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  1. any good treatments this late for crab grass..starting to really take over my back yard and have a few spots in the front
  2. Would covering with top soil some of these burned areas help? As posted earlier I burned some areas with fertilizer this weekend
  3. It could be toasted. Let me ask, what type of grass? What caused the streaks? If you have the time just hand water the streaked areas. Over watering the entire lawn will dilute the effectiveness of the herbicide. Is this what you used? YEP, and second time of the season
  4. Kicking myself, grass was looking good, so i added some weed and feed sunday have fertilizer burn used a scott's weed and feed with plus2 for weeds...totally done for the year or not? just have some streaks at this point and Scott's said to water 30 minutes every 3 days to help for 3 weeks
  5. I had alwasy felt the worst pain I had ever experienced, was the local during a dentist appointment. A "local" into the old boys, is quite a bit more painful, as is a cut made as the local wears off on those same boys. There usually is one side that is a bit harder to find, or isolate during the procedure, and this is where it will wear off on. I used ice, and athletic suppoert for the first two days, and then just tightey whities for about two weeks, I would say about a week after the procedure I was walking about like normal, the grin pain on both sides is the worst part. 10-14 days, you will be your old self
  6. Only pain that has been anything remarkable was the shots to numb me up, otherwise just a bit sore. I was happy that I could pee, after that the rest is gravy...
  7. what a week, survived the child's shots today, his legs are a little sore but otherwise ok... Tommorow, I get snipped, and tonight I have to wife is laughing her butt off Any pain tips etc???
  8. I had no problem with it, not perfect but it doesn't have to be
  9. the 4th Dark Tower book, one of the worst books I have ever read
  10. getting ready to do some fishing around austin and san antonio the next few months..hope this thread will grow