure before I rant on something, was this 16 MINUTE video done on Facebook?
  20. I hate to say this but the Browns have clearly surpassed us as the better team. Now it is still the Browns and they can surely screw things up but man that defense is looking fierce and OBJ against our secondary is going to be scary Luckily the Bengals did less than the Steelers did in free agency which is really hard to do. And the Ravens lost some big guys and didn't get Bell.
  21. Will Grier's performance today was rather EH
  22. In terms of the Steelers fan Washington is the best situation because they are the ones more likely to foolish give us the farm for a splashy news story
  23. AB to the Skins would be awesome in terms of the drama. A franchise that thrives less on winning and more on buzz and news stories. He would be the star attraction. The problem is that for all the faults that Big Ben has at 70% healthy he is better than every Skins QB in the last 2 years COMBINED. Oakland is a good choice if Gruden gets with the times and Carr comes back to his old way. Last year Jon looked lost out there and Carr suffered because of it.