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  1. groin pains

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    what is the the web address to see what the current cut is at?
  2. groin pains

    Chester Rogers - UDFA - WR - Indy

    Currently have Lockett in as WR3. Debating if I should switch that up
  3. groin pains

    Official Odell Beckham, Jr.

    Lauletta will be throwing him the ball...perhaps as early as next game.
  4. groin pains

    Chester Rogers - UDFA - WR - Indy

    If TY sits, anyone starting him? Over who?
  5. groin pains

    Marquise Goodwin

    put him in over Stills also. Not overly confident, but hoping he stays healthy and its a shootout!
  6. groin pains

    Marquise Goodwin

    Debating starting him over Stills or Lockett
  7. groin pains

    Top players this weekend

    Mariotta, playing from behind. It took a while, but he seems to look Deckers way quite a bit. Although, its a crap shoot which WR wil perform. I like D. Walker as his go to guy.
  8. I'm debating playing him over Sanu. Crazy?
  9. groin pains

    Tyrod Taylor - Official T-Mobile thread!

    4 pts wouldnt cut it.
  10. groin pains

    Jarvis Laundry or E. Sanders?

    I would go Landry only because he is healthier. Oakland Defense is pathetic, but new QB may hamper Den
  11. groin pains

    Coleman or Hunt?

    Nice problem to have. I go KC and Hunt. Buffalo has been gashed against the run. KC will play ball control.
  12. Hands down, Maclin is your best bet.
  13. groin pains

    WDIS...will answer yours

    Thomas and Sanu at WR If you need a HR to win replace Davis with Sanu Lewis and Hyde seem to be your best bets at RB
  14. groin pains

    Which Defense to start, Philly or Seattle? Week 12

    Philly at home against rookie QB
  15. groin pains

    BAL or JAX - Ramsey questionable

    Im also rolling with Baltimore over Pitt...